AUGUST 2022 Newsletter

In this issue:

·  Why Coaching

·  Selecting a Coach

·  New Podcasts in Development

·  Find Your Voice


Why Coaching

We all tend to dislike something about our selves.  At some point in our life we may try to change the feature or attribute that we may believe needs to be changed.  However, it is not always easy to change  without a little help/guidance.  Hiring a coach has gained prominence for many.
In 2012 there were approximately 47K+ coaches—not necessarily baseball, football, or sports relating  coaching.  In just four year that number increased by an additional 6000+ and each year the number of coaches increases approximately by 1500 a year and since the Pandemic  this profession as well as the need for guidance and mentoring has exploded.  There is no generation gap for those who want to live their best lives and it is never to late to change the path you have been following, you may just take a detour and find the answers you are seeking.

Finding the right coach may be intimidating  however, through our podcasting network I have compiled a database so I may advocate for you the client and you the coach.  I am encouraging  those listening to our podcast s or following us on social medium to allow me to advocate for you and assist you in finding the best coach to fit your needs..  There is no charge to the client for my services.  (The one time fee will be between the selected coach and Karen (DBA

An effective coach will listen and guide you through the problems and challenges you may be experiencing. A coach will never tell you how or what you should do.  However the coach will ask you questions upon questions that will lead you to the answers.

A coach should not tell you what to do or how to do it. They should take direction from you and your needs.

To begin:

  1. Identify and assess your situation
  2. Set clear goals. Your coach should assist you through this allowing you the freedom of control.
  3. Once goas are set you will net set an action plan—this will include many steps creating new experiences and habits.
  4. Track your progress through calendaring and or journaling. Allow yourself the opportunity for change. wants to be your go to podcasting site providing you opportunities to face the everyday challenges in life.  We welcome you to contact us to be a guest speaker on our various podcast forums including the two new productions we are working on now;

  1. GRIEF BeLIEF led by Alison Pina, Candace Pollock & Carol Kalnow
  2. The Bully Buddy Podcast l3ed by Anthony Ianni, Dave Rosenberg & Eric Daddario

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Documented Stats Indicate

What psychological disorder do bullies have?

At young ages, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression, as well as anxiety, are prevalent concurrently with bullying among the children involved.

Documented Stats Indicate

Grief in and of itself is normal. Any time you suffer a loss, it’s the most normal thing in the world to have feelings of grief.


B – U!

May 2017 was born, Prior to that date we worked under various other names but it was the birth of this networking group that side hustle became more like the beginning of continued greatness.

A very special thank you to my son Alex who owns the business but has entrusted me to maintain and grow the ream.  If you would like to join us and create a podcasting message we will welcome you to our network.