October, 2018

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BLUE has Many SHADES/HUES it’s a Beautiful Color

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Blue is not just for boys, it’s a beautiful color that can be worn by many. In fact, blue comes in many shades/hues and for that reason, we should all be voting BLUE on November 6th, 2018. Although my wish is that we could eventually get rid of the party system, and democratically vote for the best candidate who will communicate with his/her constituents and do what they are elected for, representing the people who place them in office.

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I like many of you am tired of false advertising and lying and cheating scoundrels. Although the lying and cheating have gone on since the beginning of time, sadly it’s become the norm. I will admit I have told my share of lies in my life, and not to hurt or endanger another, but the political jargon has gotten out of hand and there is very little truth in what is being said.

This election day is very important and everyone who is registered must vote. Every vote does count, and we have seen what happens when we become apathetic or believe we can’t make a difference. If you believe your vote is not worth counting maybe you should refrain from complaining about what is wrong with your city/town, state, and government. At least casting your vote you are sending a message as to what you want, need, and believe in!
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If you don’t know what you want, need or believe in, it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself one important question, do you want to live in a society where you have a choice or live in a country that takes your choices away from you? If you want the ability to make a choice (good or bad) and learn from your mistakes, you must vote this November 6th. We all must work together to regain our freedom. Whether you want to believe it or accept the facts, we all have roots from various demographics. The United States is a real melting pot where many migrated to create a new life for themselves and their families. If not for the immigrants, we would not be who we are today.
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When you look in the mirror ask where your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were born, and find out that you too are a blend of our new global society. Let’s make it a safe democracy.
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And his name was/is Charlie Eble

Attention one and all…if you knew Charlie Eble, now is your opportunity to share your stories.  May 19, 2019, the Mayor of Saratoga Springs has claimed as Charlie Eble Day.  Look for more information through our website, podcasts and social media outlets.  All I will say at this moment in time, starting next week I would like to do a weekly podcast leading up to May 19th and get you involved.  What did Charlie mean to you?  What do you miss most about him?  If you had one more opportunity to tell him something what would it be?


Charlie was exceptional, and I doubt he even knew how special and loved he was and still is!  An enormous thanks to Sarah Craig and Joel Moss for taking the mission of Alex Hale and newclevelandradio.net to the next step.  I can hear Charlie’s voice now telling my son Alex, your work has just begun, and so has mine.

Proud to Podcast CARE NOTES

If you have not listened to Care Notes a bi-weekly podcast sponsored by Cherished Companions, I want to recommend that you take the time to listen.  https://www.spreaker.com/show/care-notes-from-cherish-companion-s

“Cherished Companions Home Care ranks #1 in Ohio and #3 nationwide among at-home care providers.”

If you don’t understand homecare, now is the time to learn.  Although we often think of homecare just for the aging populous, too often families are in need prior to their senior years.  Most Americans, despite what you might think would like to age in place, as well as maintain as full a life as they are capable rather than spending time in a medical facility or a community designed for the older folk!  Although many senior communities are enticing and provide a home experience, as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said, “there’s no place like home.”  Yet home is where we reside and live and sometimes we or our family members need a cherished companion.

When you listen to the podcasts and check out their website you will learn that Cherished Companions provide many skills and services to enhance life.

“Cherished Companions Home Care was founded in 2009 to meet the growing care needs of seniors and those suffering chronic conditions in the Cleveland area.”

Doug Wilber and his staff are providing a superb model and not only are their clients appreciative of this, but they are being recognized in the industry as a leader.

newclevelandradio.net (and myself Karen Hale) are proud to bring CARE NOTES to you and we ask you to share your stories, your needs, and your ideas that will continue to cultivate the continued success of Cherished Companions.

Cherished Companions Home Care, LLC
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Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
Ph: (440) 484-5390 • Fax: (440) 484-5391





As some of you may know, when you do what you love to do, life is sweet.  However, sometimes we add a little flavor to our life that includes change.  This weekend I returned to Repping.  For those who may not know what that means, I am representing a product as a third-party vendor.  18 years ago, I took my first assignment for AT&T cellular, and I moved on to Epson Printers, as well as Disney Home Video, Microsoft, and many other tech products.  Today I began a new journey as the Saturday and Sunday Rep for Intel© at the BestBuy store where I started my journey.


