Achievement and Success = Friendship

It’s May 14. 2018 and so much is happening in our Global Communities. Some who may be reading this post may believe we are all doomed; others think that the Messiah has arrived in the form of a Statesman, and there are others like myself who are not convinced. However, what I do know is we are all responsible for personal happiness and success. We can blame others for our tears or misfortunes when we alone have control.

To achieve means “to get or attain by effort.” It is the effort that each one of us puts forth to obtain success. We must not assume (make an ass out of you and me) that success is only measured financially or with accolades. In fact, success is a personal achievement that makes an individual feel positive. When we are successful, we not only are helping ourselves but others as well. It is not about being #1 it is about becoming one.

Globally we are a mixture of human cultures that brings about differences in thought and policies. This mixture can and should blend if achieving success means I am helping you as well as myself.


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