July, 2018

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34 years and Going Strong

34 years ago, my best friend and partner married me in front of family and friends with Rabbi Cherise officiating. Just five months earlier with Debbie & Dave Meredith as our witnesses, we were legally married by Rabbi Isenberg in a very intimate ceremony. (No, it was not a shotgun wedding!) However, for reasons not to be published, we chose to make a commitment to each other followed by our big event on Sunday, July 15th, 1984.

When selecting our venue, it was necessary for Richard and I that we would choose a place that would be standing and in existence for many years. We wanted the ability to go back to the location and wander the halls or at least drive by it as we would reminisce. The site we chose was at that time called the Quaker Hilton Hotel in downtown Akron. The hotel was known for its historic past as the Quaker Oats factory where the silos that held those oats were renovated into round guest rooms. Today this facility still stands and is now part of the University of Akron, no longer a hotel, but it is available to rent out for special events. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaker_Square)

My husband of 34 years is still my best friend. Just like BFF’s we have our disagreements that turn into Ups and Downs. We have survived 34 plus years of sunshine and rain. Some of the rain turned into stormy days and nights, bringing us closer together. We know we are not the perfect couple that advertisers feature as the beautiful people, but we see the beauty in each other even on the darkest of days. When they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder the statement is true and poignant. When your eyes carry that feeling to your heart, you know you don’t need to be advertised at all. You know you have the real thing that makes you feel breathless.

We are not big celebrators and as is often the case our special days look like any other. For us that makes each day unique and grateful that we found each other (at our best friend’s wedding, many thanks to Iris Light who insisted that I come to the rehearsal dinner for her son Lanny (Rich’s friend) and daughter-in-law Helen (my best friend). Rich and I clicked, and the rest is part of our history.

Since that hot and humid day in 1984, many of the special people who were part of our wedding have passed on. Including Ed & Loretta Hale (the best loving in-laws anyone would cherished to call mom and dad); Harmon & Dorothy Moss (my parents who took Rich under their wing calling him. son and treating him as if he was their third son). We have also lost many aunts, uncles, even very special cousins like Gloria Seigel who share our special day. Friends also moved on, and contacts have been lost (SADLY we miss Dave & Debbie Meredith, Randy & Sue, Elliot, and other individuals that were part of our working circle. For those still in our lives, we feel lucky to have you as we reflect on that day.

Today as I sit here nursing an injury I will take the time to remember all of you and hope that this message may reach you. Today we celebrate our marriage as well as the family and friends who are all still part of our hearts.

This message would not be complete if I didn’t send out my love and friendship to my husband, Richard Hale, my partner for eternity.

Not Breaking My Stride

My parents referred to me as a klutz most of my life. There were times I took offense to it. However, hindsight assures me they were right in their assessment. My type A personality has me rushing through life even when I consciously belief I am in slow motion, observing all the obstacles that may be in my path. However, my brain does confuse me (much of the time), and accidents happen!

I have been on a journey since last Fall to get myself in a healthy physical and mental state. Even when life interrupts with distractions, I have been able to apply the lifestyle changes that I know are good for me, but I also enjoy (yes I enjoy working out!) So yesterday on one of my workouts I had an accident.

Let me begin by sharing that I understand the need for hydration, however, yesterday, Friday the 13th I left my water bottle at home and entered Anytime Fitness in the early stages of dehydration. Although I sensed this, I thought I would be OK. To begin with, every exercise was a struggle, and I shortened my times on each. For an intense individual such as I, this felt like cheating, and unacceptable. I was not following the rules, my rules, and this drew on the little energy I had. Dehydration can do that to you!

When stepping off the treadmill which I had stopped and concluded my fat burning cycle, as I went to take my last step off I felt the belt moving in the opposite direction propelling me forward (no fall to the ground), but I hyperextended my right knee. At first, it hurt (10 0ut of 10), soon it was a much milder pain, but I was walking with a limp. I assumed I could rest and ice and I would be back in the gym today. WRONG! I ended up at urgent care. After the X-ray, the source of my pain was identified as a Patellar fracture. (If your fractured kneecap does not require surgery, your physician will likely immobilize your leg in a cylindrical, long leg cast or, in rare cases, a knee immobilizer for four to six weeks. This will allow your fractured kneecap to heal.)

I am now in a knee/leg immobilizer, and I am supposed to use crutches, but that is an accident waiting to happen for sure. I am taking the next couple of days to relax (a word not recognized in my vocabulary.) I will also use this time to get caught up on production work and to continue to do produce shows from the home studio until I can drive again.

