April, 2018

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Evolving 4 U

Today is not just another Sunday; it’s the last Sunday in April as the world turns, spins and rotates to yet another day. Today marks newclevelandradio.net evolving in a positive growing manner. It was just one year ago today that Alex Hale launched newclevelandradio.net in a small offsite studio. Since that day much has changed while other things have remained the same.

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW continues to broadcast/podcast weekly – https://newclevelandradio.net/follow-after-further-review/ the scheduled time currently is Thursday evenings from 7 -9 pm EST. Alex Hale, Pat Guzowski, and guest broadcasters bring you sports and entertaining information that the listener wants to hear. This is not a cookie-cutter show.

We continue to offer our sponsors the opportunity to podcast with us (no additional cost is involved.) Sponsor podcasting can be informational or advertise their information, both concepts provide awareness to our listeners and grows our listening base as we can offer many more services. (contact Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com for more details.
In addition to sports, we are providing our listener’s programming that we hope will answer many of their wants and needs while opening doors to creating more live shows and podcasting. Please check out all of our shows at https://newclevelandradio.net/podcast-replays/

As of today, our studio has moved into our new home office studio. Programming may be produced remotely, as well as in our studio, or the location of the show hosts. We understand how busy our clients are and yet the positivity of live broadcasting that becomes podcast ready for sharing as well as a need. The average listener is active and looking to obtain answers to many of the questions that arise daily, and newclevelandradio.net is the source that can provide the promotion of awareness. Our rates start as low as $30 an hour, what we ask of each of our show hosts is to network their show as well as the other shows on newclevelandradio.net

I also want to send out a special thanks to Sara Craig of http://www.caffelena.org/ for believing in newclevelandradio.net as we continue to make contact with the performers who grace the stage at this iconic location. Also, to Chuck Yarborough, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com., Chuck has joined us as a monthly show, sharing both local and global entertainment news plus some off the wall subjects, http://connect.cleveland.com/staff/cyarboro/posts.html
Check our entertainment page https://newclevelandradio.net/entertainment-interviews/

This week on newclevelandradio.net enjoy:
Tim Hrobat with Hrobat Insurance – Tuesday, 10 am – Sponsor Podcasting – Learn about Insurance
Patrick M’Gonigle The Lonely Heartstring Band – Tuesday, 12:30 am – Entertainment
Dr. Lonnie Smith – Jazz Musician – Coming to the TRI-C Jazz Fest – Tuesday, 4 pm – Entertainment
Dr. Mack & Staff – Healthy Living – Thursday 1 pm – a weekly show
Paul Seaburn – WHAT in the WORLD – Thursday 3 pm – a weekly show (this week broadcasting live from Panera in Brecksville, Ohio
Kris Weir – Body Mind and Soul, LLC – Friday 11 am – monthly show/podcast
Candace Pollock (with Karen Hale) – Intentionality Gurus – Friday 1 pm – bi-weekly show/podcast

In May
Senior Moments returns with Bradley & Heather Greene
Cherished Companions Home Care with Doug Wilber bi-weekly show/podcast (new)

In June
Vista Springs – Adult Living – with Susan Krupitzer LNHA, CECC, CEAL, NP (new)


It was one week ago yesterday, Friday, April 20th I had a lithotripsy to breakdown a kidney stone.  The pain, that led me to the diagnosis and treatment, is something I have been experiencing on and off for a very long time (years.)  However, either I have successfully eliminated stones in the past, or this one that was targeted last week has been my annoyance.  However, when I went to the ER on Saturday night, April 7th, I was not just having pain, I felt like I was having a heart attack.

The procedure itself was easy, I was out, other than moving onto the operating table, the only thing I remember is waking up needing to “P”.  When the procedure was described to me I was told that I could get back to normal in 24 hours, sadly that is a general statement and although I tried to do what I normally do I found myself feeling weak and tired.  (I could have accepted that for a day or two but…)

Sunday was a painful day and each day since I have been treating my pain sparingly with just over the counter Motrin©.  I made it through the Annual NFL Draft party and numerous shows and podcasts while moving the studio from its current location into our home office.  And, just as I believed I was feeling better I developed new symptoms yesterday that has led me to cancel two entertainment shows today.  I will be rescheduling but I feel it is important that I am at my best when sharing the microphone with those I am working with.  Our listeners deserve us to be cognizant of tone and demeanor, and I do not think our listeners would enjoy my moaning and groaning.

