Let Us Help You Organize a House Concert


Dear Friends:

Have you heard of a house concert?  Did you know it’s possible to entertain friends, family and get to know your neighbors in your home (like the good old days) with live professional entertainment?  Although not a new concept it is getting more attention.  Newclevelandradio.net wants to begin driving this force to your home, community room, church, synagogue, or small intimate setting.


This is how it’s done, we will help you line up the musical entertainment that will play acoustically in your home, no speakers just the performers, their instruments and voices.  Most concert entertainers would like to have a minimum of 10 -20 people in attendance at a minimum ticket price of $10 – $15.  You as the host can pay the cost and have your audience bring food to share and nosh or as most do, sell tickets in advance to secure the fee and serve a light snack, dessert and beverages.


The advantage of a house concert is to be up close and comfortable with the performer and participate in the music in a casual atmosphere.  House concerts may include comedians and or music entertainers.  So, who is in?  Please contact Karen @ newclevelandradio@gmail.com.


I will be arranging a small gathering for late January – performer to be announced- our condo has limited room, however, we will sell tickets for 20 so the performer we feature will make a minimum of $200 for the night.  That means ticket prices will be $10 per person for a night of entertainment and friendship.

Keep watching for more information and let us know if you want to plan an event.

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