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Albert Einstein may have had a quirky personality but he knew the basics of life…

#YESICAN coaching with Karen


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#YESICAN coaching with Karen


440 526 1530

I once believe mistakes were bad, but now I use them to better myself!

Rituals can be positive as well as negative – let us explore the rituals that may be holding you back.

#YESICAN coaching with Karen


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The fears we have developed since 9/11 – it’s not just fear it is an anxiety level that has us questioning who do we trust?

Growing up it was not uncommon leaving your doors unlocked and opened in the city of Detroit.  It was also the norm to be friendly with your neighbors, helping each other out and noting if something may be wrong.  Knocking on someone’s door was neighborly, without fear of having a gun pointed at you or worst of all being shot!  We have created a sad state of affairs when offering to help someone or asking for help may be perceived wrong.

I try to be responsive to my neighbors and strangers in stores.  I want to believe that there are more ‘GOOD’ people than devious, angry, and violent people!  I want to believe that we can bring back the community friendship and recreate a sense of caring for one another.  I know there are some communities that are experiencing this lifestyle; however, they are few and far between.  So, what will it take for us to come together again?

If you grew up in the 50s and 60s you most likely sat on your front porch or on the front lawn and shared the summer evenings with your community.  I remember my mother would often go into the kitchen and put a bowl of fruit together and would share it with our neighbors.  When the Good Humor™ man drove down the street if a child wanted an ice cream there was always an adult who offered.  It was time that was simple, and children of all ages played together in the street, and it was SAFE.

Recently I joined the group called NEXTDOOR® and I have met some very nice people online and a few in person.  I will admit I am skeptical, and I am trying to be safe and mindful as I create relationships in my community and beyond.  It’s easy to be drawn into a relationship but I must remember this is 2024 and not 1959.  I must also be willing to trust as I hope others will trust me in return.  But the fears we have developed since the year 2000 (we thought the world might come to an end when we went from 1999 to 2000).  I was one of the many IT individuals that was responsible for software testing to ensure a smooth and uneventful transition.  As we all know, nothing sky did not fall, and we rang in the new century with ease.

But that was an event that has continued to cause us stress as technology has continued to grow and we are now questioning if I am BOT and has AI taken over for me?  Even with technology designed to make our lives easier it is not necessarily any easier than it once was…

As a coach, podcaster, and website designer I spend many hours on the computer and even with my technology background and I am often at a loss when something on the software or hardware side is not working as it is intended. For my clients I had my stress and the anger it causes but inside I can feel the volcano ready to disrupt.  The work that I do, and the anxiety technology lends to it, makes me yearn for a time when the majority of us worked from 9 -5 and enjoyed the evenings and weekends to contribute socially to our family and friends.  But here I am on a Sunday working.  No, I am not complaining because for those of us who are entrepreneurs it can be difficult to segment our lives identifying work, play, family, etc.  However, we must provide ourselves with self-care so we can be the best version of ourselves so we can bring positive vibes to our family and community.

Today is our opportunity to make the changes we all so desperately need.

#YESICAN coaching with Karen


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As I sit here thinking about the last 6 months and the plans we made for my trip to Arlington, Texas to spend time with my youngest son, I am now preparing to return home.  At the moment I am not sure when I will return or he will have time to come home for a visit, long or short.  What I do know is that we will continue our daily phone calls and when we can plan the next visit we will.

This trip, unlike last Spring, Alex is healthy, happy, and content.  He is beginning his second year with the Panther City Lacrosse Team and The Dallas Wings; the WNBA team and both teams are exciting to watch and grow.  As the Merchandising Co-Ordinator for both teams, Alex is busy year-round, but he loves what he is doing, and the Management Group is marvelous!  I have been honored to get to know some of the upper echelon individuals and they like my son, really, they like and respect my son.  What else could a mother want.

It was with a heavy heart when Alex left the Guardians in the Spring of 2022 to advance his skills and career.  It was not an easy decision as I witnessed him making application to various teams and interviewing with the knowledge that not one of the opportunities would keep him with home’s reach.  As a parent I knew the time was right for him to make a move and all I could do was support his choices.

What I have witnessed this past week when I stopped by his office and made the rounds meeting or re-meeting those individuals he works with, I felt proud of my youngest, who at one time struggled socially. I observed that he has learned and overcome the issues that at one time made him feel alone and lonely, he has his toolbox.

The best holiday present I received was the quality of time we spent together.  We have been cognizant of our need to have separateness even in a small apartment.  Although this was not a vacation in the sense of spending time doing things to fulfill my needs, it was an opportunity to provide guidance without it being a parental lecture.  I may have helped clean and organize his apartment, but I am smart enough to know that within a few days he will make the changes that suit him and his lifestyle.  That’s OK, I came and did what he asked me to do, and that is my gift to him.  My smile will continue to shine for a very long time.

#YESICAN coaching with Karen


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It’s ten days since the end of Chanukah, three days past the Winter Solstice, 1 day before Christmas, and 2 days before Kwanza, and 7 days until 2024 begins with renewed hope.

Every day should be a holiday, a day to celebrate to encourage us to be the best versions of ourselves and to share the love, kindness, and peace we all want and deserve.

This past week I have been visiting my youngest son and I must share this is one of the best gifts I have ever received. The week has not been perfect, but it has provided me with love, kindness, and peace.  We are both very independent individuals, and our likes are not always on par with each other, but we have learned to navigate the road we are traveling down.  My youngest son is one of my best friends and I am grateful for our relationship.  I was lucky enough to establish this relationship with my oldest son some years back.  How lucky can a parent be!

I have known the sadness of having an emotionally distant relationship with both of my sons.  Those days taught us all a lesson and that is life is too short to hold grudges that can escalate into anger which often are the destructive behaviors in splitting up families.  When you are lucky enough to recognize the battle before it becomes a full-blown war that is the perfect gift.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen firsthand in the stores or listening to my friends talk about the gift buying they are participating in, that the anxiety we put on ourselves to have that perfect holiday can cause us more distress than happiness.  The best gift is the memories we create.  Scroll through social media and note what your friends and family post when someone dear to them passes away.  It is not about the big fancy wrapped gift they got it’s about something that person said to them or did for them, or the shared experience.  Yes, gift giving keeps our economy alive and well, but love, kindness and peace are everlasting.

As a personal change Coach, I am helping my clients as well as myself to develop our best selves.  We will never be perfect, but we are working on reaching our pinnacle.  When my time is up on this earth I want to leave love, kindness, and peace in perpetual motion for all who follow.

#YESICAN coaching with Karen


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Even coaches have days when they ask WHY? 

Today is one of those days when I want to reach out to someone and ask WHY!  But instead, I am sharing my frustration that is making me anxious and sad with you.  I know this is temporary and I must dig deep into my toolbox before I become unraveled and have to repair more.

I feel like I’m in the middle of a renovation and I thought I had my design mapped out well.  Yes, I was prepared that it may not be perfect, but I knew I could accept the final outcome.  The renovation is not in my home, it is in my brain.  The plan that I had is not working out and it is not up to me to fix.  I must repeat that message to myself.  Although the glitch in the plan, does not fall on my shoulders, if I allow the dust to fall around my feet that would be claiming responsibility and I can’t and I won’t.  Coaching has taught me it is not about placing blame on someone else but accepting what I have control over.

I can allow the state of the renovation to trigger me, or I can take out my tools that provide me with the ability to see other opportunities.  Errors must be looked at as challenges that provide us with various choices and one of those choices is to not allow them to trigger our frustration culminating in increased anxiety.  It may not be easy, yet it is doable.

One of my tools is writing.  Some identify it as journaling or blogging.  For me it is like diarrhea of my thoughts and pounding out the words and editing my thoughts as my toolbox opens up with many options.  In my younger days I used to do this with pen and paper, and I exploded my personal hurts on paper.  I was a slow learner realizing my unfiltered thoughts often hurt others which was never my intention.  Maturing and working with other coaches and being a coach myself I have learned that unfiltered thoughts turned me into a martyr.  I do not want to be the person who suffers on behalf of another.

As I have formed my thoughts, I have been mindful of what is important. Mindfulness is the ability to be acutely present, to witness the physical and emotional sense of where we are and what we are doing.  Mindfulness has taken me from a “do it now person” to let me feel this first person.

