November, 2017

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Choose 2 B Happy

Don’t go there -don’t say you don’t know what happiness is because happiness is what you make it!  You and you only make yourself miserable or happy.  You (I) let others invade our minds and bodies and overtake our thoughts and destroy our self-esteem image on the most important day of the year, TODAY.  Thanksgiving Day is not only the 3rd Thursday of November, it is every day of every week, each month, each year in every country, globally.  And, if it’s not, it should be!  We should be thankful for what we have and the ability to make life better.


it's never too lateIf you are ready know that individuals less fortunate then you have found their inner strength to survive and make this world more peaceful and a happier and brighter spot for others.  Some people volunteer their time helping the less fortunate; others donate money or used goods.  In history we have witnessed people climb their way out of the ashes of doom and gloom to achievement, identifying success in their terms and not the societal or media cliché’.


make my lifeIsn’t it time we stopped believing in the Hallmark™ movies and the depictions of the perfect ageless lucky person, and Choose 2 B Happy?  I have allowed myself to have 1, 2 many pity parties in my life where I was the only one who attended.  I must share with you; a single pity party is meaningless.  But when I Choose 2 B Happy, others join me, and I chose others.  The people I chose may not have been the people I thought I wanted as friends (or extended family), I was the snob wanting the perfection that I felt I needed and was isolating myself.  However, when I realized there is no such thing as perfection and my Hallmark™ movie is what I create I Chose 2 B Happy, changing my life for the better.

plot twistLife is not perfect!  I still have my down moment!#!#!@!  I know my OCD kicks in when I can’t help others who are hurting, especially those that I love and care so deeply.  Try as hard as I do to give them the space they need to resolve their life issues; I become the protector, the momma bear, the partner, the friend, and sometimes the enemy!  The so-called perfect moments in life can turn to shit in seconds, and it feels like the earth beneath your feet is quivering, and quacking and the world is about to end, maybe you should just put it to an end.  But STOP!

have faith and breathLife is not perfect!  I still have my down moment!#!#!@!  I know my OCD kicks in when I can’t help others who are hurting, especially those that I love and care so deeply.  Try as hard as I do to give them the space they need to resolve their life issues; I become the protector, the momma bear, the partner, the friend, and sometimes the enemy!  The so-called perfect moments in life can turn to shit in seconds, and it feels like the earth beneath your feet is quivering, and quacking and the world is about to end, maybe you should just put it to an end.  But STOP!


bad dayTake a moment go back and read a text you just sent.  Does it say what you meant?  Is the tone correct?  Are words spelled correctly and will the reader understand it without default?  How many times will you need to re-explain what you just texted the other person comprehends your meaning?


What happened to the day when we sat across from each other shared a conversation and spoke in words and redefined through redirection what was being said to confirm we were understanding and trusting the message received?  I Choose 2 B Happy, I Choose 2 B with People, I Choose 2 Communicate, what are your choices?

And by the way, I am not perfect!  I am not a Hallmark™ movie.

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Enjoy Our podcasts _We R Here 4 U

Enjoy our podcasts today (every day,) as we are thankful for you our listeners, sponsors, show hosts, and guests that bring so much value to

We feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to bring you the programming we are including a sports formula that was conceptualized by Alex Hale, providing you the listener with what you want and deserve to hear.  He and his co-hosts (Pat and Peyton) welcome you to call in on Thursday nights (just not tonight,) to challenge them and prove them wrong, or state your opinion.  It’s not always about being right or wrong, and all opinions are respected.

Triple Threat CLE supports your sport and entertainment interests (Tuesday evenings) as well pushing the envelope and providing insights promoting conversations for the dinner table and beyond.

Take today to reflect on living life to the fullest, become more aware of the challenges we all face in life, that we may not be perfect, but we all have a self-worth and something to be Thankful for.  Today is not the day to have a pity party — if you need support reach out — Suicide Prevention Hotline Call 1-800-273-8255

We provide positive messaging programming at because we know that life is a journey of UPS and downs, but we can all pull ourselves back up if we lean on each other.  Lean on us.

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Don’t Spend Thanksgiving Shopping

I’m sorry maybe it’s my Jewish upbringing or my family’s limited budget, but growing up, Holiday Time was Family Time and not about shopping and gifts. The gift was time spent together during meal prep and the food we ate (sometimes as glutens) but with smiles and joys and lots of thanks to the cooks my Mom, Auntie Annie & Aunt Jean (Also known as the Dolly Sisters.) As the children grew up cousins joined in the prep but Rosie was always in the Kitchen for clean-up and washing dishes (before a dishwasher was installed,) a family worker who was just as much a part of the whole mishpacha as anyone else.

