December, 2017

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Happiness an Inside Job

As 2017 is about to end, I find myself struggling with words.  As a communication’s major and show host on various programs here at, I’m not sure what I should say or not as this year ends and 2018 begins.  This is not the first time I find myself in this situation.  Believe it or not, I dislike confrontation, and therefore I tend to hold back except when I don’t!

I tend to walk on eggshells and not disturb others, yet I agree we all should be able to speak our minds respectfully without being called out for our views or opinions.  However, it only takes one person to read what you (or I may post) on social media, to make us feel as if we should not have said anything at all.  Trying to play fair and be the kind person ‘all the time’ can often make one feel weak and sick inside and out, and I for one need to stop allowing others to shape my feelings.

Just like you, I want better outcomes for all of us as we move forward into the new year and the only way I will succeed is to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve.  If you can tell me how you feel, I should be able to do the same.  Feelings are a belief or an emotional state or reaction to something.  We all have them. Feelings are not right or wrong, they are personal, and until you truly know the person, you will never understand them or be able to walk a mile in their shoes!  It is how we react to those feelings is what sets us apart.

I come to all of you as one year ends and another begins and welcome you to explore your awareness of life and those around you.  Even though we may have much in common until we take the time to stop judging and accept our differences, we will not achieve the happiness we all deserve.  My mother used to tell me, “Make someone happy, and they will make you happy too…”  Well, my momma was not 100% correct.   What she should have said, “Make yourself happy, and when you do others will seek to be happy too!”

2017 Turns Into a SUCCESSFUL 2018

When I made the decision to become a Rodan+Fields Consultant it was done for a number of reasons:

I love the product line – thank you Lucy Rossi Zindroski, Lina – Pasqualina Diamante, and Giovanna Caporossi Mitru, for introducing me to the product line.  And Lucy, thank you for becoming a sponsor at  Just one use of the product I became a believer and I knew I wanted to be part of this amazing journey with you and so many others.  Now the Business Solutions on the second and fourth Saturday of each month on will feature Rodan+Fields and the building of a successful business.

Rodan+Fields came into my life at the right moment, I decided this past year to challenge myself and care about ME!  It began with choosing to maintain a healthier diet, exercise and prepare for a 5K and to turn my fine lines into smoother, brighter glowing skin. Rodan+Fields is providing me with the opportunity to feel prettier and I now can share this with so many of my friends like Marci Golub and others both men and women who want to feel like the new me.

Lucy, Lina, and Giovanna became my friends before I chose to buy the product and or become a consultant and now I am part of TEAM DARE.  Now, not only do I have a new path to creating new friends, reconnecting with friends and acquaintances from the past, but I have added some excitement to my life.  EXCITEMENT is what helps keep us YOUNG!

I want to encourage everyone who reads this to contact me and ask the simple question WHY? When you do I will schedule a short three-way phone call with either Giovanna, myself and you or Lucy, myself and you and give you the answer.  Also, watch for an invitation to meet up and learn more.  Inbox me on Facebook any time or email me at

All I want is LOVE!

T’was the morning before Christmas and four days since Chanukah Past, and 48 hours until Kwanza as well as other holiday specials to cheer us on (or give us pause to applaud!) It has also been awhile since I’ve taken the time to write a DVasha Series blog. My mother (and my pops) surround me each day. I feel their presence in some manner whether it is a word I use or one I hear someone else say. I see their faces in pictures around my home, but also, they peer out at me as I drive down the road from behind the clouds or as I look out my dining room window I know they are checking in and making sure that I am moving forward (and not just me.)

Did you know we never go back(ward) we are always moving in a forward motion, even when we trip, stumble and fall? We find a way to pick ourselves up and keep trudging through life, and some of us do it with more of an athletic or ballerina ease. However, to gain that ease it takes constant training and re-enforcement and not just from within your core, but from outside, you and I must learn to trust and become a family and return to the basic of living.

Let me return to my family, and how we celebrated Chanukah, it was unlike what I witnessed as I grew up and I became more associated with global society. Our celebration began with home-made decorations, some very crude in design made by children (my brothers and me) at very young ages, and others a bit more sophisticated by mom and dad with real artistic value. However, together they blended in, and our home was festive and the brightness of the holiday lasted eight days plus.

Gifts for Chanukah were just as simple and may have included gelt, money, as little as nickels, dimes and quarters adding up to $1.00. Back in the day receiving a silver dollar to be placed in a safe place for the future was the most precious gift of all. We also got crayons, or a coloring book, or a board game that was meant for the family and upon receiving we all sat around and played for hours until our eyes drooped and we were ushered off to bed. But, momma always made up a batch of potato latkes and some homemade desert often her chocolate chip cookies, or an apple pie, or dad’s favorite chocolate cake. The holiday was never about spending the most or having the biggest and the best; it was family time. (Sometimes family time did bring out the best and the worst of us, but in the end, we always knew, we loved and cared for each other and still do!)