When things don’t go as planned what is your ‘MO’?  ‘MO’ refers to modus operandi which is Latin for mode of operation or the method in which we respond.  Mine used to be reactive, now I am more proactive.  It has been said, “Hope for the BEST, Plan for the worst.”  It does not have to be as decisive as that but it’s all about having a plan B and maybe a plan C.  Sometimes what we may have thought would be the worst turns out to be BETTER than the BEST!

#YESICAN coaching with Karen


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Have you ever felt like a fake?  We often refer to this as imposter syndrome.  It’s an emotional response to not having enough faith in our ability.  We may not be faking it but if we believe someone is better than us, the insecurities of not being enough may surface.  Now some fake their way through these feelings, others pull away from opportunities because these deep-rooted emotions sometimes paralyze their ability to process.

Recently when I was working with one of my coaching clients listening to what they wanted to work towards, internally I heard this voice that was telling me I was not qualified to coach.  On the outside I looked and acted like the true professional, but on the inside, I began doubting my ability.  Was I qualified or was I an imposter?

I just read that imposter syndrome is a sign that “we’re a work in progress, not that we are out of our depth.”  That definition has helped me redeem myself as I believe we are all evolving and changing and with change we learn more, not just about the subject in front of us, but we learn more about ourselves.

I realized that on this specific day, my client’s needs were challenging me and as I listened, not just heard their words, initially I felt unqualified and allowed the thought of imposter syndrome to surface.  The feelings I encountered allowed me to process and use this as an opportunity to learn what I needed to coach my client successfully.  What I learned from this experience was that listening to understand is the key to communication and coaching. (I actually knew that from my educational training, but I needed the reminder.)  This client needed me to listen, not just hear them, as they worked through their issue.  No longer did I feel like an imposter but a professional who learned something new during that session.

#YESICAN coaching with Karen



December 7, 2023, the first night of Chanukah will begin at sundown tonight.  (The reason Jewish holidays and celebrations begin in the evening is rooted in the biblical story of Creation, which teaches that God created night and then day; night came before day.)  However, the blessings and holiday wishes on social media have already begun flooding my page and I feel sincere respect and love for my heritage.  I am not a religious Jew, although I grew up in a more observant family than the family I have created, and I miss those days as well as appreciate the journey I have taken.

Chanukah is not the Jewish Christmas, despite many observe it in that manner.  Chanukah is the festival of lights.  It is a Jewish Festival (not a holiday) and we celebrate it a commemoration and rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem destroy during the Maccabean revolt. “The practice is described in the Talmud, which states that when Judas Maccabeus entered the Temple, he found only a small jar of oil that had not been defiled by Antiochus.  The oil was enough to provide light for one night, but the miracle was it lasted for eight nights!”

For the next eight nights those that observe this festival will light their 8-candle menorah with slots for 9 candles.  The 9th candle serves as the ‘SHAMUS’.  The Shamus is the helper that lights the other candles.

When lighting the menorah, we go from right to left just as the written words in Hebrew align.  Each night we light another candle, starting with one tonight and the 8th candle will be lit on December 14th.

Traditional foods for this festival of lights include foods cooked in oil:

  1. Latkes – potato pancakes
    (my Baube used to slice apples and dip them into pancake batter and fry them to a golden-brown sprinkling cinnamon and sugar over them.)
  2. Sufganiyot – the Hebrew name for Jelly Donuts (I learned about this on Sesame Street!)
  3. Chanukah gelt – this is chocolate wrapped in a gold foil with monetary amounts on them – gelt is money.
  4. Eggplant – with honey is the traditional dish in Spain.
  5. Vada – deep friend snacks are prepared and eaten in India and South Asia
  6. Loukouades- honey-soaked balls of dough, similar to donuts holes is the delicacy in Greece.
  7. Blintzes filled with fruit or cheese and fried like a Crepe are enjoyed in Hungary and Poland.
  8. Kibbeh – ground lamb, onion, bulgar wheat, and spices rolled into a ball and fried is derived from Arabic meaning “to form into a ball,” is a popular dish present in various cultures and cuisines, including Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Turkey, and Israel

These are just a few items that I found googling foods for Chanukah.  I will stick with my family’s tradition of crispy potato latkes with sour cream or apple sauce for dipping.  (I’m hungry!)

Chanukah (or Hannukah) is “not the Jewish Christmas. The two holidays have nothing to do with each other except that they happen to fall in mid-winter.

Hanukkah is a minor Jewish holiday that celebrates the rededication of the second temple of Jerusalem. It commemorates the Maccabees’ victory over their Syrian Greek oppressors in 164 BCE, more than a century and a half before the birth of Jesus.”

To all who celebrate or not I wish you the miracle of finding your light and share your brightness in peace and love.

#YESICAN coaching with Karen



Coaching seems to be the catch ‘word’ or occupation for many today.  When I was still in high school deciding who I wanted to be and how I wanted to be that person, I envisioned myself supporting others as a Social Worker or in the news media.  However, in 1968 there were no women leaders in this industry.  “For almost three decades, this trend continued, and it wasn’t until 1975 that a female had a prominent role in network sports broadcasting.” Phyllis George led the way in 1971 and I am sure her connection as Miss America propelled her career.  Of course, Gloria Steinem and the Women’s movement also provided a path for women.  However, by the time the industry opened up, I was married.  Neither my husband at the time nor my family supported me in my dreams and so I traveled a different path. Well walking through life I joined women’s service groups as well as took jobs that provided me the opportunity to assist others.

Returning to college in 2009 and graduating in 2013 with my advanced degree in communications as well as testing and achieving certifications in various subjects including coaching has brought me to my career as a Personal Coach.  My focus is individuals 50+ as well as parents caring for their Special Needs Children and Adult Children caring for their parents.  I have selected this focus due to my experience and continued training in these areas.

To be a coach in today’s market one does not have to have a degree or certification.  Life experience in the field one chooses to coach in should be a priority, however certification and continuing education often separated the coach from a GOOD COACH (there are exceptions).  My passion in life has been to assist others find the ‘thing’ that makes them smile, brings pleasure to their life, and provides them with the passion to continue improving themselves.  When I am not the right coach I look into my toolbox, and I refer my clients to other coaches who may serve them better.

If you or someone you know is looking for someone to walk along their journey and assist them in creating their toolbox, contact me.  I may be the coach for you, or them!

Contact me at: #YESICAN coaching with Karen  yesican.ncr@gmail.com


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Today is your day – in fact every day is your day.  We all have opportunities in front of us but too often we are blinded by what we think others have.  You’ve heard the saying, “The grass is greener on the other side”, until you walk over to the other side.  If we are mindful, we will notice that we all face obstacles, however, it is how we choose to move forward, do we continue going in the same direction or do we take the fork in the road.  Today is your chance to create lemons out of lemonade.  #YESICAN!

Research indicates that coaching leads to “77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction, and 48% improvement in quality” for businesses.

What are you waiting for?  Finding the right coach may be what you need to make today your day.

As your coach I will listen more than talk.

As your coach I will share with you as well.

As your coach I will not judge.

As your coach I expect you will not judge.

As your coach, if we agree someone else would be a more valuable coach, I will refer you.

As a coach each session is for you to build your toolbox.

“We are a work in progress, keeping work and you will progress!” (KMH)

Karen, #YESICAN newclevelandradio@gmail.com

I have a lot on my mind today so if this message comes seems a bit scattered or if my wording identifies confusion, I will blame it on my brain trying to juggle too many thoughts at once.  I know scientists tend to refer to our brains as human computers.  We tend to upload bits and pieces of information and like the older mechanical disc drives those bytes and pieces are scattered in our brain. To retrieve that information, we must patiently wait for all the scattered bytes to be pieced together to understand the information they represent.  (Wow, don’t I sound techy?)

As you may know my youngest son moved to Texas for his career job last December.  Except for a week in April when I was in Texas while he recuperated from emergency gall bladder surgery, we have not spent any quality time together.  On Thursday evening of last week, he showed up at our door a couple days in advance of when we were expecting a visit from him.  As much as I am loving having him home, I am also realizing how much has changed (for the better) for all of us.  We, including my husband, are all much more respectful of each other.  Alex may be our son, but he is a young adult and coming home for a visit includes us, and his many friends.  Up until the time he moved to Texas he had been living with his since the day we brought him home from the hospital and sadly even as he grew into young adulthood, we still saw him as our child…I will always be his momma, but he is now our adult child.

