April, 2019

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We R Family

Family, you can’t live without them, and sometimes you can’t live with them.  The Norman Rockwell family portrait is just one vision of what most of us wishes our family looked like.  However, the reality of life and our ever-growing global society often separates us from each other.  It is not just the distance in miles; it also includes perceptual thinking.  We no longer are living in small communities where we are governed by our family, following in the footsteps of dad, and maintaining the same traditions for decades.  The baby boomer generation has been the catalyst in making some significant changes in the family, and some are for the good and others, well personally I am not sure.

I am the youngest of three children and growing up the distance in age as well as sexual orientation separated us.  Being the female girl in a Jewish home, my mother had certain beliefs for me that did not pertain to my brothers.  Although we were not a religious Jewish family there was still the underlying belief that the males (my brothers) were more important than I.  Do not feel sorry for me because in no way was I abused or misused, but there were different expectations for each of us and even more so by birth order.




My older brother Gary was expected to be a shining example for his younger siblings, Joel and me, and when he chose to ruffle feathers, finding himself in the scheme of the things he took the brunt of may have felt like verbal abuse.  Growing up in the 50s and 60s is nothing like it is growing up today.  On the other hand my brother Joel, the middle child was encouraged to be the life of the party and shine his talent and brilliance where Gary and I may have lacked.  As I look back now, this must have been a burden for him, as none of us are perfect.  I, on the other hand, the baby and the girl was expected to be the princess (my Grandmother Jen labeled me that).  When dressing up in pinafores and fancy girlie dresses I may have given the appearance of one, but I too was not the fairest in the land.

My brothers and I grew up as close as we could with the age gaps of 4 – 8 years.  As young adults, we all lived in different states which meant that holiday time or Sunday dinners were not the traditional Rockwell Painting.  When we did get together, we united as families do and occasionally had some rip-roaring conversations that certainly did not resemble the harmonious family.  Yet, we created our own music despite some off-key tones, even my brother Joel couldn’t always engineer our voices melodically.

I love my brothers, and I cherish the times we have had, and hopefully, the future will provide us additional opportunities to break bread and celebrate like the one in the above painting.  Today I celebrate my love and concern for my brother Joel.  Despite the fact he says his eye surgery is fairly routine and only sounds disgusting, I pray for a full recovery.  As families go, he had not shared this venture in life and only through a mutual friend did I learn of this event, happening as I write this out.  Mother, father, brothers, and sisters too often assume that those of us who care need not be told about these minor (or major) situations.  However, I believe when you are family by blood or adapted to be part of the circle, there is no need for secrets or protection.  It is time to put any differences aside and come together even if it is not sitting at the family table together!

Intentionally Making Changes

I am beginning today’s post to thank one of my newest friends.  Candace Pollock has been podcasting with newclevelandradio.net for a little over a year.  Candace is a certified personal coach, and mentor, as well as a practicing attorney.  I have been producing her show, The Intentionality Gurus, since March 2018, https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-intentionality-gurus-candace-2018-19.  Working with Candace has opened my eyes to intentionally investigate myself and assertively help me resolve some of the issues that have held me back in life.  Candace does not judge or even advise me on what I may need to change, enhance or leave untouched.  What this podcast does is provide a window for not only me, but others to take whatever steps they may need to a more satisfying experience.


I shared with Candy yesterday that I have spent a majority of my life wanting to be you, or someone else, well still being me but in a “better package.”  However, wishing and hoping, as well as wanting, is not the same as making the attempt to change.  Candace will repeatedly ask me in these podcasts why, and how will that make you feel, and what does that feel like.  This is the intentionality piece where I am the only one who can answer, and my answers are important for me, they are based on my past, present, and what I perceive of the future.  Tomorrow is a new day, and the responses to those same questions may change.  Life continues to evolve and therefore go our thoughts and any needs associated with them.


For me sitting back is no longer an option.  If I want to lose weight, I must adjust my diet.  The loss of weight should be for me, although it may bring benefits to others.  (i.e., maybe I won’t feel so unattractive and therefore increase more endorphins.  The endorphins are the Happy Hormones.)  Maybe the changes I would like are less obvious but will provide me more energy and engagement in opportunities that please me.  We have all heard, “When momma is happy, everyone is happy,” well whether you are a momma, poppa, are just you, your smile and happiness is contagious!


