Join My Journey: STOP WAITING

After I wrote yesterday Post/Blog, I thought I was about to get a return of my migraines.  Although I was happy with the temporary results, I began guarding myself in anticipation of the pain, pounding, and discomfort.  However, this time I did something a bit different.  I kept that little voice available in my head (where the pain settles) and reminded myself to breathe, hold my posture in erectly and to stop waiting for something to happen!  If it happened, I would deal with it, then.  I do know that my migraine medication states to take it immediately upon onset of symptoms, but I was determined to work through it without a prescription.  In fact, I typically have had no warning in the past of a migraine, and my MO is taking the Imitrex after the pain has increased and is almost unbearable.

So, what happened yesterday.  A headache did not manifest.  I started my day involved in numerous activities including house cleaning, laundry, writing, and researching.  As the pain increased, I took steps back, and although I did not revert to a dark room hiding under the covers, I readjusted my workload and took a little extra time to stop in between focusing on relief.

What I am doing is acknowledging that I must take control of my wellness and listen to my body.  The same as I determine each night when I ride my stationary bike that although my goal is a minimum of 4 miles per night, when I can push it I can go 5, 6, even 10 miles.  However, sometimes just going 4 with more tension is beneficial than riding the 10 miles leisurely.  Riding the bike is part of my daily regiment, and it has taken time to accept how much I need to do this, whether I am losing weight or not.  Just like washing my face, brushing my teeth and other personal care routines, riding the bike is part of my life cycle.

I have begun adding walking on the treadmill, joining AnyTime Fitness™.  As a senior citizen, my membership is free with my AARP medical plan.  Although I am still hesitant about going to the gym and working out among the ‘beautiful’ people, I push myself to go walking at least once a week.  I plan to be prepared and start walking outside every day once the weather is warmer when there is no ice on the roads!  I would also like to run, jog, or walk a 5K this summer and being headache free or at least reducing them will enable me to follow through on my goals.

We all need to focus on a positive goal and find the happiness that we can create for ourselves as we take one step at a time.

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