October, 2019

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I’M Not TOO Proud To ADMIT IT!

When something goes wrong what do you do?  You check it out and try to resolve the error!  At least that is what I do- but no amount of check this, check that resolve the issues of our incoming sound not recording.  The soundboard reflects that all is well, and even the software we use for our podcasting indicates it is working, but when played back you hear me LOUD and clear in the studio, but YOU the podcaster are not heard!
So I went to Guitar Center thinking it was a soundboard problem and I was prepared to purchase a new board ($$$$$,) however, they informed me the Professional Mackie Board we use is working well.  We went through the connections, and we reviewed the levers and knobs, and they were ensuring that it was OK.
Rich and I came home and tested it again, and we still had problems, but we kept at it, and finally, we thought we had it FIXED.  However, after two-plus recordings yesterday, we are still not working!
I am not sure if it’s the skype™ connection, the software, or Windows 10™ that recently updated.  So I am ASKING YOU – I AM NOT TOO PROUD does anyone know anything about soundboards, recording software that has been working for three years and then one day it STOPS.
Podcasting here in the studio or remotely is not affected; however, more than ½ of our podcasts are recording using skype™ for the incoming line.
Suggestions are welcome please email newclevelandradio@gmail.com