For the last five years, I have been on a journey of change and exploration that is providing me with a brighter outlook on life.  However, these podcasts are what I need to be the best I can be even as I stumble and fall along the way.  I no longer look at mistakes as embarrassing and stupid.  They are learning tools that only open more doors and windows that allow me to expand my wings and be me.


The empowerment of B-U, B-Me is real!

My Life 2 Live

Life is about living not existing and if you are sitting around waiting for something to happen (good or bad) you are wasting your value.  We all have a value in this chaotic universe, and it is up to each of us to travel a path that defines us.  As a child, my parent’s tried to mold my brothers and me into the images that they thought would not only be good for us but would make them look good.  That was the mindset in the ’50s, ’60s and even into the ’70s.  However, when the baby boomers like myself started families, many of us took another direction.  In fact, many of us rebelled openly or silently during the ME GENERATION of the ’70s and ’80s.  We chose to change career paths, divorce more openly, and learn to find our inner happiness.  We still loved and respected our parents; however, maturity and growth introduced us to various pathways.


I was more of the silent rebellion, however majoring in communications when my parent’s expectation was education, was an obvious one that did not sit well with my mom and dad.  What women/female was ever going to make in the broadcasting/communications industry?  (I think they were short-sighted.)  I also chose divorce at an early age rather than stay in a loveless marriage, and I ended up re-marrying someone of a different faith!  (Again, this was not the path my momma and pop had wished for me.)  My parent’s watched me struggle with my identity from an early age on, never fitting in where I wanted to be accepted, and often feeling the “Oh woe is me syndrome.”  I never felt smart enough, pretty enough, or anything enough.  I worked hard to prove that I was acceptable,  but not to myself, to everyone else.


Today I am living for me while engaging with those I love, like, and want to meet.  There is a limitless amount of experiences, and I am not going to waste what minutes, hours, days I have left dreaming about the person I want to be.  Not every moment will be filled with excitement or joy, but I will learn to accept heartache and sorrow as my stepping stones throughout this journey.

“Don’t Forget to Laugh”

Last night I had the pleasure of being part of a great event, “Don’t Forget to Laugh” organized by Melinda Smith of Heart Mojo, https://www.spreaker.com/show/heart-mojo-with-melinda-smith.  The entertainment consisted of four amazing comics all with heart and soul; Bill Benden, Tim Folger (no relation to the coffee), Mike Conley, and Michael Gershe.  This talented group of individuals donated their time, energy and passion for an evening to support the Alzheimer’s Association.


Melinda Smith has a walk team to support the important message that only money for continued research will help eliminate, cure, or reduce the incidents of this mind altering disease.  It is not just the individual that experiences the loss of memories that suffers but all that engage with them.  Although this disease is not life-threatening, it destroys the nerves that connect in the brain that makes it difficult or impossible to do common every day things like, dressing, eating, and worst of all living in a fog of confusion.  Like many of us, Linda had the experience of watching her grandmother live out her life with this disease.  In fact, not only did her mother become a caregiver but Linda did as well, out of love and need for a family member.

Last night’s event is just one of several Melinda Smith will be coordinating to raise awareness and financial support for Alzheimer’s and Dementia which is kin to this disease.  “Don’t forget to Laugh,” was held at the Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls.  Owner Pete Barakat of the club graciously provided the space for this comedy event.  Watch for more information on “Don’t forget to Laugh” coming to Cleveland, and other areas where we can come together to support ourselves and others to help in finding a cure.


On a side note,  I want to share that studies show that laughter and music help heal parts of the brain.  So keep laughing, do not lock it away.