Yes, when he arrived, he was welcomed into his old bedroom which I spent days cleaning, and I baked him his favorite chocolate chip cookies, and when I went to the grocery store, I bought a few extras that I knew he would appreciate it.  I did for him what my mother did for me on the many trips I made back home over the years.  I also remember the first trip back home was a little shocking because my old bedroom was now her sewing room, the beds were still; however, the fabric and all her paraphernalia for her sewing and kitting projects were scattered in the room.  I had a place to stay but it did not resemble what I had left behind.  It was that visit I had to pivot and follow the fork in the road knowing I was still loved and welcome, mom and dad had moved in different direction as I has as well.

Pivot is the word so many of us use today to identify the change in our direction and why change is necessary.  To pivot is turn, spin, evolve, swivel, or rotate our position to accommodate our personal needs.  When we choose to swerve to the right or left it is not done in a manner to be rude to others that may disagree with our selection of direction.  To evolve as an individual to be our best selves we must make choices that tend to make us better without directly hurting others emotionally or physically.  Can you imagine if we all made choices to be our best, not better than another, but better than who we were yesterday, the competition and anger in this world would not lead to war of words or WAR of any kind.  I am not singing KUMBAYA, but my version of KUMBAYA is to focus on self in a non-selfish way.  When we are at our best, we see the best in others, and we work in a peaceful and resourceful way.

When my son was still living at home as he grew into a young adult, we were all oblivious to it because one day was just like another.  And even when we individually made choices and grew our best selves did not always come together in the dining room or living room, too often we were ships passing in the night.

Today, not only do I see the growth and maturity in my youngest son, I see him as a person, someone who brings the best parts of him to make us feel whole.  I am finding that my coaching and reaching for the positive is now making me a better mother, wife, but most of all a better ME.  I don’t always like how I look, or what I say, or how I do things, but I allow myself to feel and explore to hon in on what makes me, ME.

The proverb, “Beauty is the in the eye of the holder” means beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or may not appeal to another.  When I look into the mirror and say, “YUK who is that creature staring back at me,” it often is not the physical identity that is making me feel poorly, it is often something that I am harboring internally, causing my own poor judgement that can take me down the wrong path.  If I catch myself and identify with my reflection in the mirror and allow myself to delve inside, I can become the best version of myself and spread positivity just in my being.  Join me with one smile, positive gesture, and love in your heart to be kind to yourself and others.


This past week (9/24/23) I started a TIKTOK account specifically for #YESICAN coaching with Karen.

www.tiktok.com/@yesican_coaching  I am getting noticed and I appreciate that, and it is my hope someone(S) who want to develop their best self will contact me.  I am associated with various coaches around the world and many have been guests on my podcast, Avoid the Maze, https://www.youtube.com/AvoidtheMaze.  Each coach has their own unique style because we often become coaches to help others focus on their experiences that may be similar to ours.  A Good or Great Coach knows when it’s in the best interest of the client (YOU) to refer them to someone who may be more in alignment with (YOUR) needs.

For the majority of my life, I am now 73 years old, I lived with an inferiority complex.

[The American Psychological Association (APA) defines an inferiority complex as “a basic feeling of inadequacy and insecurity, deriving from actual or imagined physical or psychological deficiency.” At its core, it is a feeling used to denote a strong sense of being less than.]

I am the youngest of three children, I have two older brothers who I have looked up to my whole life.  Despite loving my brothers, I felt like I never measured up to their abilities whether it was academically, socially, as well as physical.  Yet I pushed myself through some agonizing moments over the years. However, the thoughts remained with me and caused me to follow a path that I chose to change right around my 50th birthday.  As I traveled from child to youth and youth to young adult and from young adult to adult, I realized that I kept getting caught up in a maze.  When I hit the wall, I feared making the decision to turn right or left or just stand there without choosing was not how I wanted to live out my life.

When I made my decision to make myself happy by becoming the best version of myself, I was scared.  My biggest fear was losing pieces of myself that were intertwined with others, my family, the people most important to me.  Through counseling and coaching I began gathering the tools to assist me.  I chose to make my change holistic.

I began looking at myself from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  I learned what it means to be vulnerable and became less scared of looking at myself from the inside out.  One of my favorite coaches (Candace Pollock, The Intentionality Gurus) https://www.youtube.com/theintentionalitygurus often will ask me, where are you feeling these thoughts, what does it feel like, and do you like feeling this way?  There is no judgement on her part, she is providing me with the tools to identify if these are the steps I want to take. If they are that is my choice, if they aren’t I have the ability to explore my options.

I began podcasting to share with my listeners that no one is perfect nor happy 100% of the time.  I now understand that it was not up to my parents, brothers, relatives, or friends to provide with me happiness.  Happiness is not a destination it is emotion, feeling that comes from within.  We may feel and express happiness when someone gives us a present, or compliments us, or we may not.  If we don’t feel we are deserving happiness is not in our reach.  However, through coaching we can find the underlying reasons and work together to find delight in living.

Join me at #YESICAN Coaching with Karen newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Join me on Tiktok  at https://www.tiktok.com/@yesican_coaching

Coaching can be the answer when you hit that WALL -Brick or Virtual!  Don’t get stuck in the MAZE, if I don’t have the tools for you I will assist you in finding a Coach who does… Coaching should not be cookie cutter that is why I feel comfortable referring clients to someone who may have some specialty tools that will assist you in your journey.

Feel free to email me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com  or call me at 440 526 1530.


Personal Coaching 4 U

I have learned a lot about myself over the past couple of years.  I learned that I am a good person and that the reflection I see in the mirror is who I am and if that reflection does not meet my mission in life to be the best version of myself then I, and I alone, must do something about it.

We all carry baggage with us through this journey called life.  Some of the items we cart around are unnecessary, just like those heavy backpacks the youth of today carry around.  Not only do they have their books, computer, and other necessities for school, but they also have items that may belong in the trash or lost items of clothing that may need laundering.  I know I have been carrying a whole lot of negative feelings about myself and relationships and I was getting so bogged down my energy level for self-care was not a priority.  However, my podcasting and desire to help others motivated me to shed some of the weight by emptying my backpack on the ground and sorting through those feelings and allowing myself to be honest and vulnerable.

Now my mother always said, “Don’t hang out your dirty laundry for others to see!”  However, in this area of parenting I disagree with her.  If I had been more honest with myself and others it is possible that I could have worked out these issues that weighed heavily on my shoulders.

I have chosen Coaching because I understand life and the twists and turns that we witness can stifle our needs, destroy our passions, and let us believe we have no options only obstacles with challenges.  However, when you allow yourself to be honest you can open up a whole new world of positive emotions that allow you to see obstacles as something you can avoid by taking the fork in the road and being mindful to your selfcare.  When you come face to face with the wall in the maze and stay there without looking to your right, to your left, to see the possibilities that await you.

Don’t end 2023 wishing you had taken a step forward and didn’t!  What is your excuse, and please don’t say you don’t have time, that is a defense we have all used until we realize how worthwhile a 50-minute coaching session can be, it opens doors and opportunities.  Provide yourself with the self-care you deserve.

Contact #YESICAN coaching with Karen newclevelandradio@gmail.com or 440 526 1530.

Personal Coaching 4 U

For millions of Orthodox and Conservative Jews today is the second day of Rosh Hashanah.  The Reformed movement observes one day.  “The holiday is celebrated for two consecutive days because 2,000 to 3,000 years ago the Jewish calendar, which relies on the moon, wasn’t structured. Back then, the Jewish court in Jerusalem would make the determination of when each month would start.”  The Reform movement follows: “Karaite Jews, who do not recognize Rabbinic Jewish oral law and rely on their own understanding of the Torah, observe only one day on the first of Tishri, since the second day is not mentioned in the Written Torah.”

The Karaite Jews also known as the Reformed movement have chosen to assimilate into the mainstream of society.  Growing up Conservative (with a touch of Reformed Judaism thrown in), I made the choice as an adult to follow the reformed movement with touch of the Conservative movement thrown in.