The reason for today’s post is to reach out publicly to Steev Inglis and Ellis Hall both who were scheduled today.  I am looking forward to rescheduling as their talents should be showcased to our listeners who may be looking for new opportunities in their lives and you know we all do live vicariously through others (specifically those talented individuals that we may have dreamt of being.)

Another reason for today’s message is to remind everyone, that any symptom treated may produce other symptoms.  Doctors practice medicine.  The average doctor or health practitioner has studied and worked in their field and they know what the traditional outcome is, but what they don’t know is how each one of us will get the expected results.  Ten years ago, I may not have encountered what I am going through; or ten years from now the recovery time might be compromised by other issues.

With that said, I am improving, however, for this type A personality, not fast enough.

It’s NFL DRAFT NIGHT _ come party with us

Today, Thursday, April 26th is a special day, it’s NFL Draft Day!  newclevelandradio.net is always excited to host this event under the name of our sport’s broadcast/ podcast (https://newclevelandradio.net/follow-after-further-review/).  Whether you are a local Brown’s fan or hail from another NFL city, the excitement for the upcoming football season begins tonight.  Join us at the Basement Bar & Grill in Sagamore Hills, OH or listen to our live broadcast:  https://newclevelandradio.net/listen-to-newclevelandradio-live-on-tunein/

We are proud to be hosting our special guest, Cleveland native, and former Baltimore Raven, John Jones.  We will also support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man of the Year Donations, Gary Wenner is our man, but our goal is to ELIMINATE CANCER so join us to celebrate L I F E.

A very special thank you to all our musician friends (https://newclevelandradio.net/entertainment-interviews/) for their gift donations.  We also want to thank our sponsor INCA (https://incatea.com/) as well.  If you come out tonight and donation $50 or more you will receive a gift (as long as they last).

On air tonight are some of your favorites including the After Further Review Crew – Alex Hale & Pat Guzowskie.  We welcome Pat from Shaker, Jaison Roberts and their buddies well.

In addition to sports, as you want to hear it, Paul Seaburn from What in the World (https://newclevelandradio.net/follow-what-in-the-world-with-paul-seaburn/) will share the TRUE STORIES on sports!

Come out and meet Gary Wenner, our supported candidate for Man of the Year for LLS.

We are looking forward to a fun evening at the Basement Bar & Grill http://www.thebasementbars.com/

“Dance Like No One is Watching”

Good morning friends, family and interested listeners. It finally feels like Spring, looks like it too as the daffodils are sprouting and the buds on the trees are slowly opening. The hostas plants in my yard are timidly poking through the ground and soon will be full and lushes green and white hardy annuals.

With spring often comes renewal and for many of us across the country who have been waiting for this season to arrive, I am one, find myself evolving and sprouting like the new seasonal life.

I know I am not alone as I read the many posts on Facebook, see the flying tweets, and observe others I speak with or overhear them talking, that the past four to five months have been challenging. I prefer to use the term challenging rather than difficult, hard, or something even more negative. Challenges may be trying. However, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel if you follow it. I for one refuse to stop in the middle of the turmoil and wait for a resolution.

My journey may look different then yours, however, we all have the inner strength to battle through the dips and turns we encounter along the path we choose or have been directed to follow. As humans, we tend to doubt ourselves creating that self-talk that bullies us into believing that we are losing a battle. However, the truth of the matter is, it’s not about winning or losing it’s about finding the silver lining in each situation and make it work.