Laugh to Keep From Crying Madonna

I can’t lock my door 
Oh, I don’t have no privacy
The only thing that’s mine
Is what’s inside of me

When I’ve had enough
A little voice inside
It says you’ve got to be tough
You’ve got to take it in stride

Sometimes I am foolish
I let it get the best of me
At least I know that my mistakes
Are my responsibility

I just have to laugh to keep from crying
I just have to laugh to keep from crying

I don’t have a dime
Oh, to buy those pretty things
But I hear all the evidence
You know it all sounds the same

But I’m still waiting
I’ve got my hands open wide
You know my dream isn’t fading
I keep it hidden inside

I just have to laugh to keep from crying
I keep on trying

My friends don’t understand
Oh, they think I’ve lost my mind
And I’m choking back the tears
I’ve got to swallow my pride

I just have to laugh, ah
La, ah
Lo, oh
La, ah

Laugh to Keep From Crying lyrics © WB Music Corp., Webo Girl Publishing Inc., Momma Hattie’S Muse, COPYRIGHT CONTROL (NON-HFA), WEBO GIRL PUBLISHING, INC., WB MUSIC CORP. O/B/O WEBO GIRL PUBLISHING, INC.

Make your Life the BEST-Think of your Fellow Man

Within the last week many celebrated Good Friday, the First & Second Passover Seders, Easter, Dingus Day, and Earth Day.  However, each day should be one to celebrate, live, and protect the life of Mother Nature that nurtures us!  If we don’t, we will be living on a landmine of garbage.  Metaphorically I am also referring to trash that we talk and impose on others if we take to heart the meaning of the past weekend whether, in light of religion, tradition, or personal spiritual need, the world will be a better place.

Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart
You see, it’s getting late, oh, please don’t hesitate
Put a little love in your heart

And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place for you and me
You just wait and see

Another day goes by, and still the children cry
Put a little love in your heart
If you want the world to know, we won’t let hatred grow
Put a little love in your heart

And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place for you and me
You just wait and see. Wait and see

Take a good look around and if you’re lookin’ down
Put a little love in your heart
I hope when you decide kindness will be your guide
Put a little love in your heart
And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place for you and me
You just wait and see
Put a little love in your heart
Put a little love in your heart

Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Join newclevelandradio.net today and let’s make life the best journey, see the light!

Who Is Charlie Wiener and Why Should You Care?


Do you know Charlie Wiener?  Have you heard of K. Adrian Zonneville?  Well, today is your day!

Today begins a new podcast at newclevelandradio.net with my friend, the amazing Charlie Wiener aka K. Adrian Zonneville.  We will be discussing his books (found on Amazon) as well as his comedy and music.  We welcome you to call in during the 1-hour show that begins at 1 pm EST and will run until 2 pm.  If you miss the show you can find it on the podcast and we will post the link on Facebook, Twitter as well as our website!

The call in # is 440-922-6431. 


This Blog was submitted and posted on https://www.empoweredandpoised.com
I am so proud to share my passion and compassionate guidance to assist others in understanding negative feelings may be normal, however, they do not have to own us.  It is time to empower ourselves to look in the mirror and see the reflection of the person we want to be.

I once thought I was unworthy.  I wanted to be like someone else.  It’s not so much I did not like myself, I assumed that other people wanted me to be different, including my mother.  Growing up I dreamed I would have a zillion friends and I would be the person others would turn to. However, I spent so much time dreaming and thinking about who I wanted to be I didn’t take the steps into the journey that would lead me there.  I kept recreating my story but never put it on paper or into action. However, now that I look back I did accomplish a lot despite the fact I did not give myself credit for my efforts.

I got married at the age of twenty-one believing that if I was a good wife and made my husband happy, I would be happy too. Unfortunately, I spent so much time trying to please him; I became angry, bitter, feeling like a loser as I found myself divorced.  Evolving into a single mom and not knowing how to live my life without a husband and father was terrifying because I had to be me!

When I met my best friend, my husband of thirty-five years I was given the opportunity to be me.  Not knowing how to be me I struggled until my youngest son brought to my attention that I would never be happy if I didn’t make myself happy.  He told me I could not live vicariously through him, and making his dad smile was not a guarantee I would smile. He pushed me to turn obstacles into challenges that I could meet.

In 2013, just shortly after completing my advanced college degree with honors, I fell into a depression. Although I did not understand it, this was my turning point. It was like I allowed my body and mind hit rock bottom, so I could begin the climb out of the pit.  I began making choices that would make me happy, “If momma is happy, everyone’s happy.” I chose to use my degree and the compassion I have for broadcasting to formulate a podcast(s) that would allow me to share my experiences in a way that someone else may benefit.  I accept that it is not my way or the highway, nor do I have to follow the road that other’s may be speeding down. I chose forks in the road; some were good choices, others were not! However, each choice was a lesson to learn and become more educated in learning about myself.