I am slowly learning to be aware of life and be in the moment – to be consciously aware of who I am and what I am doing. However, I am not perfect, and occasionally I lose my train of thought, or I allow some ideas to override others. Yesterday I recognized my dehydration and what it could do to me, but I chose to ignore those consequences thinking I could protect myself from any injury. I was wrong, and my parents were right when they called me a klutz. I am what I am!

The Stories of Uber & Lyft with Morgan: She Drives

Coming soon the stories from Uber and Lyft.  We welcome Morgan as she shares her current journey of driving some famous and not so famous people from one location to another.  All stories are real, unlike fake news.  However, the names of the individuals will remain anonymous, as Morgan and newclevelandradio.net does not want to be sued!

This new live record to podcast show is being created for fun and laughs.  Please watch for the premiere date.


I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it – Depression Sucks!

I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it – Depression Sucks!

But depression is real it comes out of the woodwork of our minds and festers, often we have no idea what is causing this eruption of doom, gloom, and foggy thoughts.

I should be happy, smiling, and elated. My health to wellness journey is working for me, or is it the reason for this feeling I am having? I refuse to believe it so it must be something else, like waiting for a medication refill that got delayed causing me to miss four doses, or could it be something else that is not as apparent?

Weird dreams have been inhabiting my poor sleep pattern, and I am waking up in a sweat feeling like I need to do something, finish the scene I was just in, and how did my mother appear as if it were years ago when she is hovering over me from the heavens above? DEPRESSION!

I smile when I am working, and saying yes too many times, creating my own mania, as well as the lows that I come crashing into when behind safe walls. I refuse to let this overtake me, but there are moments like now that I feel like screaming and pushing the world away – not suicidal at all – just wanted my space, my time, and not to think of the needs of everyone else both near and far. But my personality tells me that if I stop being me, the one who must prove herself not so much to you, but to me, that I will not recognize myself, and then I will indeed be depressed.

If this sounds confusing to you, then you do not understand depression. I am among millions in this universe that experience the ups and downs of chemical changes in the brain. I make no excuse for this, but I share with you that after a mania high with the beautiful people I spoke to and interviewed today I have stumbled into the whirlpool of the grayness of life.

I know the sun will shine again and I will be the capable me without the fake smile, but for now, this is what you get.

Depression is real!

Who Is Joni Star?


Joni Starr was born July 21, 1938, and first became exposed to music at her parochial school, being taught to play piano by the nuns there.  It was soon obvious that Joni had the gift of music and could play by ear.  As she grew older, she was drawn to the piano and music. She played professionally at various venues in the Cleveland area as well as playing with various groups.   She met FranBobey Sr., an accordion player playing with the Polka Dots .  They fell in love and got married and had two children , Rachelle and Frankie.   Their children also grew up with the love of music , playing the piano , drums , violin, organ, guitar and more.  Joni started Rachelle  playing piano at the age of five.  Rachelle and Joni would play classical duets at their home in Walton Hills.  It seemed there was something else, a different instrument love, in store for Frankie. When Frankie got older, it was apparent that he had a gift to share with others.  He was a prodigy of the guitar, particularly blues guitar.  Joni and Frankie first started out with Joni’s country band and occasionally Rachelle would join in on drums when there was a need.  Later Frankie formed a blues band with Joni on the keys.  The gigs became so numerous, it became difficult for Joni to keep up, so Frankie’s band became a trio, opening up for many greats such as BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan.    All of the family enjoy watching fame grow.   Joni continues to play the piano and can play any song you can name, entirely by ear.  She also gave piano lessons to her grandkids, Christopher and Ryan.   The whole family now enjoys seeing mom play at her current residence of Vista Springs Assisted Living.  Frankie can be seen joining in for four hands often and you will see them surrounded by their family and friends there.   She loves sharing her gift with others and making others happy with the music she makes.

Joni Star playing with the Al Gordon Trio (Cleveland)

Joni as a mom also a music teacher

Joni with daughter Rachelle and baby son Frankie

Joni on a performing day

Joni Star (Resident and Pianist at Vista Springs in Macedonia) with her grandsons:  Christopher and Ryan, their mother Rachelle, and their uncle Frankie Star – a Star himself!

Just B Cuz! – makes its debut on Wednesday, July 11th 4 PM EST

Just B Cuz

Two Cousins and a Podcast.  Why? Just Because.

The objective of Just B Cuz is for cousins, Steve Soclof and Jeff Soclof, to explore the lessons of their over 50 years of combined business experience, primarily in the commercial real estate industry.

