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Tuesday – 17 September 2019
I am appalled that President (sorry I did not vote for him) Donald Trump doesn’t know when to stop talking.  Why say, “She never treated me nicely.”  And he has the nerve to send condolences to her family!  Many of us here in America and across the globe don’t treat you well Mr. President.  You were not the choice of the majority and all your rude and crude remarks have made your term in the White House the worse of times.  You may think employment is up, and it may be in low-level jobs that people cannot sustain themselves on.  As a young senior, I am working multiple jobs as is my husband so we can manage month to month. We are not too proud to be working for low wages, and it is something we have to do, despite our college educations, years of experience, and we want to stay employed and current.  However, our economy will not sustain paying the young graduates what they deserve and need to make a living and be self-sufficient either.

We all must wake up and smell the coffee, even if we don’t like coffee!  It’s time to be aware of what is happening here in the United States and how it is affecting us globally.  The bullying must stop it is time to listen and communicate.  Communication has become a lost art as we use the internet to hide behind making excuses for who we are and what we have become.  Let us stop the evil speech and create a society of acceptance and awareness.  We Can Do It, I Will Do It!






Tuesday – 17 September 2019
Did you know we now have a new show on Spreaker, Spotify, and Castbox, while awaiting, Apple©, iHeart©, Google© and some of your other favorite streaming venues.  Check us out and please send us your solely owned music selections for our listeners to experience and get to know you!  https://www.spreaker.com/show/original-music-with-approval-2-play






Monday – 16 September 2019

All went well with my surgical procedure.  I am now waiting to get into PT for Pelvic Wall strengthening. This is a real thing!

Today was a first for several reasons:

I took an Uber – Success but expensive!

I went to the hospital by myself – knowing that I could do this on my own!

I called my family after the procedure, giving them the update that I am still here kicking, and I can drive and go back to working out on Wednesday.

I felt confident that my husband was in the loop, and when I needed him to pick me up and take me for a light dinner, he did!

As for the discomfort, well, it is slowly seeping in, but it is manageable, and I had stabbing pains previously.

The migraine I started the day with has dissipated, whether it was the surgery, the anesthesia or the rest, I am headache-free!

Tomorrow (Tuesday 9/17/19) I will be doing a podcast for the Jewish Digital Deli https://www.spreaker.com/show/jewish-digital-deli (back at work)



Tuesday’s regular show, https://www.spreaker.com/show/what-in-the-world-with-paul-seaburn-2019 that airs from Joe Maxx Coffee Company in Brecksville, Ohio, will not be broadcast or recorded we will resume next Tuesday, September 23, 1019.




I am reaching out to Gary Moss to podcast tomorrow, https://www.spreaker.com/show/jftsoi-scrabble-with-gary-moss as well as Melinda Smith https://www.spreaker.com/show/heart-mojo-with-melinda-smith.  Keep checking Facebook https://www.facebook.com/newclevelandradio.net/

Thank you all for caring!







Saturday – 14 September, 2019
Friday the 13th

We survived Friday the 13th!  My father always said 13 was a lucky number.  Most Jewish boys and girls are Bar or Bat Mitzvah’d on their 13th birthday.  He also said, 13 was just another number until he had his open-heart surgery on Friday the 13th 1974, and he felt reborn after his recovery, at least for several years!  I am now hoping that Monday the 16th is as lucky for me!  Although I am told I am not having major surgery, anytime, you have surgery and are anesthetized there are dangers.  My surgery may not be considered life-threatening but it is something I need to have to live the quality of life I deserve.

Am I scared?  Not really!  Nervous, yes, and hopeful that this will resolve some of my health issues and get me back at the GYM so I can work out and feel accomplished.  I would never have dreamed I would look forward to walking on the treadmill and sweating it out with weights and lifts as I do each morning.  I may feel like quitting within minutes of each workout, but halfway through I refuse to give up!

We have no promises in life, but it is up to each of us to make the most of each day sharing the gratitude that we experience.  I am blessed to have many beautiful people in my life including my husband of thirty-five years, my two sons, my brother’s and their families, a host of cousins, and many friends that are both near and far.  Additionally, I enjoy reaching out to so many with the positive vibrations I receive from others.

May you all enjoy your lives to the fullest as I do!








Thursday – 12 September 2019

Today is a melancholy day for me.  This morning around 9 am EDT, my older brother Gary, packed up his car, heading toward Michigan on his way to Ontario.  Prior to his visit this past week, we last saw him at my mother’s unveiling in August 2017.  When we said our “good-byes” at that time I wasn’t sure when we would be back together again, as he lives on the west coast while I live here in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  I felt so happy when he called me in early August sharing his vision of “77 Sunset Trip,” a celebration of his birthday as he treks across the United States and Canada sharing his love and passion for the game of Scrabble©.

Gary arrived here in Cleveland mid-afternoon, last Friday, September 6th.  He stopped at my worksite before heading to my house to get settled for his almost week-long visit.  Although we didn’t do a lot while he was visiting we did more in six days to connect and reconnect our relationship as brother and sister.  With Gary being the eldest of the three of us, including brother Joel, there is an eight difference between us with Joel being the middle child.  YES, I AM THE BABY.  For most of my life either I was treated like the baby, or at least that is how I thought I was viewed.  However, I had the opportunity to share my talents and abilities with my big bro as I developed his new website, https://just4thespellofit.com/.  In addition to setting this up, I have walked him through maintaining the site, and I will continue to manage it and edit as needed.  This makes me so happy as it provides us a continuing need to connect.
As a guest, Gary is the ideal one.  He demands little and appears to find enjoyment in anything and everything he does.  His bedroom for the week was our living room couch, and he informed it is quite comfy, something that will come in handy for me next week as I recuperate from surgery.  I will be spending at least a day on my “arse” on the sofa.


However, at 9 am as Gary packed his car to leave our home I felt a loss and a sadness.  There is a slight chance he may make his way back through Cleveland as he travels to Detroit, Ontario, Buffalo, and a few stops in-between as far east and north to Saratoga Springs, NY.  As he re-routes to go back West, my brother has not chosen his path to Cincinnati and various points south into Tennessee, one choice is through Canada to Michigan and I75 south or across NY, PA., into Ohio following I71 to Cincinnati and beyond.


So now I sit here with a full-day schedule and a calendar of assignments, appointments, and todos, and my mind keeps racing as to when and if we will see each other again.  Some families live within the same city just blocks or miles away, and never consider the thoughts that are tugging on my heartstrings.  My family is vital to me as they are the connection to my past as well as my future.  We cannot move ahead without the past as it significantly is an impact on our future.  In my future, I want the chance to be with my brother(s) and enjoy the moments we have together.


Wednesday 11 September 2019
TODAY, Kenny Curcio is releasing this song tomorrow for 9/11.  I had the honor to interview this talented individual who believes in democracy, peace, humanity, and the awareness for acceptance.  Our first responders put their lives in danger every day to protect us, and yet many of us do not provide them with the support they need.

  • Let us stop the violence!
  • Let us stop the evil speech, the words that hurt and cause life-long damage!
  • Let us stop assuming the worst and find the positive spirit that each one of us is capable of sharing!
  • Let us stop pointing fingers and accusing others of our faulting thinking!
  • Let us stop profiling as we are unique individuals that can learn from each other creating harmony!
  • Let us accept the Golden Rule and Live By!

Let us stop the violence and the destruction of life!
Please take a moment to play “American Soldier” https://youtu.be/FIbEtzg3qXs

Once you listen, I hope you will extend your hand in friendship and acceptance.