#YESICAN A Personal Coaching Journey

***7 WEEKS left to sign up for your personal coaching sessions (6 weeks) at the introductory price (email me at . If you are not enrolled by July 7, 2023 you will miss out on this price less than 1/2 the regular fee.  You will either have the choice to pay weekly per session or to pay up front.

As I begin my Coaching Practice #YESICAN I have chosen my target clients as Special Need and Aging Adults.

I have chosen these two areas as I am experienced in both areas and each one will be unique.  I promise my coaching will not be defined as a cookie cutter practice.

As a parent and wife, I have experienced the Special Needs Community.  What I have learned often came from my experience making mistakes along the way and learning from them.  I will not be providing answers to my clients, however, I promise to be empathetic as I travel down your path with you as a guide asking you questions.

 Life delivers us challenges and we have the choice to confront them or remain stuck.  When we confront them, we can relieve ourselves from those confrontations (as well as future ones that will crop up) and create opportunities.  You may think this is an impossible task, it’s not, but it will take work.

We all are aging!  However, we all have a perception that age is an obstacle, either we are too young, or we are too old.  We are not living in the story of “The Three Bears”, every age is just right.  The choice is yours if you want to face your challenges, it begins with observing them and creating a plan.

  • Know where you are, are you ready to be coached?
  • Know where you are and where you want to be?
  • Know it is up to you to take action, the first step will lead to many others.
  • Action begins with creating a goal – one small step for you!

Despite my son’s emergency surgery and playing doctor mom,
Despite this pinched nerve trying to render me UNABLE,

I am still launching my coaching business under the name  #YESICAN
My methodology in coaching stems from ‘Avoid the Maze” podcast.  We all have a journey in life and it is up to us to be aware and mindful of the obstacles we WILL encounter along the way.  It is not the Yellow Brick Road, however, it is the road/path we create for today and into the future.
We should not be waiting for someone to deliver happiness to us.  Happiness is not an object!  Happiness is a feeling/emotion that we all can conjure up if we desire to be HAPPY.  To be happy is not a 24/7 emotion it is the choice you dare to make.
It is possible to see the sunshine on a cloudy day.
My father once told me that if I flew up into the clouds I could see the sun shining brightly on a cloudy day.  If I could fly into the clouds I could let my mind seek the sunshine putting a smile on my face.  (On the grayest Cleveland winter days, I see beyond the clouds allowing the sunshine to fill my heart and soul.
I am sharing this new journey with you and asking if you know of anyone who is seeking a Personal Coach to guide them through the process of finding their best self, please send them my way.

Coaching and the reason why you might want to seek me out.  I may not have all the answers how to obtain the things we want in our life.  However, I do know that the trial and error I have been able to find happiness and contentment through my life journey to date.  Since I don’t have an expiration date stamped on my body, there is no reason for me to stop looking at what may lie ahead.

In the Personal Intelligence Program, designed by Shirzad Chamine, I was introduced to PQ reps.  Now I must admit, as I took this 6-week course I was skeptical; however, I realized I learned a great deal and I have changed some bad habits into good habits.  Even now as I sit here writing I am using some of those technics. 

Candace Pollock, The Intentionality Gurus, took a group of us through the Positive Intelligence Course.  Upon completing the course, a group of us chose to remain in an extended learning pod where we can discuss skills we have gained as PI focusing on feelings and how these physical, emotional, mental hi-jacks often produce unwanted results.  Some of the technics I learned I have used in the past but like a physical exercise too often I stop because I want to believe, “I Got This.”

For example, one of the PQ Reps is simply rubbing your thumb up against your pointer finger.  Shirzad walks you through a 1 -2-minute exercise and has you focus on the ridges of your thumb and finger.  As I did this exercise, I became frustrated as I have no ridges, my finger pads are smooth.  It took me weeks to find the exercise beneficial as I used this method, and it was about noticing the feeling and breaking away from a task or thoughts that were flooding through my mind.  That simple exercise has strengthened my brain and heart to respond in a more positive state being present in the moment and not being judgmental.

Another technic I have learned is using my listening skills to be more aware of what is happening in my head and what I don’t want to hear in my head.  Those sounds, voices, or photo reels that pop-up and pull us in the wrong direction can be harmful.  In fact, for the last two years, I considered Coaching to be the path I wanted to enter down.  When I completed my master’s license in 2013 – I began podcasting, blogging, and being a sideline cheer leader.  In 2017 when I met Candace Pollock, we developed “The Intentionality Gurus” Podcast.  From day one I have served as her guinea pig having her walk me through exercises or asking me questions that took me deep into my body, places I never explored in the past.

