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Join Us on April 26th NFL Draft Party

  Join us at the Basement Bar & Grill in Sagamore Hills on Thursday, April 26th for our Annual NFL Draft Party. We will settle in at 5 pm and hope you will join us for the evening when AFTER FURTHER REVIEW (  and TRIPLE THREAT CLE ( will guide you through the NFL Draft. … Read More »

Happy Birthday_ “A Coat of Many Colors”

Today would have been my mother’s 98th birthday.   I am feeling sad today as it became a tradition that I would be celebrating my birthday with my mom and sharing a cake.  However, for the second year in a row, I am not traveling to Detroit or sharing cake and ice cream with my MOM… Read More »

Join My Journey: STOP WAITING

After I wrote yesterday Post/Blog, I thought I was about to get a return of my migraines.  Although I was happy with the temporary results, I began guarding myself in anticipation of the pain, pounding, and discomfort.  However, this time I did something a bit different.  I kept that little voice available in my head… Read More »

Follow My Treatment _ No Headache_Despite a Careless Accident

On Thursday, 2/22/18 I started a new treatment for my migraines. As I have shared previously, I have been a migraine sufferer for approximately fifty years. ( – Karen & her headaches – The past few months have been harrowing and although I cannot say my migraines produced my anxiety and depression symptoms during… Read More »

Join My Journey 2 Reduce Chronic Pain –

Think positive – words we hear a lot. But when you have chronic pain it is often difficult to think positively! The pain can be so grueling, and yet on the outside, you can look just fine. In fact, at one time many of us who suffer from chronic pain were labeled “hypochondriacs.” Although, some… Read More »

IMAGINE _ and Live in Peace 2/21/18

Please read these words and then go to your favorite site to hear the song sung. As I was driving in my car today I heard this beautiful song and I thought we need to do more than Imagine! Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only… Read More »

Turn Your Valentine Heart into a Healthy Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day- hoping that you all are taking care of your heart health. Valentine’s Day should be a reminder that we all must take a moment to maintain our physical being as much as our emotional self. Do not assume that your beating heart is healthy, take this time to ensure you are preserving… Read More »

“When Is It My TURN?” Anxiety is real

Today’s return of “When Is It My Turn?” will be delayed yet another week. However, the reason this show is so important is that it deals with real life.  Upon the return of this show, we will be discussing anxiety and depression and the reality of these syndromes (diseases.)  This winter has been cruel and… Read More »

Anxiety & Depression Is Real _ Join Us

On Monday, February 12, 2018, “When Is It My Turn?” on will proceed in a new direction.  Although we will still discuss from time to time the raising and supporting a special needs family member our focus will be on the individuals as we address the anxieties and depressions in our lives. Everyone suffers… Read More »

Making Changes

To evolve means to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. is evolving and looking to accommodate you the listener.  You can listen to us live or via our podcasts all listed here on the website. In order to continue our broadcasts and podcasts, we are looking for sponsors.   Each sponsor… Read More »