No, I am not a “Polly Anna,” because like you I too struggle with situations that feel wrong and awkward initially believing I have no control as I allow the feelings of doom and gloom absorb me. Possibly unlike you, I do not like those feelings, letting my body/mind go to the ‘fight or flight,’ psychological response to threats. The fight is the instinctive thought pattern of how to get out of this without being hurt or hurting others. The word fight does not have to be literal causing harm, and it can produce a benefit, getting to the end of the tunnel. However, the flight, the instinct to run is never a resolution, whereas fighting, facing and evolving is! (It may be a good idea, however, to take flight (run) if you are being chased by a charging herd of bulls.)

Personally, despite my challenges over the past couple of months, I am glad I did not run because I might not be here to enjoy this beautiful blossoming spring day. I found the fight, my inner strength to take the twists and turns in the dark tunnel until I saw the light. There were occasions as I followed it, I lost my footing, tripped and fell and got up and struggled to the end. However, I know another tunnel is up ahead and must be challenged.

The trick to living life is to enjoy each moment for it’s worth- “Dance Like No One is Watching!”

“All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum.

At the top of the foyer going to our bedrooms or returning to the main floor of our home is a framed poster. The title of the poster is: “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum.
Share everything.
Play fair.
Don’t hit people.
Put things back where you found them.
Clean up your own mess.
Don’t take things that aren’t yours.
Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.
Wash your hands before you eat.
Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
Live a balanced life –
Learn some and think some
And draw and paint and sing and dance
And play and work every day some.
Take a nap every afternoon.
When you go out into the world,
Watch out for traffic,
Hold hands and stick together.
Be aware of wonder.

Although I do not read this every day and live by all the things I learned, this poster is my reminder of the choices I have in life to be an ‘intentionality guru.” Bi-weekly Candace Pollock beings the series alive in her live podcast titled, The Intentionality Gurus:
Using the Science & Power of Intention to Become the Guru of You©. As her co-host an anchor for this show I am learning how to use my power, the lessons I have learned both good and bad, happy and sad, to be the best that I can be. I understand that my best changes day to day as well as, moment-to-moment based on the where I allow my brain to wander or intentionally bring my thoughts to where they are required for me to obtain satisfaction.

In the last segment of the podcast, http://mixlr.com/new-cleveland-radio/showreel/the-intentionality-gurus-with-candace-pollock-4618-4619/ (Finding Your Personal “Truth” Too) Candace guided me on tour to find my sad spot in life and my happy spot in life. My sad spot on that day took me to a time and place that brings me pain, however, since visiting that thought over the last two weeks I have noted that there is also learning and pleasure despite the pain. It’s like the last sentence in this poster, “Be aware of wonder.” I am aware that I can find something pleasurable in every life incident if I allow my thoughts to relax and see the pathways to the positivity that occurs from within.

Although I may have learned the majority of life’s lessons early on does not mean that I have not been influenced by my surroundings and the hub-bub, the noise my brain makes, forgetting or ignoring what I know is right. The concept of sharing sometimes becomes instinctively protective, and selfishness creeps in as a protective shield. However, to observers it may be perceived as not playing fair and hurting someone, this is unintentional. What Candace coaches is for me (and you) to continue to guide ourselves through positive thoughts to do the intentional naturally.

Today, Candace Pollock, Life Coach, will take us on a journey to, “Unpacking Your Thoughts.” I am sure the list of “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten will be part of my unpacking thoughts.

Tune in to a special broadcast day and time, Saturday, April 21, 2018, at 11 am. If you miss it, you can always listen to her podcast site: https://newclevelandradio.net/the-intentionality-gurus-with-candace-pollock/

A Special Broadcast Wed April 18


Join us at the Basement in Sagamore Hills, Ohio

5:30 – 7:30 pm

Chuck Yarborough and his monthly newclevelandradio.net show &

Paul Seaburn with WHAT in the WORLD – normally heard on Thursday afternoons.


Kidney Blast Week and More…

I could not be more excited that in less than fifteen minutes I will be meeting Sawyer Fredericks in our studio. Although I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing this 2015 Voice Winner remotely a couple of weeks ago, while in Cleveland, Ohio for the Rock & Roll Induction Ceremony, he has agreed to not only the second interview but performing as well. So, for many who saw the posts you will be tuning in around 11:15 am on this April 15th, 2018, memorable day. Others will listen to this as a podcast, while I swoon.