Religion is a particular system of faith and worship, for some there is no one deity that guides them and for others there is comfort that a SUPERHUMAN power guides us into good and light.  As a young Conservative Jewess, I rejoiced in my family traditions of attending synagogue, having family meal gatherings that included special delicacies including sweet kugel, tzimmes, apple and honey, a round raisin challah, kreplach, and chopped liver… If it was a school day and or workday, we were excused from normalcy to participate in the Holy Days.  I feared the end of Yom Kippur when the book of life was sealed, I did not want to die nor lose any of my loved ones to death but, GOD made the final decision.

For many of us we hold on to religious or cultural beliefs to keep us safe and warm in a truth that has been passed on through our past generations.  Knowing that my mother, her mother before her, and her descending grandmothers passed on their beliefs to protect and guide us.

In the Rosh Hashanah service, I attended (online), I noted in the passages we read the theme of humanity and that we all are guides.  We each have the ability to face our challenges and create opportunities for ourselves and those that follow behind us to become the best versions of ourselves.  Do not wait till that perfect time to become your best, today this moment succeed in taking that first step.  Do not worry about the journey and how long and tedious it may be, it begins with just one step and is followed by many.  The journey of life is meant to be shared, no one, not you or me needs to walk alone.

“Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown, walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone, you’ll never walk alone.” (Song Lyrics and composition by Richard Rodgers.)

“You’ll Never Walk Alone is sung to the protagonist Billy Bigelow’s daughter after her dad has passed away during a botched robbery in the musical. The lyrics and the tone intend to offer words of conciliation to inspire her to keep going.”

I remember singing this song in choir in Junior High and although I found it haunting, I had no idea of its meaning, my job at the time was to memorize the lyrics and my alto tones.  However, I have always found those words meaningful for me to move forward and to take one step at time, sometimes a Giant Step, and sometimes a baby step.  I learned that if I kept moving, I was succeeding, living life!

As a Jewess, more culturally than religiously, I am walking forward to Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement the day that GOD (in theory) either writes our names in the Book of Life and we are extended for at least another year, or our names are left out and we face death in the year to come.  I am walking forward not in fear but turning the obstacles and challenges into the positivity of life.

I welcome you with an extended hand to join me and accepting positivity into our lives and to create a more peaceful union.  We do not have to agree on how we walk through life as long as we leave the negativity behind.

#YESICAN coaching with Karen

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Personal Coaching 4 U

When you want to make a change, you need to take a step forward, it need not be a giant step, and you do not have to say, “Mother May I?” You are the captain of your own ship, and you get to set the sails.  If slow and steady works for you do not listen to others when they tell you to move faster, instead of sailing to use the outboard motor to reach your goal faster.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to stop listening to others and to listen to our heart.  However, if you have a mission (especially one that has developed from your passion), you need to clearly understand how you plan to navigate your path.

When I started podcasting it was based on a passion that I cultivated while in high school some 38 years prior.  I listened to the voices of others who told me I could not do what I wanted to, and I would be better off leaving the dream as a memory that some day I would look back at and say, they (the voices) were right.  However, I chose (yes, I made a choice) to prove those voices wrong.  I chose to use my communication skills in every job and career path I ventured into.  However, in 2009 I prepared to return to college and earn my Bachelors and master’s license.  I also made the choice to use my degree and I found podcasting and I have been in this field since 2012.  But it was not just communications and broadcasting that I wanted to do, I wanted to Coach and assist others to find the path of life that fulfills them.

I don’t want to hear anyone say it’s not possible for them.  It is possible if they make a choice to take that first step.

When I announced in April I was going to start coaching and use my training and experience I did not fill my calendar with clients.  In fact, I have talked to many potential clients, however when I know someone is a better fit than me, I refer them to the best source.  Does this mean I am not successful?  My answer is ‘no’, success is measured by each of us there is no scale that weighs in to tell you if you are succeeding.  My choice is to work with individuals that I know I can relate to, and they can relate to me.  Together we find our success.

YESICAN coaching with Karen 440-526-1530 newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Personal Coaching 4 U

Each day when I wake up it is important for me to have a focus and purpose, even if that purpose is to lay around my house and binge watch TV.  Now, that does not happen very often because my brain is always whirring with ideas and thoughts of tasks to complete.  My mother used to tell me to always wear clean underwear.  She would say, “God forbid you are in an accident, you should not be wearing soiled underwear.”  This was my mother’s way of telling me to be dignified even in the worst of circumstances.  Also, I think this is called, A Bubbe Meise, an old wives’ tale.

Even on what I call my lowest days I have followed her rule but not just for my underwear.  I start each day with a fresh attitude and following my purpose.

As the Jewish High Holidays approach, I have been looking back at the past year(s) and reflecting on what I believe I did right and what I have may have done differently.  I don’t believe I have been sinful towards myself or anyone else.  I have allowed myself more opportunities to be mindful as well as learning from those opportunities.  Growing up I saw the challenges and negativity as I tried to be perfect, not understanding that perfection is not real except getting 100% on a test.  However, that may not be perfection either if your answers were memorized without substance to what the questions were.

When I returned to college in 2010, I chose to complete my degrees online.  My choice was based on the fact that I had to put the effort into learning and not memorizing.  My work would be reflecting in research and writing and not just memorizing information that had no meaning.  When completing my master’s license in communications (with honors) I knew I had accomplished one task on my purpose. It was this accomplishment in 2013 that has provided me with choices to live my purpose.

So, what is that purpose?  My purpose is to find the best in myself and to share it with others.  It’s not about bragging or expecting others to follow my path.  This is my opportunity to share what is real for me, allowing others to seek their purpose.

If you are questioning your beliefs, your path, your future it may be time to work with a coach who will assist you in unlocking the doors to the opportunities you may not see for yourself.  #YESICAN coaching with Karen 440-526-1530 newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Wising everyone a Happy, Health, and Purposeful רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה – 5784
May we be written in the Book of Life.


Personal Coaching 4 U

It appears as if Fall/Autumn is slowly creeping into Northeast Ohio.  I love this season, but I dread Winter – cold-icy and snowy and grey skies.  I see the beauty in the first snow fall but after that, I am ready for Spring.  However, my Positive Intelligence training has provided me with tools to walk through my least favorite season.  As a personal coach I hope to provide some guidance to others that struggle through the short days and long hours of darkness.

In the winter of 2014 after being pushed out of my Corporate America Job I sat in my bedroom for long periods of time looking out my window staring at the cold wintery days.  And then one day I saw the sunshine and noticed how the snow was gleaming looking like little diamonds on the trees and bushes outside that same window.  It was on this day I chose to accept the season and stop fighting those negative thoughts that were contributing to my anxiety which led to MY depression.

I chose to be present and accept the beauty of all four seasons.  I gave myself permission to like or not like the ice, snow, and grey skies but to be mindful of them and understand the natural phenomenon that comes with that time of year.  2014 was the beginning of my transformation.  I sought help for my depression, and I worked (and continue to) on finding the positives in every situation.

When my mother had her stroke in 2016 as painful as it was to see my mother changed overnight, I chose to be with her as she transitioned.  We were told it could be a day, a month, or years… I packed my suitcase and chose to live with her during this time to oversee her care and to spend time with her – get one more kiss and one more hug.  For 2 ½ months I spent time talking to her, listening to her, and finding a part of me I did not know existed. I found positive elements during that time as summer moved into fall and her passing on a beautiful warm sunny day in October.  The sadness and loss provided some beautiful memories for me as well as being mindful of who I was (and my strengths).

Grief over loss is normal and should be acceptable.  However, sometimes Grief is also mixed with Relief and Pleasure.  Losing my mother has been difficult.  I think about her daily and I often hear her thoughts and words coming out of my mouth.  And as difficult as it has been for the last 7 years, I remember so many wonderful times I spent with my momma, D’Vasha, her Jewish name which means HONEY.  She was loved by many, and she was a giver, a trait that I picked up and I am now learning to embrace it.  I need not ‘YES’ to everyone but when I do I do it by choice.

Choose to make a choice today.  If you need the support of a coach, please contact me and let’s talk!

#YESICAN coaching with Karen.

Personal Coaching 4 U

Stop lying and spreading bullshit! I am tired of hearing how many coaches claim to be making 6 figures in a short amount of time counted by months and not years.  In fact, they all want us to buy into their BS by offering classes or books on how they did it.  Really???  There may be a handful of people who have created this wonderful business overnight but what are they charging their clients to earn 6 figures?

