On the Road to Pain-free Walking

Ok – if you have been following the saga of my total knee replacement here is an update.

After seeing the surgeon last Thursday it was determined I needed that I needed outpatient PT and to center on the swelling and what appeared to be nerve pain.  Well, yesterday I went back to PT – WellPoint part of the UH system where I have gone previously, and not only did I learn a lot in one visit but I already have some relief.

First of all, surgeons only are concerned with if the surgery was completed cleanly and properly – which in this case it was.  So as far as the surgeon is considered any pain or issues are no longer under his/her watch but it is up to PT and if they can’t or if they find another underlying issue they would notify my doctor(s) upon my approval.

To begin with, although I have been riding a stationary bike, I learned for PT I should ride it in shorter cycles, this is not a marathon.  I also need to ice 2 -3 times a day even 8 weeks beyond surgery to reduce the fluid and swelling from ankle to thigh.  The PT, Sara provided me with information that now makes me more aware of why the pain has lingered, as the knee and leg were stretched, moved, and manipulated many times during surgery.  Also having a foreign appliance in the body takes time for healing and releasing the trauma.

Sara showed me how to massage from the ankle up to reduce fluid in the ankle and also to ice after I massage.  She also explained how to work out the scar on my need assisting the skin to flatten and not buckle or wrinkle.  She also gave me a list of exercises to do, many that I have been doing but again not in marathon style – I will get there.  I will be having two sessions a week for 3 -6 weeks and if I can accomplish a little less pain each day I bet in three weeks I will be outside strolling on my own leaving Rich is in the dust.

If by chance the pain is nerve involvement according to PT, it is due to the surgery and the swelling, and with time and exercising properly I should have relief.  I am so excited and sorry COVID19 kept me from pursuing this earlier but I am on the road to Walking down a new path.  #JOINME

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