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Who is Matt Jackson?

Matt has worked for over 20 years in talent development.  Currently, he is a partner at “On the Lot Talent Management” and is the Vice President of television development for All Roads Lead Productions. One of Matt’s greatest attributes is he supports diversity, inclusion, and belonging in all aspects of life.   When you join his podcast family you will find a safe place to “BE U”.

What Will Be Discussed …

Your story, your journey, working through the maze of life that often puts obstacles in the path of the diversified individual who should be included, and supported for their talents.


Amy Ferris

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Barbara Masterson

joins with her podcast based on her art, heart, and soul of her passion. She brings us the invisible allowing us to see images that we may not have had the opportunity to have seen through her brilliance.  The conversation is not just about her artwork that may be viewed at  but about the people who are represented in work.  The images are real and each individual plays a part in our daily lives.  It’s time for us to open up our eyes and share the love and compassion we have in our hearts for the migrant workers who sow the seeds for the foods we eat!

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