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We are proud to announce that Denise Zarrella is the reason that will be producing #IMadeIt, with their newest host, Lina (Pasqualina) Diamante. #IMadeIt is a concept talk-show that both Lina and Alex Hale, sole proprietor of both believe is long overdue to promote health, wellness, and self-awareness. Although October is Anti-Bullying Month, each day and every moment… Read More »

When Is It My Turn?

Welcome to, “When is it My Turn?”  This new weekly broadcast is the vision of Terry and Karen, both women who have experienced the loneliness of raising a child or a grandchild with ‘special’ needs.  They are not unaccompanied in thinking they are lonely and alone and feeling left out while doing what comes naturally. … Read More »

Why Join

It’s true you do not need or any other internet radio network to be a podcaster or a live broadcaster.  Today, just about anyone can be a newscaster, an interviewer, DJ, Host, etc with internet access, the correct software, and “legal” licenses.  True, you can attempt to broadcast music without the license but WE… Read More » partnering with NE Ohio Parent Magazine

We are proud to announce that in October 2017 we have partnered with NE Ohio Parent Magazine.  As more information is available, Brad Mitchell and his team will present this to you, their audience, in the weeks ahead.  We welcome them to our home and we hope they will enjoy the accommodations for many years to come.

My Mother & Father Taught Me Something

We are all human and being human means we make mistakes in our journey.  My mother and father taught me to learn from my mistakes, admit to my errors and correct them!  I like many others have made my share of mistakes and I own up to them while acknowledging how I need to improve myself.  I… Read More »

October 2017

Welcome to more changes at  The grass is not growing under our feet and we are expanding.  Last week Alex and I met with John Girard the director at the Ohio Media School.  Alex and I have known John for a number of years as Mr. Girard as I called him then was my director… Read More »