Stores were closed and if you didn’t purchase an ingredient for your meal before 5 or 6 pm the night before the holiday you either borrowed it from a relative or neighbor or did without.

As for shopping for gifts, you had/have many other days of the year to do that and presents back in my younger years meant so much more, they were just that, something special. Today, we buy things just to buy, just to have, even those of us on limited budgets.

The advertising bug has invaded our brains and it has instilled in us that we must leave the circle of family and friends to go spend money and buy their love and acceptance….WHY? They won’t like or love us anymore and the gift will probably be regifted….Just sayin’!


We here at have a lot to be thankful for.  Although we may not be the biggest most successful in terms of $’s, internet radio stations, we are growing and turning a concept into a business and achieving dreams.  Each host is fulfilling a passion, dream and succeeding at their pace and not at the demands of others.  Together we are bringing you the listeners a blend of awareness options so you may face your challenges as we face ours.

We are just like you, we have concerns and fears and dreams that we want to fulfill not just for ourselves but for you as well.  Take a moment and begin to count your blessings.  We will count them too!

The Turkey Trot

Join in the fun and do the Turkey Trot

Whether you dress like a turkey or not, it’s about starting, finishing and the fun!

“In 2016, The Cleveland Turkey Trot Charity Program continued to help local charitable organizations showcase their business, increase awareness and raise funds. Ten local charities of various sizes and interests were selected to be in the program. These organizations were recognized a number of ways via Hermes platforms and contributions were collected throughout the registration process online or from the mail-in registration form.”

Thanks, Alanna and Laz for sharing this information:

Running with Alanna and Laz Thursday mornings 10 -11 am right here on

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Alex IN L.A.

Alex flew out to LA otherwise known as LA LA LAND.  He will be performing for Jazz Hands on Saturday, November 18th.  (  If you are out in the area of the Amsterdam Modern located at 5215 York Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST- try to catch Alex as he opens the show and makes a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

In addition to his performance, Alex plans to meet with Matthew Asner, Vice President of Development for Autism Society of America, son of Ed Asner, and very much involved in Alex’s mission of Autism Awareness.

While spending just short of a week in Southern California, Alex will be staying with his entrepreneur younger cousin ZUZU one of our sponsors, and her brother Griffin who made his way to fame performing with Peter Yarrow at Caffe’ Lena this past summer singing, “Puff the Magic Dragon.”



It’s a great day here at, Monday, November 6th, 2017.  Although NE Ohio got hit by some heavy winds and parts of the area lost power and trees were uprooted and homes and businesses sustained damage, for the most part, we are very blessed compared to other parts of the United States and our Global Neighbors.  We are transitioning into the Autumn / Winter season and winds, cold weather changes are bound to happen, but we are looking on the “Bright Side of Life.”

If we only look at the doom and gloom, we will never pick ourselves up and live out our passions and dreams.  Today is a day to celebrate and remember those that were taken from us while they celebrated life at a church service in Texas on Sunday morning, or while riding a bike path in NYC this past week, doing what they loved doing without fear.  Yesterday, an American woman won the NY Marathon a dream she has had since a young child.  Shalane Flanaga, followed her dream, even after the fear and terror of running in the Boston Marathon, where others were killed, maimed, and the question that tragic day!  But Shalane ran yesterday for herself and for America, to keep our dreams alive, “if you will it, it is no dream.”

Today we are not letting the bullies stop us from following our dreams and building

  • When I was 18 years old I told my parents I (Karen Kiki Moss) wanted to be a communication major and they insisted I should be an education major.
  • In 2012 I completed my advanced degree in Communications and I have been podcasting and broadcasting for 5 plus following my dream!
  • When Alex was 13 years old he was told by a County Psychiatrist he would:
  • Never complete High School without assistance – He did with a 3.2 GPA
  • He would never go to college – He did he has his Bachelors of Applied Science in Business
  • He would end up living in a Half-way house, living the life of a maintenance main – Although he still lives at home (for financial reasons), he has a part-time marketing job, he owns his own internet radio station and has been a sports broadcaster for five-plus years, he is a blogger, an Anti-Bully Advocate, and he is now producing a documentary on the Autism Spectrum.

At 2 pm EST today we are introducing our newest show, a special thank you to Denise Zarrella, from channel 19 WOIO TV in Cleveland, Ohio for introducing us to an incredible young woman, our host, Lina.  Alex and Lina met on Monday, October 30th and it was met to be.  No, not a match made in heaven, it’s not a Hallmark™ movie, but it’s a connection of compassion and a mission to prove that the bullies of this world need help!  Alex and Lina have been the targets of bullies, so have I, but we are survivors.

Tune in, join the panel.  We encourage you that your dreams are real, and you deserve happiness too.


From the Memory of My Brother Joel “Joelie” Moss


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