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All I want is LOVE!

T’was the morning before Christmas and four days since Chanukah Past, and 48 hours until Kwanza as well as other holiday specials to cheer us on (or give us pause to applaud!) It has also been awhile since I’ve taken the time to write a DVasha Series blog. My mother (and my pops) surround me… Read More »

“Excitement with Chuck Yarborough!” 

Join us today, Friday, December 22, 2017, for our Monthly Version of is proud to present another conversation of talk with the one and only, drummer, writer, scuba diver, native Texan. Son of a career Army officer. Chuck’s career highlights six weeks in Iraq in 2004 and so much more and we touch on… Read More »

Change = Growth

We are in the process of making some changes for 2018 as we have learned a lot about and what our listeners and potential listeners want to hear.  We are updating our programs and the schedule as well as we are still looking to add shows both live and podcasting, so feel free to… Read More »

When Is It My Turn? TODAY

We all have a reason to feel anxious and depressed!  However, the sun did come up this morning, despite the clouds covering it up.  We have a choice to embrace the sunshine whether we see it or not, we can still feel it from within.  It begins with taking care of ourselves! “When Is It… Read More »

Choose 2 B Happy

Don’t go there -don’t say you don’t know what happiness is because happiness is what you make it!  You and you only make yourself miserable or happy.  You (I) let others invade our minds and bodies and overtake our thoughts and destroy our self-esteem image on the most important day of the year, TODAY.  Thanksgiving Day is… Read More »

Enjoy Our podcasts _We R Here 4 U Enjoy our podcasts today (every day,) as we are thankful for you our listeners, sponsors, show hosts, and guests that bring so much value to We feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to bring you the programming we are including a sports formula that was conceptualized by Alex Hale, providing you the… Read More »

Don’t Spend Thanksgiving Shopping

I’m sorry maybe it’s my Jewish upbringing or my family’s limited budget, but growing up, Holiday Time was Family Time and not about shopping and gifts. The gift was time spent together during meal prep and the food we ate (sometimes as glutens) but with smiles and joys and lots of thanks to the cooks… Read More »


We here at have a lot to be thankful for.  Although we may not be the biggest most successful in terms of $’s, internet radio stations, we are growing and turning a concept into a business and achieving dreams.  Each host is fulfilling a passion, dream and succeeding at their pace and not at… Read More »

The Turkey Trot

Join in the fun and do the Turkey Trot Whether you dress like a turkey or not, it’s about starting, finishing and the fun! “In 2016, The Cleveland Turkey Trot Charity Program continued to help local charitable organizations showcase their business, increase awareness and raise funds. Ten local charities of various sizes and interests were… Read More »

Alex IN L.A.

Alex flew out to LA otherwise known as LA LA LAND.  He will be performing for Jazz Hands on Saturday, November 18th.  (  If you are out in the area of the Amsterdam Modern located at 5215 York Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA  4:00 PM – 6:00 PM PST- try to catch Alex as he opens… Read More »