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A Facebook Post from Amy:
Let me be really clear what bullying does: it destroys & demeans; it flattens a spirit, it’s purpose is to keep someone small, keep them hiding, keep them deep in a closet. A closet is not a room, no one should live or hide in a closet. Bullying diminishes. It is nasty & cruel & vicious and it’s intent – its sole fucking intent – is to make someone feel unworthy, undeserving, unloved, unwanted.

Bullies are nasty vicious callous motherfuckers.

They taunt and shame.

We have a bully living in the White House, he has given permission to be vile, to be cruel, to be nasty and deplorable, he has given people permission to demoralize, permission to shred & tear a heart to pieces, slivers; to extinguish hope.

Bullies are people who loathe and despise their very own lives, who push down their very own feelings because they can’t deal with their very own desires because they were taught those desires are bad, wrong, evil, sinful.

Bullies are bloated.
Bullies are cowards.

To live your truth takes mighty courage.
To live boldly takes mighty courage.
To live-out-loud takes mighty courage.
To live audaciously takes mighty courage.
To live true to your own spirit & soul takes mighty courage.

To love differently takes courage.
To love fiercely takes courage.

To love all-in full-out takes courage.

To love at all takes courage.

And anyone who tells you that your love is bad, wrong, evil, sinful – please, for fuck sake, look them in the eye and tell them they’re missing out on what it means to be held tight, being kept warm, being cherished, to be whole.

A message from Amy on 10/10/19:
Oh my fucking God people, Imma gonna have a national podcast come December and Imma gonna rock the fucking world.

Amy Ferris is joining with a new podcast based on her Facebook posts, “Post-Coffee / Pre-Wine.”

A Facebook Post from Amy:
Okay, no haters please, seriously no fucking haters on this one – this a curious thing to me and I need to rant a bit about this whole Ellen Degeneres thing and how it’s blown the fuck up into a viral hate fest toward her. And yes I get & understand exactly who George W. Bush was as a President, this is not a PSA in defense of Bush; I got a whole lot of issues with him and his Presidency.

Every single day here on Facebook – many, many folks who I admire and respect and follow – write about kindness. Kindness and love and generosity, myself included, I write about it. We write about it, we encourage it, we ask for it to spread far and wide; after all – at this very moment in time – we have a man sitting in the Oval Office, his feet up on a desk, most likely JFK’s desk, being vulgar and vicious and despicable and deplorable and ugly – igniting hate every which way imaginable. We all know the depth of unkindness and cruelty he’s capable of.

This baffles me, this whole Ellen thing, it baffles me because we can’t go around talking about being kind and then when someone is kind and good-hearted we decide to beat the shit outta them because we don’t like the person they’re sitting next to or having a conversation with or call a friend.

I believe this would go under the heading of being Pro-Choice. You and I don’t have to sit next to George W. Bush if we don’t want; you and I don’t have to engage with him or anyone if we don’t want to, you and I don’t have to share photos from our new & shiny iPhone’s with him or anyone we don’t want to, you and I don’t have to be in conversation or have a dialogue or be friends with anyone we don’t want to be talking to or friends with, but why the fuck slam someone who is actually walking the walk of her truth: be kind. That is her mantra. Would you prefer she take out a gun and shoot him? Would you prefer she punch him and pummel him till he bleeds?

Her truth is kindness. She lives it and breathes it and walks it and talks it, and if you find that disgraceful and disturbing and disingenuous because you don’t like the person she’s sitting next to then here’s a suggestion: don’t watch her show, turn it off – but don’t vilify her left and right – no pun intended – for living her truth out-loud.

We can’t go around talking and screaming and shouting about spreading kindness and then slam folks who are doing just that.

You don’t wanna be kind, don’t be kind; me I happen to like wearing kindness, it keeps me young & sexy.


In getting to know Amy, she is more than an author, editor, screenwriter, and playwright.  She is an amazing sister to many as she tells it like it is with words some may choose not to want to hear, but it is time to listen.  Amy Ferris understands the human spirit; she has and continues to live it and share it.  You will fall in love with this new podcast series as it exemplifies the mission of Our mission is to encourage living in a manner that provides you with happiness while not infringing upon the life of another.