Just B Cuz! – makes its debut on Wednesday, July 11th 4 PM EST

Just B Cuz

Two Cousins and a Podcast.  Why? Just Because.

The objective of Just B Cuz is for cousins, Steve Soclof and Jeff Soclof, to explore the lessons of their over 50 years of combined business experience, primarily in the commercial real estate industry.

But it’s more than that.

Steve and Jeff have mutual interests in technology, health and fitness, social media and giving back to their community.  Oh yeah, and we have a small rooting interest in our local sports teams (but this won’t be about sports – ok, maybe a bit).

Over the years, Steve and Jeff have worked on various real estate deals together, but have also talked about other mutual interests.  This podcast is an outgrowth of those conversations. They will use it to meet the people who are making things happen in northeast Ohio and those who are involved in interesting ventures which will help our friends, families, and listeners enhance their own opportunities.  Those people may include:

·        Real Estate Professionals

·        Local Business Owners

·        Health and Fitness Experts

·        People involved in interesting projects regardless of location


Just B Cuz anticipates exploring ideas from contemporary business literature and new trends that impact our lives.

One interesting avenue they hope to drive down is meeting their other cousins and exploring what they do…Why?  Just B Cuz.

Steve and Jeff happen to come from a large, close-knit family. Within their family, they have cousins working on cutting-edge technologies, experts in logistics, parenting coaches, event planners, doctors, teachers, investors, marketers, cybersecurity professionals – and of course a bit of real estate expertise.

Future episodes of Just B Cuz will add insight and value to those who tune in, allow the hosts to learn some things themselves … and for everyone to have some fun in the process.

So give us a try –  why? Just B Cuz!


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