I share this with you today as I think about my momma and pops and ask you to reflect not only on the past but on what you want for yourself and others as you continue to move forward. What will your legacy be? What will your children, nieces, nephews, or friends remember about you?

My parent’s left a legacy for my brothers and me. Words by Harmon, poems written by my father to many will now become part of It is time to share his words that may change the landscape of the chaos we are living in and help us move forward with ease. You may read his words or chose to ignore them, that is what democracy is all about choice. We need to start making decisions and working as a whole, not as individuals. Bring your options to the forefront and communicate them in a civil way. J Harmon Moss taught me that!

DVasha, I have spoken of her many times, and I will never be able to express enough love for this woman, my mom! I thought she loved my brother Joel more then she loved me, and she wanted me to be a clone of my cousin Gloria Siegel (whom I adored.) But the truth of the matter is, I was blind and did see or hear what she was trying to tell me, she loved deeply, and she loved me too, I just had to open my heart to feel it! Momma taught me to open my heart even though she could be the bigot in the family (sorry mom.) Mom protected herself by speaking out and sometimes offending others, yet never on purpose. I learned as she traveled through the end of her life she was not the secure feisty lady she appeared to be, but she put up a front taking one step forward at a time. I am grateful for the lessons she has left with me.

My legacy to my family – I have not been the perfect mom to my oldest son, Steve. However, I have tried. I love my first born with all my heart and with every breath I take. I have made sacrifices for him that are much different than those for Alex, my youngest son. They are both so different, and yet in many ways, they are clones of each (they may or may not like me saying that.) Both of my boys are my world. We have had our challenges, but as we celebrate this holiday season and move into 2018, I leave them with one thought, LOVE.

L = Live – enjoy life, find the sunshine each day behind the clouds and smile. Find the good in yourself and share it with someone.
O = One – is not alone, you don’t have to be number one or be alone. You have the choice to be who you want to be. You can change yourself at any time. Leave one special sparkle behind, YOU.
V = Vulnerable – we all are, you are! Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning. When you were babies, you tripped and fell before you learned to walk, but you are walking, running and achieving now. You are as vulnerable as the next guy, but you are not alone, and you must keep living.
E = Everyone – feels the same way you do but may express it differently. We all have challenges and obstacles to overcome. That is the vulnerability of life, and if we accept that we don’t have to be the only one and do it alone, we can enjoy life and live.

All I want is LOVE!

“Excitement with Chuck Yarborough!” 

Join us today, Friday, December 22, 2017, for our Monthly Version of is proud to present another conversation of talk with the one and only, drummer, writer, scuba diver, native Texan. Son of a career Army officer. Chuck’s career highlights six weeks in Iraq in 2004 and so much more and we touch on all of it right here every month when he takes over the mic during DRIVE TIME.

Today @ 5 PM EST Call in 440-922-6431 and Wish Chuck a Happy Belated Birthday, A Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & a Safe Vacation
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Change = Growth

We are in the process of making some changes for 2018 as we have learned a lot about and what our listeners and potential listeners want to hear.  We are updating our programs and the schedule as well as we are still looking to add shows both live and podcasting, so feel free to contact us at for opportunities that are available for YOU or someone you may know.  Let us support and brand your business, your passion, and create the dream you want to accomplish.  It begins by talking about it and then taking the step to do it.  We can do it with baby steps that eventually get you up and running.  Get out of the hamster cage and on the treadmill and then out on the open road.  We have a support team that is one big extended family if you make an effort.  Together we are a win-win organization.

When Is It My Turn? TODAY

We all have a reason to feel anxious and depressed!  However, the sun did come up this morning, despite the clouds covering it up.  We have a choice to embrace the sunshine whether we see it or not, we can still feel it from within.  It begins with taking care of ourselves!

“When Is It Our Turn?”  Airs every Tuesday from Noon – 1 pm and Terry Tierney and I ask you to support Us and Yourselves in choosing to break through the grey clouds and find the sunshine!  Find the energy you give to others and bestow it upon yourself today, because you must take care of yourself!

You may be the BFF, but who is your BFF?  If you aren’t caring for you, who is?  If you are putting all your time and energy into others are you depleting your reserves.?

I am not suggesting not being a friend, mentor or caring individual, but make sure you leave time for yourself.  Know you need to breathe and if you put all your energy into one or two people you are missing out on life, AS THE WORLD TURNS.

Do not let life pass you by… Do not let others suck you dry!  Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and we have only ourselves to blame.  Join us today and call in and share your thoughts.




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