I finally feel like I am a gourmet music observer and listener. Newclevelandradio.net (Alex Hale) has provided me the opportunity to follow my dream, and that has evolved into having conversations with many different artists (please check out (https://newclevelandradio.net/entertainment-interviews/).


In addition to interviewing Sawyer today, tomorrow I will also have the pleasure of speaking with Kim Scharnberg. Kim is an acclaimed producer, arranger, composer, and conductor. Kim grew up like many of us, having a regular upbringing. However, he was exposed to diverse musical experiences. In our conversation, I want to know how someone from Iowa becomes a Broadway legend.

Also, on tap for this week a Blues Musician, Andy Cohen, I know he will delight all of us as he shares his longevity in the industry and his many tours. You can catch Andy at Caffe’ Lena or on the concert window on Thursday, May 10th.

I also have Andrew Collins on tap. The Andrew Collins Trio performed at Caffe’ Lena on March 9th. Collins and his Trio showcase bluegrass, folk, jazz, classical, and swing, and I am mesmerized by their sounds.

And from Belfast Ireland, Seamus Kennedy, an Irish singer, songwriter, musician, comedian, all-around entertainer, and author. – A special thank to Kevin McKrell for introducing me to Seamus.


And when I complete my conversation with Seamus, I will begin preparing for a unique onsite podcasting live show at the Basement in Sagamore Hills, Ohio with my guest show hosts:
5:30 pm Chuck Yarborough
6:30 pm Paul Seaburn
With special guest, Gary Wenner – nominee Man of Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – donations will be welcome Wednesday night as well as at our Draft Party Live Broadcast at the Basement on April 26th at 5 pm through at least the draft round or longer.

Check out this website for more information and to replay podcasts! Please share.

Wednesday will be the last day this week I will be working as I prepare for my kidney stone blast off!

Let’s Talk About Trust

With all that is happening in our global society, many of us want to be trusting of others. However, we must be aware that honesty and respect for each other are not the same as it may have been through the evolution of man. I use the word man as a general term because women can be as mean and conniving as the male species.

In November we began a talk/podcast series, #IMadeIt. Initially, the concept was for our host Lena to share her experience with being bullied and how it provided her with a path of positive energy, even though it was not like that when the bullying was taking place. With the love and support of family, real friends, and some soon to become friends she found her strength. While putting together this series, Lena was completing her degree, working full time and once again dealing with some personal issues that put this conversation on hold. However, newclevelandradio.net (and the DVasha Series) the division of the internet broadcast that brings you the listener what you deserve to hear and talk about, hopes to resurrect this talk show with your assistance.

How can you get involved? We all know bullying is unacceptable. Psychologist informs us that harassment is a form of personal revenge. Placing one’s self over another for some provides them the energy they think they need to overcome what is affecting them. In truth, not only do they not resolve their issues, they create a new set of problems for the individual they attack. In many cases, bullying is verbal abuse, hands-off, but the words stick. The words used are like a barrage of stones hurled at every sensitive spot on the victim.

We cannot deny that bullying and bad behavior is increasing. The excuses for it are just that, excuses. However, when our role models, parents, teachers, professionals in the community, and our world leaders misbehave, what do we expect our children will do?

The golden rule is still being used in our teachings, “Do Unto to Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” I ask, do you want someone to lie to you? Do you want someone to hurt you with their words, fists, or firepower? Do you want to be friends with someone who believes their emotional and physical needs are more important than treating others with respect and dignity? Despite teaching the golden rule, look around you and ask yourself, who can you trust?

I remember growing up in a neighborhood where we would leave our doors unlocked without the fear of being robbed, raped, and or killed. There once was a time when the person who lived next door to you established a friendship, and you looked out for each other. Before Facebook, email and the use of electronics we spoke to each other one-on-one and allowed words and body language to be our means of communication. We did not hide behind a persona, we were out in the open, and many of our problems got resolved by engaging by using the positive power of words.