“The average cost of a life coach is $120 per hour, with a typical range of $75 to $200 per hour. “

Now if you are just starting out most coaches begin at a rate of $50 – $100, in order to make the 6 figures I will let you do the math…

The coaches who are earning upwards to $750 – $1000 per month per client either have a background in counseling or therapy and often are moving their practice over to coaching where it is self-paid, and the hassle of insurance is eliminated.  However, let’s be honest, the majority of us searching for answers and choosing a coach to guide us do not have $1000 a month to pay out.

When I chose to begin my coaching practice, I designed it to be a resource for individuals like me who don’t have the funds to pay out enormous amounts of money.  My clients find the funds that make the coaching affordable and beneficial.  Although I agree that we must invest in ourselves I do not believe that the cost of investment should have my clients choosing whether they can eat or not, take medication or not, or give up the essentials they need to work to better themselves.

For those coaches who are truly making 6 figures a year just in their coaching practice alone I believe you had the resources/network/and investment to get to your rung on the ladder.  However, earning a 6+ figure a year does not make you a better coach than individuals like me.  I commend you on developing a program to sell to coaches and would be coaches, my question is to those of you who bought into these programs what is your real earning power?

I work with some great coaches, and I am impressed by the value they bring to their clients.  I do not think they are 6+ figure earners, but they are the best of the best and clients there are proof of this.

I want to make an offer to those of you who may think I am crying over spilled milk, the fact that my clients may pay me less makes me want to do more for them.  I am empathetic to the needs of my clients, and I will not take on a client that I do not think I can assist.  I am willing to support those who may want to find someone other than me, and as a coach advocate, I do a lot of referrals.

If you are looking to become the best version of yourself, I am asking you to make a small investment in yourself.  Don’t wait for 2024, January 1 is not a magical date.  The magical date is today…

Call me at 440 526 1530 or email to:  newclevelandradio@gmail.com – let’s talk and set up a personalized plan.

Personal Coaching 4 U

Labor Day weekend for many means time off from work and maybe experiencing last minute summer activities which may include preparing your lawn and flowers beds for the Autumn and Winter months to follow.  For others it’s like any other weekend, no special plans except putting our white shoes and summer clothes in storage for the next 9 months (remember I live in Northeast Ohio where Summer is only 3 months long!)

According to the stats on Wikipedia we have been celebrating Labor Day for 141 years, since 1882.  Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States. The three-day weekend it falls on is called Labor Day Weekend.” Wikipedia

Labor Day is more than the SALES as businesses make the attempt to bring you in to BUY!  The group of workers this holiday aims to celebrate will be employed while many of us play or sleep the hours away.  They will tempt us with their advertising and hope will succumb to fill our wants, not necessarily our needs.

I too will be working but that is by choice, sharing my voice and listening to the voices of others who want or need to be heard.  As a personal coach I know how important it is to be mindful of our emotions and to respect our feelings.  Approaching our thoughts with love and kindness for ourselves is one way we can reduce anger and our negative thoughts from developing.  Our anger is often a way for us to mask our hurt feelings.  When we are emotionally aware our relationship with self and others is at its strongest.

As we begin this Labor Day Weekend and the 4th quarter of 2023, we may want to ask ourselves if we are where we want to be, and where is that?  Personally, I spent the first 50 years of my life thinking and dreaming of where I wanted to be, and except on a few occasions I stepped forward to nurture my needs. Today I want to encourage you and those you may know to take the steps to fulfill your wants and needs.  #YESICAN Coaching with Karen let’s take the journey together.


Personal Coaching 4 U


Do you ever ask yourself, “Where has the time gone?” There are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and 8,736 hours in a year.  We all have the same amount of time, however, depending on how we use the minutes and hours in our life often determines how we make the most from time.

Some of us are known as clock watchers.  We wake up with just enough time to get ready for work, and once there we watch the clock until lunch time and the end of day.  During those hours a work we fret over the time we are missing with family, errands, and just having fun.  When we have that window of time, we often squander it, never finding the time for those things we identify as missing.

There are a group of us identified as work alcoholics.  We go from one thing to another, keeping busy seems to be our reason for existing and we too do not find the time to all the things we claim we want to do because we are too busy doing something else.  Sadly, we believe we must do it now and often that we are the only ones who can do it.  (Whatever IT is!)

Personally, I spent more than half of my life being busy.  The more I did the more valuable I thought I would be and appreciated.  If you would have asked me at the end of the day what I had accomplished, I was too embarrassed that my multi-tasking was causing me to make mistakes and I grew up being told mistakes should not be made.  I had to work harder to make the corrections to prove once again how capable I was.

Somewhere between the ages of 50 and 55, I finally got smart(er), and realized I was only fooling myself.  I was working so hard because I didn’t want to squander the hours in each day, week, or year, and yet I was depleted.  Waking up and asking myself, “Where has the time gone?” was not the life I wanted to live, I had to move forward.  But how could I change?

I started going to therapy and the first therapist led me to grandiose ideas and after about four months of treatment realized I was going in the wrong direction AGAIN.  I tried motivating myself but initially all the positive mantras I recited felt shallow and eventually I knew I needed something else.  That something else was a mentor or coach, someone who would help me see what I wanted, not tell me what I want.  I found a group of women who facing similar obstacles and realized that there were many paths I could take to create my new journey.  I also learned that it was OK to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes.  (What a concept!)

Because of my experiences, both positive and negative, I completed both my bachelors and master’s slowly changing my direction, finding my passion, and making it my focus.  It’s been a slow and steady climb up the mountain where my coaches showed me, I could turn obstacles into challenges and challenges into personal successes.

Today at age 73 (proud to wear that number and share it), I am a podcaster, a podcast producer, a website designer, and a coach.  I have accomplished this as I focused on my passion helping others while I help myself.  I’m excited to share with my clients that we all have the ability to find happiness and that life is here for us to live it and use the time each day to smile.  There will be days of tears and pure frustration but if we choose to find the sliver of sunshine come from behind the clouds we will smile.

“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”

– Marilyn Monroe

For more information on #YESICAN coaching with Karen – newclevelandradio@gmail.com

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Motivational Speaking

Some thoughts to consider from some well-known motivational speakers.  I can almost guarantee you that these individuals did not aspire to be motivational speakers when they were children.  However, they learn through others the need we all have, and motivation is the key.  If you can think back to your days as a crawling baby being cheered up and motivated to walk, when you took those steps there was a reward waiting for you, often the comfort of your mother’s arms catching you before you fell.  In a perfect world, parents are the first set of coaches in our life, followed by family, friends, teachers, etc.

Sadly, in our world today we are taught to tend to ourselves, and we are dependent on how well we were coached and if that is the direction in which we want to go.  For some like me I was a rule follower and pleaser and did not take time to look both ways and alter my direction until the age of 50!  Do not say you can’t make the changes you desire, you can, and #YESICAN coaching with Karen can guide you.  Age is not just a number, but it is a number that allows you to say, #YESICAN!

Here are some quotes from Motivators that you may recognize.

Tony Robbins

“If you can’t, you must. If you must, you can.

This quote is the motivation I need to be the best ME – and I would like to assist you walk down the path that motivates YOU!

 Wayne Dyer

“If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.”

For many like me I saw opportunities as obstacles and too often turned and ran in the opposite direction.  However, when I read this quote almost 10 years ago my brain shifted to turning obstacles into opportunities.

Jack Canfield

“Taking the first step is the difference between actually pursuing your passion and just dreaming about it.”

Dreaming can be so exhilarating, creating a present or a future of the ‘perfect’ life.  However, dreams are stagnate they are stories we create from our subconscious more during sleep but also day dreaming with eyes wide one.  Taking the first step, one at a time leading to our passion that calls for us.

Mel Robins

“I have a hard time finding the balance between not beating myself up when it doesn’t happen as fast as I’d like it to, and not wasting time while I wait for it to happen.”

I used to have a hard time – today working with coaches and providing coaching I have learn that if you can do it so can I, so I need to stop wasting time…

David Coggins

“Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.”

I have to ask myself, am I tired or am I tired of trying.  If I don’t keep trying, I will be left at this spot and is it where I want to be?  If the answer is no, I must continue forging ahead.  Follow my passion and you can too!

