Let’s Talk About Trust

By | April 11, 2018

With all that is happening in our global society, many of us want to be trusting of others. However, we must be aware that honesty and respect for each other are not the same as it may have been through the evolution of man. I use the word man as a general term because women can be as mean and conniving as the male species.

In November we began a talk/podcast series, #IMadeIt. Initially, the concept was for our host Lena to share her experience with being bullied and how it provided her with a path of positive energy, even though it was not like that when the bullying was taking place. With the love and support of family, real friends, and some soon to become friends she found her strength. While putting together this series, Lena was completing her degree, working full time and once again dealing with some personal issues that put this conversation on hold. However, newclevelandradio.net (and the DVasha Series) the division of the internet broadcast that brings you the listener what you deserve to hear and talk about, hopes to resurrect this talk show with your assistance.

How can you get involved? We all know bullying is unacceptable. Psychologist informs us that harassment is a form of personal revenge. Placing one’s self over another for some provides them the energy they think they need to overcome what is affecting them. In truth, not only do they not resolve their issues, they create a new set of problems for the individual they attack. In many cases, bullying is verbal abuse, hands-off, but the words stick. The words used are like a barrage of stones hurled at every sensitive spot on the victim.

We cannot deny that bullying and bad behavior is increasing. The excuses for it are just that, excuses. However, when our role models, parents, teachers, professionals in the community, and our world leaders misbehave, what do we expect our children will do?

The golden rule is still being used in our teachings, “Do Unto to Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” I ask, do you want someone to lie to you? Do you want someone to hurt you with their words, fists, or firepower? Do you want to be friends with someone who believes their emotional and physical needs are more important than treating others with respect and dignity? Despite teaching the golden rule, look around you and ask yourself, who can you trust?

I remember growing up in a neighborhood where we would leave our doors unlocked without the fear of being robbed, raped, and or killed. There once was a time when the person who lived next door to you established a friendship, and you looked out for each other. Before Facebook, email and the use of electronics we spoke to each other one-on-one and allowed words and body language to be our means of communication. We did not hide behind a persona, we were out in the open, and many of our problems got resolved by engaging by using the positive power of words.

Life was not perfect in the past, but it was better than it is today. We didn’t wake up each day to lies and feeling like we too can fabricate to get ahead because our parents, teachers, and leaders are not honest (not all parents, teachers, and leaders!) We must stop the bullying by not allowing our role models to affect us inappropriately. It is time for us to make the changes that once made us the land of opportunity as a melting pot of people with differences that came together to be the best, as one!