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21 September 2019

Dear Dems

15 September 2019


8 Sept 2019


1 Sept. 2019


It’s the one word when shouted in public, that will get everybody’s immediate and undivided attention.  I just thought I’d give it a try.  Of course, it’s also one of those Freedom of Speech exceptions if misused, so, you better be damned sure there’s something burning, or even your best intentions could get you thrown in the slammer.  I think I’m on solid, albeit smoldering ground here.  The Brazilian Rain Forest is on fire.  California is a marshmallow-toaster’s perpetual dream state. Water in Louisiana…highly combustible. Then, there’s the equally lethal and horrifying torching of Democracy, Freedom, common sense, kindness, and truth that’s pandemically roaring across the globe, while Patient OneTyphoid Donnie, remains unchecked and untreated.  We are all trapped in a bone-dry theater of the absurd and I fear the hook and ladder trucks and dalmatians will not arrive in time.  Oh, and spare me the Chicken Little blowback.  The Rain Forest is not merely a few million acres of tree-hugger nirvana.  That primordial over-growth is responsible for every fifth breath inhaled on Earth and, metaphorically, the other items on my list provide the breath of hope that is our fundamental raison d’être, (yes, France is on fire too).  The only reason I can see to sit back and watch, Nero-like, as everything burns, would be some dastardly plot at a land grab.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.  FIRE!!!