Kristy Anderson

The Grief Recovery Method is taught through the Grief Recovery Institute. This INSTITUTE was founded in the mid 1980s, they have expanded their staff to provide training coast-to-coast, border-to-border in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, they have affiliates in Sweden,  Australia, Mexico, and most recently Hungary. Kristy Anderson is trained in this method.
Grief is something every person, regardless of age, experiences. Beginning with childhood and moving through adulthood, we have loss experiences that cause us grief. Unfortunately, our culture tends to struggle with how to handle grief in a healthy and productive way. The Grief Recovery Method offers tools, support, and hope to all grievers who are ready to take action in order to move forward, become unstuck, and come to a more complete and emotionally healthy place.

My personal grief story includes the loss of two parents; a sudden and unexpected estrangement of a dearly loved, emotionally ill, living child; the loss of a dear friend; and the loss of an adored pet all within a very short eighteen month time frame. The Grief Recovery Method has personally helped me journey through the deep sense of grief over these great losses and come to a place of completion to the pain, loneliness, and isolation caused by these losses.

Now, I am so very honored and grateful to venture beside, guide, and help fellow grievers through the process of grief recovery. I live in Berea, Ohio and offer one on one online support to anyone around the world, one on one in person support, and group support to the greater Cleveland and surrounding areas. You are not in this alone. We can do this together.