March, 2018

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What Does Baseball have to do with Easter & Passover

What an exciting weekend. Baseball has returned so it must be Spring. Therefore the snow will begin to melt, and the temperatures will soar, warmth is what I want and need. Not only is it baseball season again but for many, it is Easter as well as Passover.

Historians, as well as many theologians, believe the Last Supper is the Seder, celebrated at Passover (Pesach.) The foods depicted in Spanish painting by the artist known as the Master of Perea, are all items found on the Seder plate. These items include a lamb shank bone (for sacrifice) as well as unleavened bread (Matza). The reason for the unleavened bread has been recorded that the Israelites, The Hebrews, did not have time to let their dough rise as they were being forced out of Egypt, this resulted in an un-leavening process. Also included in the meal was wine and all these plus a few more are now part of the Passover Seder.

Included in the Seder meal are bitter herbs to signify the harshness and cruelty the Egyptians placed upon the Hebrews as well as mixture apples, wine, and nuts, named charosis, that looks like mortar to remind us that when the Israelites were slaves, they painstakingly were the builders for the Pharaoh. In modern times a burnt hard boil egg was added to the plate/meal to symbolize the sacrifices made.

If you look at the artwork of the Master of Perea, there will be no doubt in your mind that the last supper of Jesus was indeed the Seder Meal. The symbolism of this should bring us together and share in the opportunities that life provides us. If we take the time to learn from our past, we can agree to disagree and share in the knowledge that we are all one people despite how we choose to believe. In fact, many individuals could care less that it is baseball season. On the other hand, it is baseball and the traditions that often bring us together to celebrate, cheer, and root for the home team. However, when rooting, remember, we may not come from the same home, so be patient and tolerant unto others so they will be patient and tolerant of your beliefs as well.

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A Life without Judgement

make my life
We use a lot of buzz words like “living life to its fullest,”” “being mindful,” “upcycling,” and yet do we really know what we are saying, and why?

control your life

Living life to its fullest is essential, life is short, and we have only one (that we are consciously aware of.)  If we don’t put our energy into each day and observe our passion we are just marking time.  I have marked time and I refuse to spend my days wishing and dreaming without trying.

BE THE type of person

When we try we are moving in a forward and positive direction.  However, changing our path and beginning a new journey can be difficult but it is crucial for happiness.  Pleasurable experiences are what we create for ourselves, no one can make us happy, what others can do is share in our joy.

life is a journey

To set a new path it is important to be mindful.  It begins by knowing what you want and what you don’t.  Beyond that we must clear our thoughts and be honest.  Too often we tend to hide the truth from ourselves not following our heart and what will provide us the peaceful life we deserve to look.


There is a quote and philosophy: “Do what you love.  Love what you do.”  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Although the job you choose may not be able to sustain you, it may be worth living with less or differently so you may have the life you deserve.

acceptance of others.jpeg

Today, many of are experiencing anxieties and depression is often due to us living and following the paths of others.  The reality of it is that we do not have to live like our neighbor, our best friend or even follow in the footsteps of our family tree.  We each have an obligation to be the best person we can be without hurting another.  We must be aware of mindful of our words, tone as well as our mannerisms when we speak to each other.  It is also important to put judgment aside, if we don’t judge another, they will not judge us.  Can you imagine living a world without judgment?

I can – now it’s up to all of us!  Become aware and enjoy!



Daylight Savings – I am in heaven.  I need daylight and having more light at the end of the day makes me smile.  The concept of changing the clock, in my opinion, must STOP and the majority of us would enjoy remaining on Daylight Savings Time.

wake upIf you are like most Americans, responding to the alarm clock in the morning is just another annoyance in the scheme of things. Waking up to darkness and watch the dawn of the day may provide us all the opportunity to appreciate a new day.  Driving to work in the dark or early hours of the morning may give just enough sunshine to our beginning as having the light of the sun at the end of the day.

most lonely.jpgAs I have recorded both in blogging as well as on,  I have experience SAD this past winter.  Not only did I feel sad, but I also experienced anxiety that led to bouts of depression.  I accept the fact that it was not just the winter blues that allowed my psyche to respond to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder,) personally for me I had some additional complications that added to this.  My symptoms began at the end of the fall season and lasted most of the winter. (This is typical.)  SAD sapped my energy, made me feel moody, and just made me unhappy.

