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21 January 2022

Look Around You!

21 January 2022
In 2013/14 when I pushed not so gently out of my position as a Senior Enrollment Rep at a proprietary college I slipped into a role I created for myself as a blogger, seeking and establishing a writing position with a Healthcare Agency.  For 2+ years I wrote weekly articles for several of their publications on the needs of the aging population.  What I found in my research was surprising to me that too many adult children (I was one myself) who are part of the sandwich society thought that their mom or dad or both no longer were able to live on their own.  Without considering other options the rise of the Senior Independent/Assisted/Nursing Facilities flourished.  However, in the last couple of years when the Pandemic hit us Worldwide, we have come to learn that age has nothing to do with ability and that remaining in one’s home is truly the choice of most older individuals.

I speak of this topic with the Elephant in the room that it is an honor to grow older, to age, and evolve.  We must not take purpose out of the equation.  Although Senior/Elder Communities offer a lot of options and activities allowing adult children and grandchildren to shed the quilt of placing their loved ones in this housing situation.  And yet, as beautiful and well kept the majority of these facilities are they are still that, a facility, and sadly if you ask the residents they will tell you they are living out their life to die.  But why?

The cost of staying in one’s home over time is much less than residing in a special community.  Not only is there the upkeep of the facility but there is a huge need for professional staffing as well other specialized program leaders.  The salaries alone for the best staffing will be reflected in the monthly residence cost.  As a senior myself, I know I would not be able to afford the cost nor would my family.  Additionally, why would I want to only align myself with older adults, I flourish among all people, and I learn from individuals of all ages.  I do not want to be segmented into a group, I want to live in a world /community with diverse individuals at various ages/stages of our lives.

My hope for the future is that we create more inter-generational housing opportunities as well as provide the young and those older to work together, learn from each other and support the evolution of mankind.  Today we have medical science providing us with longevity and 65 is not the end of the road nor should it be taken for granted that everyone wants to or can afford to retire.

“Retirement refers to the time of life when one chooses to permanently leave the workforce behind. The traditional retirement age is 65 in the United States and most other developed countries, many of which have some kind of national pension or benefits system in place to supplement retirees’ incomes. In the U.S., for example, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has been offering retirees monthly Social Security income benefits since 1935.”  However, $1000 or even $2000 a month in benefits does not provide a sizeable income for most retirees and not everyone has an additional retirement package to supplement Social Security.  If we do speak up about AGEISM now and make the changes to make our society stronger and more purposeful we are not just hurting the Baby Boomers of today, but all who follow behind us.


20 January 2022

Hope – sprouting through!

19 January 2022
Finding yourself begins with uncovering the layers of façade we have created over the years.  If we don’t peel the skin on the onion back we won’t get to the core of being.  Over the last eight-plus years, I have begun the process.  I had an AH, HA moment and I knew I had to do something, although I had no idea what that something was.  However, it began with facing some truths.

  • Truth #1 – For most of my life I have been seeking to be you, or someone like you. (YOU could be anyone at any given time that I chose to be.)
  • Truth #2 – The concept of making someone happy and I would be happy was proving to be a lie. (I was feeling sad, anxious, depressed while pretending I was OK, and I was not OK!)
  • Truth #3 – I felt self-conscious about my looks and my ability to compete. (Life became a series of competitions which I often saw as my failures, and I kept repeating the same thoughts and patterns.)
  • Truth #4 – Unless I chose to change for me I would never find the happiness I was seeking. (Peeling back the onion might make me vulnerable but it would be exciting if I did it with INTENTION.)

Studies show that what we learn and experience in childhood affects us throughout our life.  The early experiences of our youth affect our cognitive brain.  If we are told we are not smart we will believe it, unless we commit to discovering our self-worth not colored by someone else’s interpretation.  We must ask ourselves why we would believe someone’s interpretation of who we are rather than trust in ourselves.