It was two years ago that I made a pledge to myself that I would take the steps to provide coaching to my clients (and I am seeking Clients as I write this.)  Upon my announcement on April 1, 2023, I have been able to sign-on my first two clients.  So, if are seeking guidance as you walk down the path of life, email me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com


We all need to stop saying and believing that we have an incurable life…

My father taught to never say, “I can’t.”

When I work with you know that I too have a past with various demons, but I continuously work on that part of my life because I am able to make changes and so can you.


#YESICAN coaching with Karen – special introductory rates April 1, 2023 – July 8, 2023

  • A one hour get to know you free session
  • 6 Week Coaching Session $25 per session or $150 paid in advance to newclevelandradio.net via paypal or Zelle
  • Coaching sessions after July 8, 2023 will be at my standard rate of $50 per session or $300 paid in advance to newclevelandradio.net via paypal or Zelle
  • To enroll in your coaching session email Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

#YES I CAN is the name of the personal coaching program I am offering.  I have based the coaching style on “The Avoid the Maze” podcast.  https://studio.youtube.com/podcast/Avoidthemaze

If you would like to learn more or sign up for a 6 week session please contact Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Special intro rates for the first 90 days of Business April through the first week of July 2023 will be $25/per 50 minute session or $150 for 6 weeks.  As of the second week of July 2023 coaching rates will be established at $55/ per 50 minute session or $330 for 6 weeks.  (Payment through Zelle of Paypal accepted. ) All sessions will be through Zoom.

Spaces are filling up for the Introductory Rate so please take a moment and consider facing the challenges you want to overcome.  ONLY you CAN DO IT, so say, YES I CAN>

1 April 2023

This is not a Joke!

It may be April Fool’s Day but it is no Joke, I’ve been thinking about putting up a shingle that says:

Karen Moss Hale – Coach & Advocating for YOU!

My podcast Avoid the Maze has led me down the path to provide a safe and comfortable dialogue between myself as the coach and my clients.

My Credentials include the following: 

My BA degree is in Communications plus I have obtained a Master’s License in Communications.

I was the founder of the “Chronic Pain Support Group” coaching those who suffer from Chronic Pain (50 million in the United States).  Coaching included meeting with patients, doctors, nurses, therapists, and family members to assist in finding Pain Management Facilities and aligning individuals up with the proper resources.

As the Co-Founder of I’mPOSSIBLE I worked with my youngest son Alex to develop a coaching forum to educate and support individuals and their families with Special Needs.

I have worked as a trainer in various corporate venues including Chrysler, Ernst & Young, and BP America.

I have provided one on one training on various subjects including software and hardware, an essential today.

I was a Counselor by job description; however, I coached students in finding the career path they thought they wanted while looking at other opportunities that may fulfill their need more than their want.

As a podcaster I have used my communication skills to listen and respond, practicing mindfulness, which is necessary for a coach.

I have been a client of several coaches gaining the understanding from both sides of the table.

I have had a passion to be a positive influence for others walking their path with them and ensuring that they take each step with their eyes and mind wide open.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy.  The coach, like me is there to walk the client through the steps it will take to achieve their personal goals.

[Today I proclaim I have a PURPOSE!   In addition to Podcasting and coaching my Podcasters, I am seeking clients that I hope I can support them as they walk their path.  If I am not the right fit, I will assist them in finding another coach.  This is not about me; it is about extending that hand to someone in need.]

For the next three months as I begin this new journey, I will be offering a very special one-time fee.  If you know of someone who may be looking for a coach, please contact me at:  newclevelandradio@gmail.com in the subject line type COACH.


“Be Careful What You Wish For You Just May Get It …

Know what you wish for and be prepared for it…


Karen Hale, Producer, Web Designer, Blogger & Coaching Advocate & Life Coach

At the age of 18 my dream was to become a FAMOUS or at least well-known radio or TV personality.  My journey took a fork in the road and instead I married and worked to put my husband (at the time) through Dental School.  I was naive’ and thought this turn in my path would make me HAPPY and I took this on as a new path.   I did very little observing walking around with blinders on.  I felt unworthy and for many years after I short changed myself well helping others find their passions.  When I have the opportunity to guide and share, helping bring clarity to a situation I am fulfilled.

