September 2022 Newsletter

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What is Happening?

The summer has come and gone and even though many of us may still experience what is called Indian Summer, the season is changing.  I love Fall but Winter is not on my list of favorites.  As soon as we get past December 21st, the longest day of darkness, I begin the count down to Spring.  However I have no intention of throwing my days away and I am preparing to be productive rain or shine or freezing cold temps that keep me inside.

In this fourth quarter of 2022, is launching two new monthly podcasts and we are looking for sponsors for “YOU CAN” a podcast headed up by Anthony Ianni, Dave Rosenberg, & Eric Daddario (with guest Alex Hale).  These four young men have experienced being Bullying and they are here not to just share their stories but to get our listeners to come forward and work on a platform to stop the meanness.

We are also in development with “GRIEF BeLIEF”, this podcast will be led by three grief “trained” coaches:  Alison Pena, Candace Pollock, and Carol Kalnow.

Grief is not just about losing a loved one—I grieve the end of Fall as we head into winter.  Feeling deprived of the warmth from the sun often has a profound sense of loss associated to it. Grieving ever winter has taken a toil on my body, mind, and spirit, however acknowledging helps me maneuver through the season.

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