I am proud to announce I am a member of iNDAMP
What is iNDAMP?

I chose to join this platform for many reasons

  1. It’s a global networking environment.
  2. Since fits the profile of being in digital media and digital arts industries, this is an excellent reason (no one creates and grows a business without support & networking.)
  3. In addition to networking, perks will be available to the membership and this platform continues to grow
  4. Since this is a platform the networking connections will be available 24/7 to seek out, learn, and implement the information that is shared for success.
  5. My membership will provide me with individuals that will assist me in growing while I assist them in return.
  6. If you have an interest in iNDAMP after viewing their site I hope you will share with me, what benefits you see as valuable.
  7. As a representative of I know I can make a difference.