I have developed yet another avenue for me as well as you as a Coach Advocate – let me lead you to coaches who may have similar experiences and needs as yourself.  Coaching can be a very methodology and yet with the guidance that fits your needs it may just rejuvenate you.  Contact me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Let’s find Fulfillment Together

Coach Advocate this is who I am!  Are you looking for guidance?  You are never too old to learn new habits and discard the habits that are no longer working with for you.  I have made some significant changes and my behavior is more in line with the person I have wanted to be.  Similar to going on a diet it takes commitment to change and we cannot expect changes to occur when we snap our fingers.  It is not about wishing it’s about doing.  As a coach advocate my services are ‘free’ any fee incurred will be with Karen – newclevelandradio.net and the coach I assist introducing you too.  Initially I will ask you some of the questions the coaches will ask of you – I will lead you to a minimum of three coaches a maximum of five that will help you through your journey.  It begins with a conversation – getting to know you.  Email me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com


Are you looking for a Coach?  Someone to guide you through the challenges that you may find to be overwhelming or are pondering make a change in your life and you need some guidance (not therapy) contact me at newclevelandradio@gmail.com – let me provide you with a pathway to Coaching.  Let’s share our journeys and find a path for you with the support you may need.





Welcome to my new identity!  Who said you can’t seek out a new career?

My new identity is Coach Advocate.  To advocate means getting support from another person to help you express your views and wishes, and help you stand up for your rights. Someone who helps you in this way is called your advocate.  I want to be your Coach Advocate.

Four years ago I began producing a podcast with Candace Pollock, The Intentionality Gurus.  I chose to be her guinea pig for each podcast as she would walk me and our listeners through personal coaching scenarios.  As a certified coach, Candace not only helped me see the changes I wanted to make but also showed me how I could. Once I saw the path and the forks in the road I began evolving into the person I am today and I am still walking the path.

Before meeting Candace I was not quite sure what a coach did, I had assumed they were a therapist (Psychologist or Psychiatrist) until I learned anyone can call themselves.  However the coaches I am referring and to and those I will be advocating for are individuals who have taken courses and have become certified in this field of study.  They are the individuals wh0 sought out this program of assistance often due to an obstacle or challenge in their own life.

For the past year as the host of Avoid the Maze (my podcast) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSdL23sBfgglvxEjZXu-qhyXPYzGo0Exw  I have been hosting coaches across the United States an beyond in Sweden and Australia to name a few areas.  What I have learned as I have conversed about what led them to this new profession, many leaving high powered corporate positions as well as i figure salaries, we helping others as they continued to heal.  The more I spoke to these wonderful and very vulnerable individuals the more I have gained an immense respect for them and I chose not only to help them grow by referring clients, maybe you, to them, I would be fulfilling another bucket list of mine, helping others!

Today I took an assessment today and I was not surprised to note that one of my Saboteur’s is pleasing others.  I used to believe that if I helped others and fulfilled their needs and dreams I would be happy.  For most of my life I wasn’t able to identify my happiness and what this assessment showed me (today was not the first time I took this), that I was being sabotaged by the thought and commitment to attempting to make others happy.  In fact our HAPPY MOOD may increase our endorphins and that look joyfulness may be contagious but you have to be mindful to let the joy seep in. What I have been learning over the last four years is that if I want to be the assistant that guides, supports and leads you, I must be able to lead myself or reach for the hand of someone to coach me through “my angst.”

I love the aspect of coaching and I have opened my mind in ach conversational podcast as I hear, listen, and savour the words.  I may not be in 100% agreement with someone’s delivery but being exposed to the variety of people who are successful coaches brought me to this realization…I can lead you to bounty of support, all you need to do is acknowledge you want to make changes in your life and reach out to 1, 2, or 100 while seeking someone to keep you accountable.  A good coach will not tell you what to do or how to do it, a good coach will ask you opened ended questions that you must answer.

Now since this is a new career move for me and most careers have a financial component to them, I am still in the stage of putting that piece together.  Since I am not a coach, and even if I take the certification courses, I do not see that as my pathway.  My path is to keep finding more coaches and expanding upon their specialty and the whys that brought them to this practice.  Then through networking I can guide individuals like yourself to ones that I believe would be a good fit.

I am excited and I hope you are too.


Join me: Karen the COACH ADVOCATE