Coaching Exercises

I want to introduce you to the Wheel.  This Wheel will provide you with some needed information to assist you in your navigating the coaching process.  Please keep in mind that as your coach I too use these tools to improve my skillsets that keep me in focus as I continue to evolve into the person I want to be.  I spent too many years trying to be like someone else or allowing others to dictate to me, who and what I should be.

The wheel as seen below may have a different segment and for your benefit it you choose to change the segments feel free because this is your journey.  However, for now use this as your first exercise.

The information you put in this exercise no words or explanations are needed – you assess each segment which is design to give you a sampling of your wellbeing.  It is important that you are honest with yourself as you contemplate where you are on a scale of 10 being TERRIFIC to 1 being at your low point.  Together we will discuss how you can change those numbers for a more fulfilling life’s journey.



Below is an example of what it will look like:

In our coaching session we will talk about these areas and how you perceive the changes you can make to achieve wellness.

(I use the wheel on a regular basis to see if I am on track, and I find that I cannot fool the wheel.  The results for me truly pinpoint where I may need to focus to get back on track.  The wheel is my friend it provides me with perspective that I sometimes don’t give myself credit for seeing.)