But it’s more than that.

Steve and Jeff have mutual interests in technology, health and fitness, social media and giving back to their community.  Oh yeah, and we have a small rooting interest in our local sports teams (but this won’t be about sports – ok, maybe a bit).

Over the years, Steve and Jeff have worked on various real estate deals together, but have also talked about other mutual interests.  This podcast is an outgrowth of those conversations. They will use it to meet the people who are making things happen in northeast Ohio and those who are involved in interesting ventures which will help our friends, families, and listeners enhance their own opportunities.  Those people may include:

·        Real Estate Professionals

·        Local Business Owners

·        Health and Fitness Experts

·        People involved in interesting projects regardless of location


Just B Cuz anticipates exploring ideas from contemporary business literature and new trends that impact our lives.

One interesting avenue they hope to drive down is meeting their other cousins and exploring what they do…Why?  Just B Cuz.

Steve and Jeff happen to come from a large, close-knit family. Within their family, they have cousins working on cutting-edge technologies, experts in logistics, parenting coaches, event planners, doctors, teachers, investors, marketers, cybersecurity professionals – and of course a bit of real estate expertise.

Future episodes of Just B Cuz will add insight and value to those who tune in, allow the hosts to learn some things themselves … and for everyone to have some fun in the process.

So give us a try –  why? Just B Cuz!


The Keira Kilbane Foundation

Please join us at 11 am this morning, Saturday, July 7, 2018, when Jennifer Kilbane, a founding member of the Keira Kilbane Foundation joins us here at newclevelandradio.net.

We support the Keira Kilbane Foundation https://newclevelandradio.net/services/organizations-we-support/  a local 501c3 organization designed to make a positive impact on the families facing Childhood Cancer.

Tune-in today to see how you can join the 5k Race on July 15, 2018, https://5k.keirakilbanefoundation.org/https://5k.keirakilbanefoundation.org/

Adding New Shows

We are working on some new show developments.   I am excited to announce we are in talks with Morgan Malone for her live podcast sharing Lyft &Uber Stories.  All individuals will remain anonymous however, they may be a reflection of YOU, ME, or Someone we know. (Listen, laugh, and enjoy!)

Also, Adina David Soclof, from ParentingSimply.com, is considering bringing her parenting tips to our audience and beyond.  Adina also writes CEU courses for PDResources. & presents video courses for Home CEU Connections.   (We all could use a parenting course!)

We have more entertainment interviews coming your way including one with Sawyer Fredericks before his performance at the Rialto Theater in Akron.

  • The Rialto Theatre (map)


check out Alex Hale (owner of newclevelandradio.net) when he shares the stage with Andrew Salgado at (http://www.wilbertsmusic.com/) Wilberts on Friday, August 17th  from 5:30 _ 7:30 pm for one of Andrew’s song.  ANDREW SALGADO ~from Nashville Recommended if You Like Brad Paisley Hunter Hayes Keith Urban!

More excitement will be had on newclevelandradio.net both live and podcast programming.

Independence Day _ Ensure We Celebrate Another

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and it’s a day that American’s celebrate and commemorate our Independence.  For many of us, like myself growing up in the 50’s and 60 ’s, we believed in the American Dream.  That dream included my grandparents and great-grandparents who immigrated here from the pogroms in Russia.  I have shared the story of my Zayde Friedman (grandfather) who came to the United States sponsored by a cousin to find work and a home, so he could bring his wife, my Baube (grandmother) to the land where the streets with paved with gold.  My Zayde expected nothing from anyone other than to provide them with his tailoring skills so he could afford to rescue his wife from the diabolical evil that was happening in Russia in the early 1900’s.

Both my Zayde and Baube learned English and became United States citizens, and they worked to prove they were worthy to live here.  They raised a family and their children worked, paid taxes, and raised their children.  I too began working and paying taxes at a young age, and I have respected this country my whole life.

Freedom is not a given, it is earned by working together and collaborating.  We must speak in tones that do not hurt and cause wars (words can be as damaging as not more than a weapon of mass destruction.)  Words are difficult to retract and playing with words is deceitful as well.


To maintain our independence, we must be willing to be dependent when our weaknesses need to be strengthened and when our strengths need to be weakened or slackened.

On July 4th it may be a perfect day for all of us to think about what might happen if we choose to continue the arguments over who is right, who is wrong, and the need to have the last word.  Being independent is not about having it your way and bullying others around you.  Instead, it is allowing others to share through a civil dialogue.