Life was not perfect in the past, but it was better than it is today. We didn’t wake up each day to lies and feeling like we too can fabricate to get ahead because our parents, teachers, and leaders are not honest (not all parents, teachers, and leaders!) We must stop the bullying by not allowing our role models to affect us inappropriately. It is time for us to make the changes that once made us the land of opportunity as a melting pot of people with differences that came together to be the best, as one!

Notice The Changes

As of Monday, April 9, 2018, newclevelandradio.net is making changes.  We are adding more positive messaging programs including one with Vista Springs, an independent and assisted living community.  We hope to expand this podcast led by, Susan Nehls Krupitzer, to include some of the residents that have stories to tell and a rich history to pass along.  We also are working on another new podcast with Cherished Companions Home Care™, LLC, (Doug Wilber.)  Both of these new podcasts will bring awareness on aging and how to live a dignified life.

In addition, we have our newest show with Candace Pollock, the Intentionality Gurus.  Check our website for all shows and podcasts including entertainment.

As we grow and change we are severing ties with the management team, Triple Threat CLE.  Some of their broadcasters and bloggers will be joining AFTER FURTHER REVIEW as we expand that broadcast.  Get your sports night fill on Thursday Nights from 7 pm – 9 pm tune in using:

Listen Live on Mixler
http://mixlr.com/new-cleveland-radio/ or
LIsten on Tunein

And don’t forget to join this newly expanded team at the Basement in Sagamore Hills for our annual draft night.  Love or Hate the Browns it’s a night of anticipation.

Autism Awareness Day should be EVERYDAY!

April 2nd, Autism Awareness Day and to think there once was a time that I was unaware, maybe even a bit uncaring as to what Autism is or was. However, approximately 21 years the diagnosis of my youngest son revealed that he was Autistic (Asperger’s) despite the apparent signs were not glaring, yet they were there. In fact, at the age of 18 months, four and ½ months before his diagnosis, Alex did exhibit some signs that maybe there was something different about him. He began banging his head on the floor creating black and blue marks that did not phase him but upset me. Only to be told by his pediatrician it was just a phase. However, this phase expanded, and Alex’s curiosity became intense. He would ask a question and needed an answer, in fact, he could tell if you were bluffing him and he would get very frustrated. It was if he already knew the answer but was testing us.

Soon more symptoms began to surface including being bothered by loud sounds and crowds yet craving them at the same time. During this period, Alex was a happy, social toddler growing into a little boy. At age six he was diagnosed by the school psychologist and eventually by Dr. Max Wiznitzer (University Hospital of Cleveland). The fear of the fire alarm and bells ringing in school would unnerve him that rather than line up with his classmates to leave the room he would cower under his desk.

For the most part, Alex has been a fortunate individual on the Autism Spectrum. He has not suffered any other neurological issues to affect his speech, hearing, learning or physical abilities. However, he has suffered from unawareness and bigotry (been bullied!) by those who do not understand or accept the reality of this spectrum disorder. Since grade school, he has been his own advocate sharing with his classmates and others as to who he is and what Autism means to him. He became involved with the most prominent Autism Charities as a speaker, performer, and volunteer to bring awareness to the misguided, including parents of children with this diagnosis.

Today Alex is working two jobs, owns an internet radio station (newclevelandradio.net), broadcasting a sports-oriented show and has for almost six years. Not only has he co-written songs with his Grammy Award-winning uncle, Joel Moss, his music tells the story of who he is and why he wants you to accept him. Alex is currently working to put together a documentary on Autism, but instead of discussing the journey from the lowest end of the spectrum he wants to begin at the highest end, where many are misunderstood and left feeling alone.

This week on Thursday on newclevelandradio.net I will have the distinct pleasure of speaking with John Kearny for the second time as he shares why he cares a sign that says, “I have autism.” John is yet another advocate for those on the spectrum who are struggling to be part of norm…because they are!