Karen at:  newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Personal Coaching 4 U

It Happened Again

So, it’s coming up on Flu Season time and Rich and I missed the last COVID update so Friday evening we were scheduled for our vaccines, and we also added the RSV one as well.  With an autoimmune disorder (me) and diabetes (Rich) we are all about vaccines to keep us safe from those who may get sick and pass it our way.  Since my first Pfizer COVID I have gotten sick each time for 24 – 48 hours.  My symptoms are massive migraine (my Imitrex does not touch it), fatigue where every joint is painful, and movement is difficult and sometimes not possible.  Just getting out of bed to use the toilet is excruciating with assistance.  This weekend was no different!  By midnight Friday night I was so exhausted, but I hurt so much I could not sleep.  Each hour got worse and by Saturday morning I could not imagine feeling better.  All day Saturday I tried slow breathing exercises and focusing on something to distract me, but it became more and more difficult as the day went on.

My husband tried his best to be supportive and caring but when he sees me like this, he gets scared and depressed.  He knew I didn’t want him staring at me all day, so he excused himself and spent the day downstairs only coming up when I needed something like more water or a trip to the bathroom.  Each time he would ask, “Are you feeling better?” and all I wanted to do was scream but couldn’t.  Whatever was affecting me, I had a terrible dry mouth, fever and chills and then sweated it out.  I was not a pretty sight.  Around 7 or 7:30pm I thought I was feeling well enough to venture downstairs for some toast only to realize I could not keep my head up at the table…

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling better, still weak but able to maneuver on my own.  I could barely eat breakfast and I was ready for a nap shortly after.  I spent most of the day moving slowly, I felt like I had run a marathon, my body just did not want to cooperate.  Late in the day Rich took me out for a late lunch and early dinner where oddly I was able to maintain a sense of well-being but once we got in the car, I just spaced out relaxing as best I could.  The day was not a total loss but, being a beautiful summer day, I felt cheated out of missing it.

Today is Monday and I am glad I have nothing on my schedule as I needed today to regroup and find my land legs.  I am feeling more like my natural self, and I will just put the last two days on the calendar of events I hope will be my worst.  If so, I’m good to go.

This is not meant to tell others not to get vaccinated.  Please note since this has happened to me before that is why we chose to have our vaccines on Friday night so any down time would not affect work or other obligations.  I’m feeling positive that I can welcome Autumn with a healthier glow and plan for the beautiful days ahead.  I may have missed a lot of summer due to health issues but as they say, “That’s Life!”

Just remember these lyrics sung by Frank Sinatra (Songwriter(s): Dean Kay; ‎Kelly Gordon)

I said that’s life
(That’s life)
And as funny as it may seem
Some people get their kicks
Stomping on a dream
But I don’t let it, let it get me down
Cause this fine old world, it keeps spinnin’ around

I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet
A pawn and a king
I’ve been up and down and over and out
And I know one thing
Each time I find myself
Flat on my face
I pick myself up and get
Back in the race

I began #YESICAN coaching because my father always reminded his kids that if we want to do something we could do it.  I watched my father battle health issues my whole life, and I was blessed to have my father in my life for 54 years.  Despite my own health issues I face the challenges and create opportunities because, “That’s the GOOD Life.”

Karen at:  newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Personal Coaching 4 U

Are you ready to make the changes in your life that you have chosen for yourself?  If you would like the support of a COACH who has made changes to her journey and has found how to take the first and second steps, contact #YESICAN coaching with Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

As a coach not only will I provide you with the tools to boost your confidence, improve your positive outlook, and assist you in using your voice more effectively, you will make the choices on how this will enhance your life’s journey.  We will build the toolbox that will help you take your next step(s).

Together we will embrace our humanity.  It is important that we begin the Coaching journey with compassion for ourselves.  It is not uncommon we come to a coaching session filled with negativity, providing compassion to others leaving ourselves void.

If you continue to see yourself in a negative manner using words like should have, or I wish I had, or why was I so dumb? You may never reach your potential. Isn’t time to say, #YESICAN!

Personal Coaching 4 U

Coaching Made Easy


Begin your journey today – contact me as yesiam.ncr@gmail.com

Do you believe the hype you read on social media?  Is everyone else finding their pot of gold and living life to the fullest…you know having a perfect life?

If you believe it, you are buying into a world of hurt.  Life is not perfect.  Occasionally we have perfect moments, but they fade into reality and unless we are willing to challenge ourselves and slay the windmills like Don Quixote, we may never be happy.

I have lived most of my life want to be more like someone else and it wasn’t until I took the steps to improve my life (and that means allowing myself to evolve into ME, and not YOU, or ANYONE else) was the day that I looked into the mirror and chose to like me.

Now I thought this was weird, but I remembering my father waking up each morning and looking in the bathroom mirror before he shaved or brush, shouting: “Good Morning Handsome.”  Now my pops was a good-looking man and he was not being conceited he was setting the tone for his day with positivity.

My father was born in 1917 and within the first few months of his birthday he was a victim of the Spanish Flu.  The doctors told his mother and father to plan a funeral, he was not expected to live.  Yet he did to the age of 87, however the Spanish Flu affected his heart and as a young adult till his death he suffered with Angina.  He was one of the first bypass surgeries at Harper Hospital in Detroit in December 1974.  As a child and young adult, I remember sitting in hospital waiting rooms thinking my father was dying.

My father’s legacy to me was to open my eyes and make changes that would make me happier (not perfect.) It took me a long time to see his vision but when I started to make lifestyle changes, I began seeing the glass half full.  Additionally, I ventured out of my comfort zone, and I am now able to make mistakes without fear and or judgement.  This led me to podcasting and coaching.

Everyday I see people just like me, wanting more but they think they must reach the pot of gold.  Without financial abundance they see more negative options than positive ones.

Let me ask you – all of you reading this, why is it that we believe if I get that next promotion and raise, or I win the lottery everything will be perfect (and as I have said there is no perfection!)  I heard Bill Gates once told his employees that they would never receive all 10’s on an evaluation.  The reason being that not even GOD is perfect.  It is about the effort we put into our actions!

I used to describe myself as a people pleaser.  In fact, I used that as my strength on various job interviews (and I did not win the job), the last time I used this comment I was told by the Interviewer to go home and reconsider my options and actions.  When I asked why I was told that company had over 2000 employees and many of them would be levels above me.  How did I plan on pleasing all of them – “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.  (Poet, John Lydgate and later adapted by President Lincoln).

What if you please others what does it take away from you?

We all need someone to coach us through life, not all the time but some of the time, and I can do that with you.  We can take a walk down the road you would like to explore and determine though experience if this journey or if you need to take the next fork in the road.

Personal Coaching 4 U



In April when I announced I was opening my virtual door to Life Coaching, based on the podcast Avoid the Maze, I offered an introductory plan.  This plan will go away on July 10th and so if you are anyone you know wants to dip your/their toes into working with me (#YESICAN) Karen, now is the time to set up a schedule that will work for you. 

Many coaches, just like me, have chosen to use their degree, additional certifications, and life experiences to help others.  I am not a therapist, I am not a doctor or a nurse, I will not be prescribing medication. What I will be doing is guiding you through what you want to do, and I may offer up pathways that you may not have considered.  You will be the captain of your ship/coaching session.  There is no right way or wrong way to proceed, accept you must face any change with a positive approach.

Four weeks ago, I fell and re-injured my femur.  I was taken from the spot of the accident to the hospital ER.  I was unable to move the lower left part of my body without excruciating pain.  Once admitted to the hospital some 10 hours after the initial accident, I focused on how I would positively accept my diagnosis and work from that point to healing.  Without much explanation here I was bedridden for 4 days and sent to a rehab facility.  It was from that moment on, knowing my diagnosis and what I was going to have to do, I began biting the bullet and DOING IT.  Every time I moved, and it hurt, 100 on a 1 -10 scale, I told myself it was going to be OK, I needed to slowly get myself back to moving.  The 4 days flat on my back had already contributed to some negative signals to my body.

The Physical Therapists and the Aides at the facility were wonderful, they were patient, they showed me how to move with less pain, I learned new maneuvers that will be beneficial going forward.  These individuals were my coaches and some still are as I continue in PT.  It would be easy to say I can’t do it, but if I want to heal and get better, it is in my best interest to listen and create a new path for me.  This is what I do with my clients.  I will never tell them what to change and how to change it but if they are unhappy or feeling emotional pain, I will provide them with tools to assist them.