Our childhood is the largest building block in preparing us for adulthood.  This is the time when we are constantly learning whether in school, at home, or in the community.  Learning includes making mistakes, not being perfect, and identifying how failure is a successful educational experience.  The trauma we face as children may be the challenges we need to overcome as adults.  When you accept what you can control you will find the answers you may be searching for.  Anyone can make positive alterations to their life but remember your life is not a Hallmark © movie.  Happily ever after includes the ups and downs and the acknowledgment of imperfections.

18 January 2022

Use your failures to GROW!

18 January 2022

17 January 2022


16 January 2022

We all have the ability so use it to DREAM –

HOPE is all around us, use it –

BELIEVE in yourself and the natural goodness of others –

DARE be bold but do not abuse the dreams, hope and beliefs of others –

RISK may be appropriate but do it INTENTIONALITY –

TRY, even if you fail you made an attempt and that is a POSITIVE!


15 January 2022

Anne Frank never gave up – why would you?

15 January 2022
This week on newclevelandradio.net the subject of Ageism will be prominent.  In fact, last week in a podcast with Annie The Ascension Stylist I shared this topic and I hope to continue the discussion with her again soon.  The subject of Age and when are we not old enough, or when are we too old, or what is age-appropriate is a negative dialogue in our society.  This conversation begins when we are mere children sometimes trying to mature too early, or refusing to grow up and be a joyful Peter Pan.  The reality is we are all individuals seeking our way through the MAZE of life.

I remember a time in my early twenties being told by a prospective employer I was too young to vie for a position I was interested in.  Although I had the credentials and minimal experience, I was not given a chance. Years later when I attempted for a similar position I was told I was too late to the game, they wanted someone who would fulfill a lifetime career with them and I was just about 10 years older (34 ish) and this employer thought my longevity had been cut by not starting in my 20s.

Ageism struck me hard while I worked for a proprietary college.  I was good at my job and I achieved my goals and beyond.  I was not a clock watcher, I chose to see the job completed and to seek improvements.  However, due to a medical condition, I began to lose my hearing. Without skipping a beat I became proactive and sought out hearing aids so I could continue to do my work …however, not only my co-workers but my management team made it difficult for me and the adaptive aids I needed and are to be provided by law never were and my performance metrics became more difficult to meet.

During this time it was suggested that I might want to consider retiring, and I was pushed into taking a medical leave which ended my tenure, not by choice

I was not too old to do my job, my age had nothing to do with my ability.  My hearing aid situation could and should have been rectified however, they chose to put me out to pasture – well, they got it wrong.  I did go through a period of depression and it took me time to shake off the bad vibes – I found a company that allowed me to share my voice through research and blogging and I also began podcasting even before I understood what podcasting was/is.

On Monday evening Melinda Smith- Heart Mojo will welcome Barbara Rose Brooker the founder of AgeMarch.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpJfpnQjjbA&t=2734s  Barbara will share her passion for her mission and Melinda and I will share our stories and encourage women and men worldwide to join together to end the discrimination.  It begins with one story and others will follow.

On Thursday after The RANT a podcast hosted by Barbara Rose Brooker will welcome her special guest Leyna Nguyen.  Leyna has been a successful media broadcaster for years and now she too is a podcaster sharing real-life stories…Is Leyna too old???  NO-

None of us are too old we can live life and journey down the path that provides us with meaning – we first must our purpose and travel to it!

This is the year of HOPE on newclevelandradio.net, I encourage you to seek HOPE!  Do not let anything get in your way.  Be the U – U want to B.  Make yourself Happy first…You are not selfish.

For more information on Ageism join https://www.agemarch.org/ or contact Me/Karen newclevelandradio@gmail.com

14 January 2022

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7 January 2022

6 January 2022
After a hiatus of five months, I am reintroducing you to Barbara Rose Brooker the host of The Rant.  Barbara is an octogenarian who has the energy of a teenager.  She is a survivor and if you have read of any of her books, I think you may have an idea of how much she has endured and yet continues to succeed, living each day to the fullest.  As the author of the “Viagra Diaries”, we get a glimpse of what may be somewhat biographical and yet written as a fictional novel.  Two others I have read as well include Should I Sleep in his Dead Wife’s Bed?” and “The Rise and Fall of a Jewish American Princess”.  However my favorite is “Love Sometimes”.