Life is not perfect; we all suffer along the way.  But, we have the choice on how much we will allow the pain to interfere in our journey to wellness.  It is our emotional wellness that we can control or receive the guidance to control. No one can do this for us; we must do it for ourselves.

Recently I chose to reach out to women (and men) to share empowerment strategies.  It begins by identifying what is important in your life, and what is important in mine is to lessen the burdens I have put on myself.  I lived most of my life believing I was not “good enough for my mother” only to find out in her last weeks of life that I was. I refuse to live with the regrets of my thoughts. Instead, I can live with the knowledge that came from caring for her when she was in need.  Empowerment allows us to chose the right and left turns in the maze of life. Doing so with a free heart has provided me with happier days, and smiles even when the sky is gray. I have become intentional, and even when I am not, I intentionally know that it’s OK.

Today I like me.  I may not always like my hair, make-up or my reflection in the mirror, but I like the person I have become, facing challenges as obstacles along the way to push to aside, jump over, or when push gets to shove, hit it straight on!

My mission is to share in the dialogue, yours, mine and ours.   When this is accomplished, we will bring the circle of life together creating a beautiful tapestry.

I’m SO ExCiTeD – Are U?

“I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it
I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you…”


The above are the lyrics from one of the biggest hits produced and performed.by the Pointer Sisters.  These words express how excited I am about launching, MY SHOW, MY THOUGHTS, featuring Jeff Brisbin https://www.spreaker.com/user/10697139/my-show-my-thoughts-karen-kiki-jeff-brisb  and Marcus Ruggiero https://www.spreaker.com/user/10697139/my-show-my-thoughts-with-karen-kiki-marc4-8-19.


The concept of this podcast is similar in the approach of all the shows on newclevelandradio.net.  I want to offer the listeners opportunities to hear, see, and participate in new prospects.  I believe we empower ourselves and others by offering information in a manner that is casual.  Do not tell me to do something but share new experiences and allow me to chose if this is the correct path in the journey I am forging.  Even if it’s not, taking a detour once in a while provides us with the beauty we may have missed if we had not turned right or left.


Please keep listening and downloading and when you do follow the trail that will empower you to be happy.

It’s MY SHOW Talking About…

Are you a musician, comedian, artist, or talented in another form and want to be noticed?  Beginning today, Friday, April 5th I will be doing a one-woman show talking about music and other art forms.  Each segment I will select one artist and today it will be Jeff Brisbin – surprise!  Jeff is an accomplished musician, songwriter, composer, and producer.  He is known in the Capital District of New York State and plays almost daily in the Saratoga Springs area.  Jeff’s musical tour is THE NEVERENDING TOUR.  I welcome you to follow Jeff’s music and here is a link for more info on Jeff Brisbin.


To Touch or Not To Touch – that is the question!

I am asking because I am confused!  When is friendly too friendly?  In the past, family, friends, neighbors, and newly acquainted individuals hugged, touched, and even kissed, without sexual intent or disrespect of invading space.  Most of the baby boomers were brought up in an environment was touch appropriate; it was for comfort, appreciation, as well as a common form of communication.  I am not disavowing that some of these connections may go array whether intentionally or with intent.  However, when did we get so sensitive to expect that a kiss on the head, hand, the cheek is something more than a mere gesture of respect or showing appreciation.  Why is it ‘OK’ for men to hug and tap each other on the shoulder but when a man treats a female equally it is considered too personal and display sexually desire?.

I do not want to live in a world where people are afraid to touch each other or share a conversation that may each work and innuendo is scrutinized.  The “ME TOO MOVEMENT” has does a wonderful thing by bringing inappropriate behavior to the forefront; however, it has destroyed what is natural in the human species, connection.  I am not defending or accusing anyone of poor behavior while we must begin to understand that not everything communicated is in “poor or inappropriate taste,” we should be cognizant of what is acceptable in a human connection.


I have shared this previously, I have been molested by a member of the medical community, the therapy taught me to how to get through the remnant of that encounter while learning to trust my instincts while still welcoming appropriate touch and speech when making a connection.  Do we want to live in a world of “Hands Off?”  If so, when will experience the warmth of another human soul?