Just a bit of who I am – I am a daughter (even though both of my parents are deceased), I am a sister, a wife, a mother, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, friend, writer, podcaster, software trainer, and coach.  However, when we meet in a coaching situation, I am the girl next story that compared herself to the “in crowd”, wanting to look or be like someone else, always trying to please others to be excepted.  But I got smart as an adult… “I am ME; I AM Just AS Different As YOU, Together we are UNIQUE!”

Personal Coaching 4 U

Coaching and Why You May Need It and Why I Need to Coach!

You may need a Coach and not a therapist if you are feeling anxious – Your anxiety may be treated with some simple tools that coaching will offer.  The coaching community claims approximately 6.8 million Americans experience anxiety.  Women are twice as likely to identify their anxiety and seek a resolution.  This is not an exclusive group, anxiety is not about being rich or poor, it is an equal opportunity disorder that is controllable.

I get anxious as I drive down the freeway and a bridge or a large overpass is in my sight.  Heights make me anxious, therefore a bridge or overpass signifies fear and results in my heart racing, voices tell me to pull over to the edge of the road.  Although I have the urge to slam on my break and wait in the middle of the road for someone to take control of my car and get it to the other side, I always manage to do it myself, but it is physically painful.  However, one of my mentors recommended that when I find myself in this situation, I need to have contact with the car in front of me and imagine that car is pulling me along to safety.  With my eyes set forward on the back of the car and the license plate I cross that bridge or overpass with ease.  I have the tools; I just need to use them!

As your coach I promise not to sympathize with you, but I will empathize with you.

As your coach I will encourage you to work through one issue at a time. One resolution may provide you with achieving the other things that you may want or need assistance resolving.

As your coach I promise to be open with you and share my wants and needs and the tools I use.  A coaching session is not a competition is an opportunity for you to remove the weights you are carrying around.  Think of coaching to clear out some of the weight in your backpack of concerns. Be mindful of the opportunities you will have to unload your overwhelming thoughts and know you are not alone.

As your coach, all “PERSONAL” information in our hourly coaching sessions will not be shared.  I believe in your privacy and boundaries will be maintained by both of us.

Each session will be paid for in advance to ensure your commitment to our meeting.

Meetings will take place via zoom, and I recommend that my clients be in a safe and quiet place during our meetings.

It is important that you understand the difference between coaching, counseling, and therapy.  I am trained in communications major.  I have also taken online business courses for coaching, and I continue to take classes and meeting with my mentor coaches to be at my best for my clients.

Typically, I recommend 6 sessions – the first one is a get to know you at $0 cost.

The next 5 during my special offer through the end of July will be $25 each Payable prior to each session via PayPal.  I will invoice you 24-48 hours prior to our meeting to give you the time to process payment.

(Please note the special fee plan will be honored for individuals who start their coaching with me before August 1, 2023.)

On August 1, 2023, my fee will be $50 per 1 hour session – $250 for 6 sessions, the first one at $0 as we both determine if you are the client for me and if I am the coach for you.  If you and I both determine additional visits beyond the first 6 are needed, you will be charged $50 per session until we agree that you have progressed.

I am looking forward to being your coach, your guide, and providing you the assistance you may need, but you will be doing the work!

Tony Robbins says: ““Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”

Positive thoughts lead to Positive Actions, Negative Thoughts lead to a DEEP DARK HOLE! So let’s think positive.

Personal Coaching 4 U

***7 WEEKS left to sign up for your personal coaching sessions (6 weeks) at the introductory price (email me at . If you are not enrolled by July 7, 2023 you will miss out on this price less than 1/2 the regular fee.  You will either have the choice to pay weekly per session or to pay up front.

As I begin my Coaching Practice #YESICAN I have chosen my target clients as Special Need and Aging Adults.

I have chosen these two areas as I am experienced in both areas and each one will be unique.  I promise my coaching will not be defined as a cookie cutter practice.

As a parent and wife, I have experienced the Special Needs Community.  What I have learned often came from my experience making mistakes along the way and learning from them.  I will not be providing answers to my clients, however, I promise to be empathetic as I travel down your path with you as a guide asking you questions.

 Life delivers us challenges and we have the choice to confront them or remain stuck.  When we confront them, we can relieve ourselves from those confrontations (as well as future ones that will crop up) and create opportunities.  You may think this is an impossible task, it’s not, but it will take work.

We all are aging!  However, we all have a perception that age is an obstacle, either we are too young, or we are too old.  We are not living in the story of “The Three Bears”, every age is just right.  The choice is yours if you want to face your challenges, it begins with observing them and creating a plan.

  • Know where you are, are you ready to be coached?
  • Know where you are and where you want to be?
  • Know it is up to you to take action, the first step will lead to many others.
  • Action begins with creating a goal – one small step for you!

Personal Coaching 4 U

Despite my son’s emergency surgery and playing doctor mom,
Despite this pinched nerve trying to render me UNABLE,

I am still launching my coaching business under the name  #YESICAN
My methodology in coaching stems from ‘Avoid the Maze” podcast.  We all have a journey in life and it is up to us to be aware and mindful of the obstacles we WILL encounter along the way.  It is not the Yellow Brick Road, however, it is the road/path we create for today and into the future.
We should not be waiting for someone to deliver happiness to us.  Happiness is not an object!  Happiness is a feeling/emotion that we all can conjure up if we desire to be HAPPY.  To be happy is not a 24/7 emotion it is the choice you dare to make.
It is possible to see the sunshine on a cloudy day.
My father once told me that if I flew up into the clouds I could see the sun shining brightly on a cloudy day.  If I could fly into the clouds I could let my mind seek the sunshine putting a smile on my face.  (On the grayest Cleveland winter days, I see beyond the clouds allowing the sunshine to fill my heart and soul.
I am sharing this new journey with you and asking if you know of anyone who is seeking a Personal Coach to guide them through the process of finding their best self, please send them my way.

Personal Coaching 4 U

Coaching and the reason why you might want to seek me out.  I may not have all the answers how to obtain the things we want in our life.  However, I do know that the trial and error I have been able to find happiness and contentment through my life journey to date.  Since I don’t have an expiration date stamped on my body, there is no reason for me to stop looking at what may lie ahead.

In the Personal Intelligence Program, designed by Shirzad Chamine, I was introduced to PQ reps.  Now I must admit, as I took this 6-week course I was skeptical; however, I realized I learned a great deal and I have changed some bad habits into good habits.  Even now as I sit here writing I am using some of those technics. 

Candace Pollock, The Intentionality Gurus, took a group of us through the Positive Intelligence Course.  Upon completing the course, a group of us chose to remain in an extended learning pod where we can discuss skills we have gained as PI focusing on feelings and how these physical, emotional, mental hi-jacks often produce unwanted results.  Some of the technics I learned I have used in the past but like a physical exercise too often I stop because I want to believe, “I Got This.”

For example, one of the PQ Reps is simply rubbing your thumb up against your pointer finger.  Shirzad walks you through a 1 -2-minute exercise and has you focus on the ridges of your thumb and finger.  As I did this exercise, I became frustrated as I have no ridges, my finger pads are smooth.  It took me weeks to find the exercise beneficial as I used this method, and it was about noticing the feeling and breaking away from a task or thoughts that were flooding through my mind.  That simple exercise has strengthened my brain and heart to respond in a more positive state being present in the moment and not being judgmental.

Another technic I have learned is using my listening skills to be more aware of what is happening in my head and what I don’t want to hear in my head.  Those sounds, voices, or photo reels that pop-up and pull us in the wrong direction can be harmful.  In fact, for the last two years, I considered Coaching to be the path I wanted to enter down.  When I completed my master’s license in 2013 – I began podcasting, blogging, and being a sideline cheer leader.  In 2017 when I met Candace Pollock, we developed “The Intentionality Gurus” Podcast.  From day one I have served as her guinea pig having her walk me through exercises or asking me questions that took me deep into my body, places I never explored in the past.

It was two years ago that I made a pledge to myself that I would take the steps to provide coaching to my clients (and I am seeking Clients as I write this.)  Upon my announcement on April 1, 2023, I have been able to sign-on my first two clients.  So, if are seeking guidance as you walk down the path of life, email me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

 We all need to stop saying and believing that we have an incurable life…

My father taught to never say, “I can’t.”

