Saturday 9_23_17

By | September 23, 2017

It doesn’t feel like FALL, and although the colors are changing and the leaves may be dropping off the trees, we here at are growing and spreading our wings. is emerging as an internet radio station that is offering the listener what they deserve to hear and through our partnerships and sponsors we are growing and we will continue to expand and experience new boundaries.  We are listening and we hear you! 

In October we are welcoming NE Ohio Parent Magazine who will be recording and broadcasting their podcasts through the studios.  This is an excellent partnership as their messaging is in alignment with sharing awareness with you our listeners.  In addition, to NE Ohio Parent Magazine, my very good friend Terry Tierny, mother and grandmother extraordinaire will be co-hosting a show with me on Tuesday’s for parents and grandparents who have the life-long responsibility of raising a child(ren) with special needs.  The theme is, “When is it my turn?” These parents and grandparents are your family members and they are in desperate need of awareness as well as respite.

October begins Alex’s transition to a producer of the documentary of the century. The documentary will identify the Truth about the Autism Spectrum beginning with the High end and travel through the spectrum as most have seen the lower functioning. However, they do we even understand it?  Alex does not plan on giving up his sports passion and his dream to someday work for major league baseball, specifically the Cleveland Indians, or to continue his vocal music career and performing with the BackStreet Boys someday, but he is on a mission to bring awareness to make the pathway smoother for those that follow behind him.  He believes that everyone should have an opportunity to use their unique abilities!

Alex has bestowed his blessings upon me to manage the when he is not available, however even as his mother, I am now responsible to him.  It is with great respect to my son that I will take this journey and encourage both him and you the listeners and potential hosts and sponsors to join us as we achieve our dreams together.