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watch the video and learn more about the important work that has been and is being accomplished for more than 57 years at one of the most important and influential music venues on Planet Earth. is proud to be a partner with Caffe’ Lena as we are now bringing you
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Monday 1 pm When Is It Our Turn – Terry Tierney joins Karen KIKI Hale and guests as they discuss the reality of special needs and being the responsible caregiver
Monday 2 pm #IMadeIt! with Pasqualina Diamante (Lina)  – Do Not Be a Victim – Share in the Positive Movement to tell your story and be a survivor.
Monday 3 pm Sponsor Podcasting
Monday 5 pm Senior Moments with Bradley & Heather Greene – Join Elder Care Attorney and Life Care Planner Consultant and their guests help you and yours prepare for the future.
Wednesday 7 pm Triple Threat CLE – SPORTs and so much more check out Raven Williams and his team
Thursday 1 pm Healthy Living with Dr. Mack & Team
Thursday 3:30 pm What In the World? with Paul Seaburn
Thursday 7 pm After Further Review with Alex Hale, Pat Guzowski & Peyton Flasco