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We assist you with developing, producing, and staging your podcast.  Additionally, we are able to provide web designs to enhance your podcast and or provide links to network your words, thoughts, and compassion on LIFE!


Share with others, just like yourself who once may have thought they were the GEEKIEST!  We all have unique abilities that make us strong individuals and those are the wonderful stories we share that are helping rebuild families and communities.


Sponsor, and unlike other radio stations, not only will you be noted as a sponsor, but we will add you to our website and invite you to call in or come into the studio to share in the spotlight.  You are important to our growth and we want to help you grow as well.  We cannot do this alone!  We are a team!  You too can podcast!

Sponsor Internet Radio and Brand Yourself at a price you can afford and become part of the media

Unlike terrestrial radio or commercial television, internet radio is affordable.  We can take you to the next level and together we can grow our brands.  You don’t have to be a CEO of a major corporation to mark your way in the world of sponsorship.  Contact us today.

Creating an Internet Radio Concept for Today’s Listener

We are the believers of that the word IMPOSSIBLE means I’M Possible and we are sharing the stories of people just like you that are bringing our dreams to the internet airwaves and sharing that life is not to be wasted.  We all have an inner child living inside of us, and we must learn to nurture that part of our soul.  Live your dreams, try new things, and remember that smiles burn more calories than frowning. Let’s take the time to smile, laugh and become a more civil society.  We can do it.

LET US CREATE WEB PAGES for you on our site or Design a website for you – contact Karen @ for more information & pricing.