October 2022 Newsletter

October when the leaves in North-East Ohio begin changing from Green to Gold, Red and Brown and eventually fall from the trees leaving the branches barren.  October also is the time for the infamous time change where we fall back an hour so the days appear shorter as the darkness embarks upon us before the end of the work day.

I love the change of the seasons and Mother Nature’s beauty however, when the leaves have fallen and the skies are grey and most of the day feels like nighttime, my energy level and mood also dwindles. However, this year is the one year I want to embrace the changes and the sunshine to find me from behind the clouds.

This is the time to work through our challenges and come together supporting not just our family and friends but ourselves.  It is time to take care of ‘MOI’ – just like Miss Piggy from the MUPPETS™


A shout out to all my guests on AVOID the Maze from Podmatch.com  I have enjoyed hosting you on my podcast as well as some of our other podcasts on newclevelandradio.net   Please don’t forget it is because of all of you I am taking classes on Coach and molding my Coach Advocate Career.  Let me vet those searching for a Coach and bringing you together.

Working with a Coach can Be Empowering!

GRIEF BeLIEF – last month we introduce a new monthly series on GRIEF (not just death & loss of love) many of us experience grief for so many other reasons – a move (even a wanted to move) may cause you to grieve for the home/city/community/family you may be leaving behind. A change in schools, jobs, or even a volunteer group can cause an internal pain so real that it may feel like you will never be the same again, and it’s possible you won’t but you can still be the You, You want to be.

Join:  Alison Pena, Candace Pollock, Carol Kalnow, and Kristy Anderson in this very needed conversation https://newclevelandradio.net/grief-belief/

If you want to join in on the dialogue contact Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com – We record live and we would love for you to be us when Alison Pena leads her team in a discussion as we move into the holidays.

Thank you Walt Thiessen, from LOA TODAY – Your Daily Dose of Happy- I had so much fun chatting with you and I hope we can continue doing this in some format…. https://www.loatoday.net/loa1815-karen-hale-senior-in-the-21st-century 



     I’m excited to invite you to a screening of the 6 Time Award-Winning Feature Film, “The Reunion”, Screening at the Electric Dusk Drive-In in Glendale, CA Thursday, October 20th at 730pm (Cast and Crew Q and A at 7pm)!!! “The Reunion” stars Dave Rosenberg, Andrea Modica, Cara Ronzetti and Dinh Doan, with special appearances from Austin Pendleton and Jim Norton.
Synopsis: Ricky Reilly is on a spiritual journey when he runs into his childhood nemesis and is then challenged by his best friend to confront the nemesis at their high school reunion.
“The Reunion Trailer” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKOeKOo3gFg
Invite Dave Rosenberg to speak at your event:

These are just a few of our updates!