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Independence Day _ Ensure We Celebrate Another

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and it’s a day that American’s celebrate and commemorate our Independence.  For many of us, like myself growing up in the 50’s and 60 ’s, we believed in the American Dream.  That dream included my grandparents and great-grandparents who immigrated here from the pogroms in Russia.  I have shared… Read More »

Happy 101st Birthday

101 years ago today my father entered this world as the firstborn to Jenny and Abe Moss. Over the next few years, he would become the big brother to Asher and Leiba. My father and his siblings had a remarkable relationship despite the variation in age as well choices for different lifestyles. As adults these… Read More »


I do not know all the rules of NBA basketball, however, as a hometown fan I remember when there is an unbalance I the system and when games are ‘rigged.” Golden State may have some exceptional players on their team; this is the first sign that all teams do not have the same advantage. Golden… Read More »

50 Years Ago

My Darling Mother DVasha, My Dad J Harmon, Me, Joel aka Joelie and my Zayde cierca:  1959 Fifty years ago (based on the Hebrew calendar) an exceptional man by the name of Louis “Label” Freedman passed away.  I knew this man by the name, Zayde.  My memories are filled with some extraordinary photos that I… Read More »

Vista Springs _ Providing Opportunities

Welcome, Vista Springs. Today begins a new live record podcasting session with Vista Springs. Twice a month on Tuesday (typically the first and third week of each month), will host Susan Krupitzer and her team to discuss assisting living, a lifestyle. You may have noticed a theme in many of our programs here at… Read More »


  As a producer for many of the shows on, I have the luxury of learning first hand from many of our hosts.  Today I want to give a very special shout out to Candace Pollock from “The Intentionality Gurus.”  Candace states she is a guru (and you can be too) if you open… Read More »

Check Out ALL PODCASTS has officially been up and running for one year.  In the last twelve months, we have grown and evolved.  Evolving includes facing challenges, some expected and some not foreseen at all.  However, here we are beginning a new journey into our second year with so much to offer you, our listeners. Although we provide… Read More »

Achievement and Success = Friendship

It’s May 14. 2018 and so much is happening in our Global Communities. Some who may be reading this post may believe we are all doomed; others think that the Messiah has arrived in the form of a Statesman, and there are others like myself who are not convinced. However, what I do know is… Read More »

Evolving 4 U

Today is not just another Sunday; it’s the last Sunday in April as the world turns, spins and rotates to yet another day. Today marks evolving in a positive growing manner. It was just one year ago today that Alex Hale launched in a small offsite studio. Since that day much has changed… Read More »


It was one week ago yesterday, Friday, April 20th I had a lithotripsy to breakdown a kidney stone.  The pain, that led me to the diagnosis and treatment, is something I have been experiencing on and off for a very long time (years.)  However, either I have successfully eliminated stones in the past, or this… Read More »