I am now wearing many hats and still enjoying life as I returned from my first-day supporting sales and customers to do a podcast with comedian, Mike Polk, Jr. of Cleveland, and I am preparing to do another podcast with Marcus Ruggiero, a performer, and composer, a multi-talent man.  Also, I am still blogging, as well as being a mom, a wife and a friend to many.  (This is one of my personal blogs!)


I am not sure that I will remember today as a day of many positive pathways as I am saddened as well as furious with our elected officials for voting in Kavanaugh.  I am incredibly disappointed in the FBI for accepting to make a “hurry-up” inquiry, and I wonder if they genuinely did not find any evidence to the claims made against Kavanaugh.  It is true we all have some skeletons in our closets, no one has led a pure life, as someone recently told me G0D and Adam tempted Eve to take a bite of the apple, as well as the ASP in the GRASS.


I do believe that we should not be judged by one mistake, but one mistake can often turn into many others.  I think we must decide and protect ourselves from any possible harm that mistakes can make!


I have reached out and shared my story of being molested 29 years ago.  I have not shared the details as the records have been locked.  The perpetrator was found guilty.  As others learned of my claim they too came forward.  Moreover, despite the punishment he received, I still live with the thoughts, the feelings, and the shame that somehow, I participated or allowed this to happen to me.  I know I am the victim, I was not a participant by will, but doubts surface my brain as I grow more confident in my maturity.


As I said, I am not a perfect person, and I am sure I have said or possibly displayed unfavorable behavior.  However, I take ownership of my faults/differences, and I spend an intentional part of my days seeking to be the best me without destroying another person through lies and accusations.  I, like Dr. Ford and others that been victims, have the legal right to tell our stories (they are not fake news) and to resolve the pain.  Some victims are so ashamed they never express themselves in words and actions that will provide healing.  Also, there are others like Dr. Ford, who dared to be grilled publicly, on the record, and yet once again a hand was put over her mouth to muffle the truth!


I will continue to share because there are good people out there on both sides of the aisle. However, some of those people are victims themselves and chose not to do the right thing yesterday when voting for Kavanaugh.  Kavanaugh now represents every victims NIGHTMARE.


I pledge on November 6th to do my best to use my right to vote and eliminate as many of these individuals’ men and women who chose to close their eyes, ears, and hearts to the truth!


For me, it is not so much about religion as it is, “Tradition,”  or the customs that were passed on through my grandparents, to my parents, and then to me!  They say (whoever they are) that we either remember the best things in our life or the worst moments, and although I may have some somber lingering thoughts in the crevices of my mind, when it comes to synagogue (or maybe in your case church) I chose to remember the happy, warm feelings,

Attending high holiday services this year at Temple Israel in Akron, Ohio I was blessed to find something I have been missing for a long time.  With the passing of my father in 2004 on my 20th wedding anniversary and the loss of my mother on 2016 on the eve of Yom Kippur the holiest time in an observant Jews life, my personal need for tradition, warmth, and family became apparent.  It was my weekly phone calls to my mother that had been filling the void, and my visits to Detroit to visit her that filled my heart and soul with “Tradition.”  And although my father was not a pious man, he was a man of words, “Words by Harmon,” that fulfilled my needs, Pops may not have received a college education, but he was a learned observer.  Sometimes he would get into heated discussions to share his thoughts and prove a concept, but in the end,  he loved and respected not just his children, but everyone for their thoughts and opinions.  It was with the death of my mother that an empty pit in my stomach needed nourishment.  Nourishment for me included making numerous changes experience life on my new journey.


Although we are still the same today as we were yesterday, we can evolve and modify ourselves to fulfill those personal needs.  Personally, I may have felt bullied, abused, even unloved during my life, but, I found a way to trudge through the dark forest and climb the rugged terrain.  I am no different than anyone else except I have chosen not to be a victim.  It’s an easy choice to make, but it does not stop the voices, thoughts, and the past experiences, to impinge upon that journey.  Even when I felt weak and alone, somehow, I took a step each day to find my “Tradition.”  For my survival and my happiness, I must continue taking this journey.