When I work with you know that I too have a past with various demons, but I continuously work on that part of my life because I am able to make changes and so can you.

Personal Coaching 4 U

#YESICAN coaching with Karen – special introductory rates April 1, 2023 – July 8, 2023

  • A one hour get to know you free session
  • 6 Week Coaching Session $25 per session or $150 paid in advance to newclevelandradio.net via paypal or Zelle
  • Coaching sessions after July 8, 2023 will be at my standard rate of $50 per session or $300 paid in advance to newclevelandradio.net via paypal or Zelle
  • To enroll in your coaching session email Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Personal Coaching 4 U

#YES I CAN is the name of the personal coaching program I am offering.  I have based the coaching style on “The Avoid the Maze” podcast.  https://studio.youtube.com/podcast/Avoidthemaze

If you would like to learn more or sign up for a 6 week session please contact Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Special intro rates for the first 90 days of Business April through the first week of July 2023 will be $25/per 50 minute session or $150 for 6 weeks.  As of the second week of July 2023 coaching rates will be established at $55/ per 50 minute session or $330 for 6 weeks.  (Payment through Zelle of Paypal accepted. ) All sessions will be through Zoom.

Spaces are filling up for the Introductory Rate so please take a moment and consider facing the challenges you want to overcome.  ONLY you CAN DO IT, so say, YES I CAN>

Personal Coaching 4 U

This is not a Joke!

It may be April Fool’s Day but it is no Joke, I’ve been thinking about putting up a shingle that says:

Karen Moss Hale – Coach & Advocating for YOU!

My podcast Avoid the Maze has led me down the path to provide a safe and comfortable dialogue between myself as the coach and my clients.

My Credentials include the following: 

My BA degree is in Communications plus I have obtained a Master’s License in Communications.

I was the founder of the “Chronic Pain Support Group” coaching those who suffer from Chronic Pain (50 million in the United States).  Coaching included meeting with patients, doctors, nurses, therapists, and family members to assist in finding Pain Management Facilities and aligning individuals up with the proper resources.

As the Co-Founder of I’mPOSSIBLE I worked with my youngest son Alex to develop a coaching forum to educate and support individuals and their families with Special Needs.

I have worked as a trainer in various corporate venues including Chrysler, Ernst & Young, and BP America.

I have provided one on one training on various subjects including software and hardware, an essential today.

I was a Counselor by job description; however, I coached students in finding the career path they thought they wanted while looking at other opportunities that may fulfill their need more than their want.

As a podcaster I have used my communication skills to listen and respond, practicing mindfulness, which is necessary for a coach.

I have been a client of several coaches gaining the understanding from both sides of the table.

I have had a passion to be a positive influence for others walking their path with them and ensuring that they take each step with their eyes and mind wide open.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy.  The coach, like me is there to walk the client through the steps it will take to achieve their personal goals.

[Today I proclaim I have a PURPOSE!   In addition to Podcasting and coaching my Podcasters, I am seeking clients that I hope I can support them as they walk their path.  If I am not the right fit, I will assist them in finding another coach.  This is not about me; it is about extending that hand to someone in need.]

For the next three months as I begin this new journey, I will be offering a very special one-time fee.  If you know of someone who may be looking for a coach, please contact me at:  newclevelandradio@gmail.com in the subject line type COACH.


“Be Careful What You Wish For You Just May Get It …

Know what you wish for and be prepared for it…


Karen Hale, Producer, Web Designer, Blogger & Coaching Advocate & Life Coach

Personal Coaching 4 U

At the age of 18 my dream was to become a FAMOUS or at least well-known radio or TV personality.  My journey took a fork in the road and instead I married and worked to put my husband (at the time) through Dental School.  I was naive’ and thought this turn in my path would make me HAPPY and I took this on as a new path.   I did very little observing walking around with blinders on.  I felt unworthy and for many years after I short changed myself well helping others find their passions.  When I have the opportunity to guide and share, helping bring clarity to a situation I am fulfilled.

I have developed yet another avenue for me as well as you as a Coach Advocate – let me lead you to coaches who may have similar experiences and needs as yourself.  Coaching can be a very methodology and yet with the guidance that fits your needs it may just rejuvenate you.  Contact me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Let’s find Fulfillment Together

Personal Coaching 4 U

Coach Advocate this is who I am!  Are you looking for guidance?  You are never too old to learn new habits and discard the habits that are no longer working with for you.  I have made some significant changes and my behavior is more in line with the person I have wanted to be.  Similar to going on a diet it takes commitment to change and we cannot expect changes to occur when we snap our fingers.  It is not about wishing it’s about doing.  As a coach advocate my services are ‘free’ any fee incurred will be with Karen – newclevelandradio.net and the coach I assist introducing you too.  Initially I will ask you some of the questions the coaches will ask of you – I will lead you to a minimum of three coaches a maximum of five that will help you through your journey.  It begins with a conversation – getting to know you.  Email me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Personal Coaching 4 U

Are you looking for a Coach?  Someone to guide you through the challenges that you may find to be overwhelming or are pondering make a change in your life and you need some guidance (not therapy) contact me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com – let me provide you with a pathway to Coaching.  Let’s share our journeys and find a path for you with the support you may need.



Personal Coaching 4 U

Welcome to my new identity!  Who said you can’t seek out a new career?

My new identity is Coach Advocate.  To advocate means getting support from another person to help you express your views and wishes, and help you stand up for your rights. Someone who helps you in this way is called your advocate.  I want to be your Coach Advocate.

Four years ago I began producing a podcast with Candace Pollock, The Intentionality Gurus.  I chose to be her guinea pig for each podcast as she would walk me and our listeners through personal coaching scenarios.  As a certified coach, Candace not only helped me see the changes I wanted to make but also showed me how I could. Once I saw the path and the forks in the road I began evolving into the person I am today and I am still walking the path.

Before meeting Candace I was not quite sure what a coach did, I had assumed they were a therapist (Psychologist or Psychiatrist) until I learned anyone can call themselves.  However the coaches I am referring and to and those I will be advocating for are individuals who have taken courses and have become certified in this field of study.  They are the individuals wh0 sought out this program of assistance often due to an obstacle or challenge in their own life.

For the past year as the host of Avoid the Maze (my podcast) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSdL23sBfgglvxEjZXu-qhyXPYzGo0Exw  I have been hosting coaches across the United States an beyond in Sweden and Australia to name a few areas.  What I have learned as I have conversed about what led them to this new profession, many leaving high powered corporate positions as well as i figure salaries, we helping others as they continued to heal.  The more I spoke to these wonderful and very vulnerable individuals the more I have gained an immense respect for them and I chose not only to help them grow by referring clients, maybe you, to them, I would be fulfilling another bucket list of mine, helping others!

Today I took an assessment today and I was not surprised to note that one of my Saboteur’s is pleasing others.  I used to believe that if I helped others and fulfilled their needs and dreams I would be happy.  For most of my life I wasn’t able to identify my happiness and what this assessment showed me (today was not the first time I took this), that I was being sabotaged by the thought and commitment to attempting to make others happy.  In fact our HAPPY MOOD may increase our endorphins and that look joyfulness may be contagious but you have to be mindful to let the joy seep in. What I have been learning over the last four years is that if I want to be the assistant that guides, supports and leads you, I must be able to lead myself or reach for the hand of someone to coach me through “my angst.”

I love the aspect of coaching and I have opened my mind in ach conversational podcast as I hear, listen, and savour the words.  I may not be in 100% agreement with someone’s delivery but being exposed to the variety of people who are successful coaches brought me to this realization…I can lead you to bounty of support, all you need to do is acknowledge you want to make changes in your life and reach out to 1, 2, or 100 while seeking someone to keep you accountable.  A good coach will not tell you what to do or how to do it, a good coach will ask you opened ended questions that you must answer.

Now since this is a new career move for me and most careers have a financial component to them, I am still in the stage of putting that piece together.  Since I am not a coach, and even if I take the certification courses, I do not see that as my pathway.  My path is to keep finding more coaches and expanding upon their specialty and the whys that brought them to this practice.  Then through networking I can guide individuals like yourself to ones that I believe would be a good fit.

I am excited and I hope you are too.


Join me: Karen the COACH ADVOCATE