January, 2018

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From Live to Podcast

With many individuals busy and on the go sitting down to listen to one of our live broadcasts is difficult so we are expanding and encouraging you and our future listeners to come back to our website and listen to our playbacks at NO CHARGE!

Check out: https://newclevelandradio.net/podcast-replays/
or for entertainment
Check out: https://newclevelandradio.net/entertainment-interviews/

Making changes…

We have updated our website – trying to make it easier for listeners to find the right app to listen live or replay a show.  Check out the changes being made https://newclevelandradio.net/podcast-replays/  we currently have several programs listed under this tab that makes it easy for you the listener as well as the host to link to listen live or replay a show (podcast).

We are now looking to expand on our programming, leaving live music plays to our sister internet stations while we provide you thought-provoking subjects that will create a positive dialogue.  In advance, we are providing this disclaimer that often when subjects are discussed openly and honestly the subject matter may appear to be controversial or have a negative undertone.  It is our intention not to bring this into any of our conversations, however, we are human and passionate about our subject matters.

We encourage you the listener to share your thoughts and ideas with us, it is our purpose to bring you the listener with what you want to hear – we have many subject matters available, and we are not just Cleveland!