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Richard Barone
with Richard Barone

Larry Brown

Chas Burchett
Up and coming Country music star Chas Burtchett Singing “Cristy’s Song” A song that he wrote for his sister with Autism; it brought tears to my eyes.  This is truly a masterpiece in the making and I’m sure it will catch the eye of many.

CAFFE’ LENA with Sarah Craig & Joel Moss

Chris DeMakes
Less Than Jake

Chris Hatton

GaeLynn Lea

Christine Ohlman
The Beehive Queen

Chuck Yarborough (Karen Hale Producer and Interview Host)

Connor Standish and the Front PorchLights  (Karen Hale Producer and Interview Host)

Emma Larson
**11/10/17 on***

Huxtable, Christensen, & Hood

Lori Lieberman
“Killing me Softly”
**Interview to be aired 11/22/17 6pm EST***

Marina Strah

Pierce Pettis

Terry Smith

 The Mammals (Mike & Ruthie)

Brad Skinner
**Interview to be played Wed 11/22/17 6 – 8 pm**
***Interview to be played 11/22/17 @ 6pm**

Bob Warren

Ray Zadd
Local Brecksville, Ohio Man once in a Rock-n-Roll Band
Opened for many of the Greats including The Beatles
Now he is involved with