What I find amazing about Barbara is her tenacity for wanting to live in a fair world, where we are not judged by our age.  As she will share with you over the next couple of months in her podcast “The Rant” is that we all can be our best, to reach for our dreams and evolve in the individual we chose.

In 2009 Barbara Rose Brooker and a group of like-minded women and men staged the first AGEMARCH in San Francisco.  She is the founder of agemarch.org, the first march in history to celebrate age pride!  In 2021 with the assistance of others who believe in her cause produced the first-ever virtual AgeMarch on Youtube and has been streaming since March 27th and has reached 204,390 views and climbing.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpJfpnQjjbA

As Barbara and I move forward with The Rant, we will be exploring subjects with our guests that many are thinking about in today’s ever-changing society.  We encourage you to reach out to us and share the subjects that you want to discuss but may not feel uncomfortable in your inner circle.  You can reach out at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

6 January 2022
Hope is like the Sun

5 January 2022
Hope for the future

4 January 2022
Hope is like the Sun

3 January 2022
Hope is Possible



2 January 2022
Hope is Real


1 January 2022

A year ago I thought 2021 was going to be a WONDERFUL year, and in order not to make this sound like doom and gloom, I will set the record straight there have been good times. I am at my happiest and most productive when I am podcasting. I learn from others as well as share my experiences and thoughts that I hope may help others as well. A special thanks to all our podcasters at newclevelandradio.net, the guests we feature on our podcasts, and to all who listen.

It was last year that I learned my son was sexually abused by his childhood bully. (This happened in his Junior Year in Highschool.) A reference of this bully struck my son hard remembering things he chose to suppress. Why did he choose to suppress this incident that was preceded and followed up by a continuous verbal dialogue? My son Alex, as well as his father and I, knew his school system ignored these situations when brought to their attention. In fact, they repeatedly told us that we were all too sensitive to his Autism Spectrum diagnosis and it was suggested we develop thicker skin. (REALLY??)

Our son has been in therapy for PTSD. My husband and I also entered counseling so we could understand how all these years of suppression have affected our son and his relationship with us. Alex did not want to burden us or have anyone of his “so-called” friends think his mommy and daddy were trying to protect him. He needed to do this on his own and although it has placed a depressive cloud over him, he is working diligently to reduce the storms that this situation has caused.

I am grateful for the friends our son has developed over the last couple of years, learning to trust has been difficult when you are looking over your shoulder for your bully to strike again. PTSD has taken over a good portion of 2021 for all of us and I pray that we can continue to learn from this and find the tools to address it and continue our journey forward.

As a parent, I feel responsible for a situation that I had no control over. Like many parents when their child tells them they are being bullied we often give the typical response.

  1. “Sticks and Stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” -That is a bad statement- names can hurt as well as destroy us as an individual.
  2. “Suck it Up Buttercup.” -Why should the bullied have to suck it up, why isn’t the bully held accountable?
  3. “Ignore him/her and find new friends.” -It is not easy to find new friends and why should the victim be the one to start over?

“Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. It is important to talk to kids to determine whether bullying—or something else—is a concern.”  (https://www.stopbullying.gov/bullying/effects)

Today marks the first day of a new year, 2022, and my wish is that those of you who know my son will examine the part you too may have played – did you allow his bullying to entertain you with his harassment towards Alex? If so, why, what leads someone to this behavior?

“A common reason that a kid is a bully is that he/she lacks attention from a parent at home and lashes out at others for attention. This can include neglected children, children of divorced parents, or children with parents under the regular influence of drugs/alcohol.”  Or is the bully influenced by drugs/alcohol?

I am determined to make 2022 a better year – I hope you too are seeking your kind heart and to leave meanness behind!