My parents made a choice to have children, and I was the third of their three, following the birth of my brother Gary and Joel.  As a young child, I use to tell my brothers I could have been the oldest, but I pushed them out first!  Although that idea of mine drew laughs in the past, it was another survival mechanism I had when my brothers (naturally) picked on me as siblings do.  I would bring up this subject when I was feeling left out, when my parents would include my brothers, but left me out because I was too young, I was the baby girl.

This baby girl has spent the better part of life trying to be the good person, the friend, and achieving the best results, not to out best someone else but to be on an equal playing field.  I met success along the way, but I did not nurture it as I felt unworthy.  So, just like Hertz, “I tried harder.”


As long as I live and breathe, I will continue walking through the mysteries of life but thanks to inner strength, I have reached out to find a home.  I have a house that I live in with my loving husband and my youngest adult son.  My heart and soul has been with them as well as with my oldest son, many miles away.  I am not giving up that part of my heart, but I am now filling the void that has been gnawing at me for a very long time.


This takes me back to Rosh Hashanah services of this year, just a few weeks ago.  I chose to experience what I hoped to be missing piece in my life.  I went to Temple and although the beauty of the service was welcoming, and Cantor Kathy’s voice seeped into my bloodstream, sitting alone was just like the song says, “One is the Loneliest Number.”  I looked around me and saw families, friends, and acquaintances sharing in a “Tradition,” well I observed and craved for the community.  My need to belong led me to contact Rabbi Brown (and I cannot say enough about how special he has made me feel!)  My contact drew and introduction to Elaine, who put me in the sweetest embrace of Teri, who has become my sister from another mother.  But it has not stopped there…I have met (do not give me a test on names, but I do recognize the faces and the friendship) so many kind, and warm individuals that have allowed me to develop some new “Traditions.”

We are living in a troubled society as 2018 rapidly becomes 2019 and the Jewish year of 5779 just begins.  If we look at our history, “In the Beginning…” life has always been challenging, more so for some, and less for others.  Or that is what we believe.  We look at the outside and make assumptions creating much of our own angst that seeps into the veins of those around us.  I can’t and do not desire to go back and be a child in the home of my parents to find the loving warmth that filled my soul, because I know that there were cold, damp days that sent chills up and down my spine as well.  But as Rabbi Brown shared with us yesterday Yizkor Services (memorial services), for us to evolve, we must remember the good and the beauty and weave a pattern that will bring us the peace and fill the voids.  If we do this, we will evolve and expand our friendships and find Shalom.


Temple Israel is not a magical place, however, for me, it is like walking into OZ, I see color that is fulfilling my soul.

I must share a few thanks:

  • Candace Pollock – The Intentionality Gurus – for sharing her podcasts with me on newclevelandradio.net. It is through the coaching from Candace that I am more intentional. I am observing life and selecting pathways that I chose to explore because I can!
  • Rabbi Josh Brown – Temple Israel, for finding the time to answer an email from someone he had never met who felt lonely. Not all Rabbis are created equal.
  • Rabbi Robert Barr – Although, Rabbi Bob has no idea that he influenced me the teachings go back over thirty years. However, on Yom Kippur Night when I streamed Temple Beth Shalom’s Kol Nidre service, I knew that I was on the right path.  Your sermon and words were relevant, and as I heard your story about running for office in Ohio, I connected with you and knew that even from a distance we were still family.
  • Elaine and Teri, no last names needed, you are so special to me. I have a few women in my life I call girlfriends.  This is not the time and place to go into this, but I can say you are my girlfriends even though we are just getting to know each other.  I cherish your warm spirits, and I look forward to many years of growth.
  • Cantor Kathy & Scott Fromson, the beauty and tradition style of chanting brought me joy and delight. Surprisingly many of the tunes were the same, or like those, I learned in Hebrew School some 50+ years ago.  Your voice rings in my years, and for me, it is a delightful sound.  When Scott was introduced to me he was identified as the Mayor of the Temple, however, unlike many Mayors, I have met, his warmth, smile, and sincere handshake melted my heart.

This adventurous journey is just beginning, and only as my past as has many bumps, turns and roadblocks along the way I do not expect this to be any different, but I will be resilient because I am a survivor and “Tradition” makes me smile.