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6 weeks ago I started The Grief Recovery Method coached by Kristy Anderson (https://newclevelandradio.net/grief-belief/kristy-anderson/).  Last fall, my brother was dying and passed in December.  I was estranged from him (not by my choice) I felt a lot of emotions surfacing that had me asking a lot of WHYs!  And thinking a lot of IFs!

I met Kristy in a group coaching program led by Candace Pollock (Positive Intelligence).  I felt myself being drawn to Kristy, was it her beautiful red hair, or the sensitivity in her voice?  Whatever it was I knew I wanted to be coached through my grieving thoughts and yesterday we completed a 6 week program.  I will share that where I thought this coaching program would take me (The Grief Recovery Method), it took me down another path that sub consciously turned into a conscious choice, and one I needed to pursue.

In addition to me digging deep and working with thoughts, issues and emotions, Kristy also shared personal information.  This method is based on a total trust among coach and client, and I trusted Kristy, and still do.  I am at peace with the path I took and working with some unsaid dialogue that needed to be said.

Kristy is one of the influences that brought me to announcing that I was starting #YESICAN Coaching.  Although we all experience grief numerous times in our lives, I am leaving that subject matter to the Kristy’s of the world.  However, I have chosen to specialize in helping families dealing with special needs and finding a path for them that can cross through the path they were dealt.  Despite what life may throw at us we can learn to accept obstacles as a challenge to overcome.  I will also be working with adults 50 plus that may feel as if they are too old to move on, do something different, or find their happiness.

Today is yet another great day and despite some dead ends I may come across today, I will accept that they are there for a reason:

  • Slow me down
  • Allow me the opportunity to re-think
  • Accept I may need to reach for a helping hand
  • Stop the voices in my head that may be saying “You Can’t”, When I say, “I Can!”

For more information on coaching please call 440-5261530

I once allowed someone(s) to verbally abuse me – I still have the scars!

If you are someone’s significant-other, spouse, or BFF please stop abusing them with your angry words.  We all hit our breaking points and too often we say things we shouldn’t – in anger the words will hurt as much if not more than a slap across the face.  If you are choosing to break up with this person do so without meanness, no one deserves to be bullied!  If you love this person, get the assistance you may need to treat them with respect and not anger.  If your significant other needs support attempt to understand their needs and assist them in finding the necessary resources.

If you are reading this and you know someone that is being verbally abused, seek out help for them.  Verbal Abuse has become more common and too many of us make excuses for the ABUSER.  We must recognize that words are life threatening!

I may not be commenting daily but there is always a lot going on with newclevelandradio.net – However, this week I took some needed time off as I am in Fort Worth, Texas with my youngest (ADULT) son as he recuperates from emergency Gallbladder surgery.  This is not a vacation or an opportunity to work off site – I find myself feeling a little brain dead.  I start working on something very important and I’m not finishing what I’m starting.

Have you ever found yourself  in this situation?



Yesterday Brandon Leibowitz was a guest on Avoid the Maze – check out his website https://seooptimizers.com/brandon-leibowitz/





Candance Pollock and I walk through scenarios that are geared for individuals working with a Personal Coach – This bi-monthly podcast has helped me correct some of my behaviors that were inhibiting my abilities I was listening to the voices and thoughts others labeled me and I believed.  https://theintentionalitygurus.com/




2023 – a new year and an improved business – we are learning as we grow…

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