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Click on a link to listen to a past show: (What in the world will I be talking about this Thursday on What in the World? Queen Elizabeth is giving the royal newlyweds a haunted house. A search in Egypt for the mummy of King Tut’s step-mummy, Queen Nefertiti. A world record Oreo cookie in Bahrain. And the Chinese government says a UFO that looked like a rocket wasn’t a rocket.)  (Hairy not so scary story from Paraguay, A bone of one the early Popes found in a Trash Bin in London, England, and so much more)  (Special What in the World Segment) (What in the world talks about: Sex on the International Space Station but not in the usual way. A controversial monument in Massachusetts to a UFO encounter and alien abduction. A Kentucky sewer that knows more about people than Facebook does. How to rent a haunted room on the Queen Mary. Real news, real strange and real fun.) (A man in Spain who was raised by wolves 50 years ago and now wants to go back to them. A chicken in Thailand that lost its head two weeks ago and is still alive and pecking. An argument in the British House of Commons over the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. A reward in Texas for the return of the headstone from the grave of a Martian pilot. Real news, real strange and real fun.)  (William Tuma, guest. Astrology Cleveland –  ( We apologize for the first 15 minutes of this broadcast we had technical issues.) – Talking Axe Throwing, Big Foot, Civil War Gold Treasure in Pennsylvania and more! (Another fun What in the World show today, with excellent support and laughs from Karen Moss Hale as we talked about Bigfoot jumping on a futon, Coneheads in Bavaria, voodoo dolls in the workplace and much more. Real news, real strange and real fun.) (Talking Time Travel and a Man Changing Gender as well redeveloping herself as a Lizard.)  (The Loch Ness Monster and so much more…)  (Paranormal – And Fun!)  – Ice Cream too HOT!  Bathroom Silence? –  Ice Cream that Doesn’t Melt?  – Returning with all new shows! – Premiere Show January 5, 2018