Follow My Treatment _ No Headache_Despite a Careless Accident

On Thursday, 2/22/18 I started a new treatment for my migraines. As I have shared previously, I have been a migraine sufferer for approximately fifty years. ( – Karen & her headaches – The past few months have been harrowing and although I cannot say my migraines produced my anxiety and depression symptoms during this time, what I can say is that the stress and pain generated from them may have been a catalyst. However, I am aware my depression is associated with a chemical imbalance and migraines can be as well.

Tuesday of this past week I decided that after fifty years of treatment and being down for the count, my choice was to try some unconventional (maybe), natural and holistic. Due to my association with Dr. Mack & Staff, my decision was to schedule an appointment to review my options for relief. (Please note I am not expecting a cure, especially knowing what I do about migraines, anxiety, and depression.

Let me once again day, from walking in the door at Brecksville Physical Medicine until the moment I walked out the door; my experience was more than pleasant. The form I filled out on my medical history was comprehensive, and before being seen by the PA (physician assistant), it became apparent once brought back to the room that he had reviewed this extensive questionnaire. However, the one-on-one (without touching me!) proved to me that this PA (Michael) knew the right questions to ask without making assumptions of what my medical problem is and the course of treatment that Dr. Mack would most likely recommend.

Dr. Mack took the time to review all the notes, ask me a few additional questions and proceeded to put together a plan to reduce my headache pain. The first day of treatment has worked like a charm even though later in the day I came home and had an accident. Somehow I lost my balance and fell backward into my front closet door, breaking it while bruising my right arm and shoulder blade. However, I have not had a headache since treatment. I am less guarded in my movements (maybe that’s why I lost my balance.) I am doing some of the minimal exercise movements we discussed at my appointment and be consistent with posture, movement and triggers are helping me remain pain-free at least for now.

Treatment is not over; I will be visiting Dr. Mack at Brecksville Physical Medicine for additional adjustments, deep tissue massage, and educating me on how I can live a less painful life. Although to reduce and change my pain triggers it is necessary for now to have regular appointments. However, the aim in the treatment is to teach me to care for myself and return to BPM as needed, such as when anxiety, accident, or daily life encourages me that I need a tune-up.

As a side note, I am icing every day, including my injuries from my loss of balance. Today I am returning to the “Anytime Fitness,” to walk the treadmill and as a side note I have been riding the stationary bike nightly (with or without a headache.)

Life can be too short if we do not focus on the wellness that will provide us with a quality of life. Our life quality is unique, and we all must find what makes us happy, smile, and produces relief. I may never be 100% pain-free, but I can learn to appreciate my ‘new normal.’

Join me on my journey!

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