I am glad that the last couple months are behind me and now it’s time to rebuild and create a better, healthier, happy me.

fall in love.jpgMy transformation begins with listening to my body, soul, and mind.  Just like you, I feel aches and pains however it is now time for me to respond to those symptoms getting the assistance to define them.  If the aches and pains need attention (such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and old injuries.), it is time to seek medical and or psychological assistance to work through the process to obtain relief.  Relief may or may not spell cure; it may mean adjusting and making lifestyle changes.

challenge.jpgLifestyle changes can be challenging to achieve when we share our lives with a spouse (significant other), children, and friends.  Sometimes their motives are perceived by others as not needed, and their thoughts tend to feed on our insecurities.  However, to be the best you, as I want to be the best me, we need to become the master of our destiny.  Change does not mean that those close to you must change too, it may be in their best interest to become mindful of you.

KIKI 1950_Family_Misc_0028.jpgMany of the shows I am producing and co-hosting on are helping me focus on life, especially mine, and how I want to be the best Karen I can be while enjoying my days on earth.

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Living Life with Migraines

Healthy Living with Dr. Mack & Staff will not be heard on Thursday 3/8/18, however, follow my journey and check out past podcasts at:

Living with debilitating migraines but not allowing them to debilitate you!  I have been living this life for 50 years, and too often many believed I was either a hypochondriac or drama queen. The funny part is I rarely complained or dramatized my pain because life for me could never stop (at least for an extended period.)  Also, I am a type A personality, and for me, that has always meant I have difficulty shutting down my brain and relaxing!

A type A personality is often characterized as having a temperament of excessive ambition, aggression, competitiveness, drive, impatience, need for control.  The individual typically focuses on quantity over quality and unrealistic sense of urgency (OCD.)

Although I have always been an ambitious person for most of my life, I lacked the self-esteem to achieve however that pushed my aggression and drive and impatience to try to be perfect, often feeling much less than that despite any accolades I might receive.  Even if I won an “atta girl,” I often did not hear it as I was trying to be better even when I had reached my best.  I developed OCD traits with an attitude of “NOW” not being able to think first but react first.  My life became one of doing it now; there may not be another time!

I even treated my headache pain in this manner, driving through them because I felt it was expected of me, I assumed it!

It is never too late to learn new habits and those that are good for you.  The saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is a fallacy.  If the old dog wants to learn, they can be taught.

I am happy that I have chosen to take a new look at my life and my health.  Many of the issues I have experienced I may have avoided at a younger age if I had decided to learn.  However, I am learning now.

This past Autumn I challenged my orthopedic surgeon that my healed femur was still causing me discomfort and the limp I was walking with was aggravating my headaches.  I began a regiment of Physical Therapy and deep tissue massage that has provided me with relief, no limp and the encouragement to work towards running, jogging or walking a 5K this year.

Although exercise does help reduce my headaches not having a strong core and not focusing on the main issues causing my migraines I knew I was not quite where I needed to be for a 5K or any other long ventured exercise program.  Each week as I co-hosted and produced, Healthy Living with Dr. Mack and staff on I knew I needed to seek additional treatment.

I am now in week three of treatment at Brecksville Physical Therapy, and Dr. Mack and Staff are teaching me how to take better care of myself as they work with me to reduce my headaches.  I am not just one of many when I am in their facility for treatment, I am me, and my plan is individualized.  His staff talks to each patient personally and leads them through their exercise process at their needed pace.  Let me share today’s story.

Today, for the second day in a row I woke up with what I identify as a massive headache.  I knew I needed Imitrex to reduce the pounding and stabbing pains.  Yesterday’s dosage worked quickly allowing me to go to treatment in a semi-comfortable condition.  Today was not like that at all.  In fact, I was icing my neck and head minutes before driving to my appointment.  I drove knowing the vision in my right eye was compromised leaving me good sight in my left.

While waiting for my appointment, I sat in the outer area holding my head and when I got up from the seat, stumbled and fell into the wall before regaining my balance.  I explained my situation immediately and although Dr. Mack still did traction, and other aspects of tissue manipulation, he did so with a lighter pressure during the hands-on procedures.  My exercises were not modified but it was suggested I go slow and if they caused pain to stop.  I had my deep tissue massage, and once again, the massage therapist asked as she moved around my head, neck, and shoulders if I was OK, not waiting for me to wince, moan or groan.

Lastly today James did try something new (although I have experienced this treatment once before) he injected the occipital area of my head where both he and I could feel the pain source.  After my injection, I was completed for the day and set to return home.  By the time I walked out and to my car, my sight in my right eye was back, and the pain, ache and secondary symptoms of this headache diminished.

It is essential to understand my treatment plan is working for me.  It is going to take time to learn to sit, stand and move more efficiently and in ways that will not tighten up the muscles that are contributing to my migraines.  I am also re-enforced to accomplish what I can, and not feel guilty for what I can’t.  No one is perfect and able to do everything for everyone without causing harm.  My harm has been suffering from pain.

If I do nothing else, it is to make my mother (and father) proud and live life to fullest as pain-free as I am able and with that, I thank Brecksville Physical Therapy for the program that they have not just for me but for many.  If you too want to feel better, you must take the first step and look for the right fit, just like you do when you buy a pair of shoes, pants, or shirt.  Not too small, not too big, but just right!

Body, Mind and Soul

take care of your body.pngToday I began week three at Brecksville Physical Medicine.  There are some days I hesitate to go in for my week treatments either because I am feeling just fine or I am feeling too “blah” to get up and go.  However, like anything in life that is worth having I understand I you need to work towards it.   Dr. Mack and his staff do not have a magic wand or a cure it all pill to take away aches, pains and the many years of suffering I have experienced.  What Brecksville Physical Medicine does have is a program that they are creating for me or you to enhance lifestyles while reducing pain levels.  My personal story goes back almost 50 years suffering from migraines (daily.)  I have learned that suffering is part of my personality and sadly it has caused me other problems in my life.  Pain can turn a happy, competent person into a sad, angry and poor self-image individual.

dont let pain define uFor me, pain spurred me to be better than others by becoming the go-to person, or the gopher, just to prove to myself that I was capable.  However, in the end, I paid the price experiencing anxiety and depression.

loving yourselfWhen my mother took ill in the late summer of 2016, I started facing my mortality as I willed her to live pain-free and content or pass into the night where she would no longer suffer.  My mother, DVasha was a lucky lady as she was able to maintain her health the majority of her life, her only battles were the unwanted pounds that she easily gained.  However, in her last two and half months on this earth, while she was still cognitive and communicating, I learned that she withheld her emotional pains from those around her to maintain an aurora that she was OK.

flyThe more I learned about my mom, the easier it became for me to see that I was much like her, although my pains were both physical and emotional.  I have been working on the emotional, and it was last Autumn 2017 that I decided my physical well being needed adjustments.  Using the word adjustments can be a little scary as sometimes it takes someone pushing, pressing or pulling at you to pop, similar to the treatments I am receiving at Brecksville Physical Therapy.

become one.pngThe team of talented, caring professionals not only listen to my words but my body.  Although I may say I cannot do something, their eyes and ears often see something different, and they guide me through the process.  There is no coercion; we become one in learning how to reach the goals to allow me to live a more satisfying life.

trying.jpgMy mother would be proud, I am not complaining, Kvetching, about how much I hurt and what I cannot do.  Instead, I am learning to appreciate my pain-free and days and the days when the intensity is less.  I no longer say I cannot, I keep trying until I can, or find a new way to achieve the positive results.  I thank Dr. Adam Mack and Staff for taking the journey with and providing you my readers and our listeners with opportunities by making you more aware.

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Tomorrow, March 6th I will have the honor of interviewing, Autism advocate John Keaney.  Being on the spectrum does not mean the individual is unrelatable or incapable of being part of the norm.  Although Autism Spectrum Disorder may have you noticing the quirks that these individuals may possess, their quirks are what make them unique.

If you have no quirks in your personality, please stop reading this message, because the reality of life is we are quirky and that’s why no two snowflakes are alike and no two individuals are the same, maybe similar.

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