Week 3 with a New Show and waiting on a Contract and more…

By | June 26, 2017

Can you believe we are only in week three?  We are growing… paying bills, collecting fees, building connections and adding new shows and more!  We are newclevelandradio.net, and we are delivering what we promised and more!

We will be bringing you at least one more new sports show this week, waiting to officially announce who that is…. and we have another one to name and announce.  We are still looking for more talent for evenings and weekends, so please contact us if you are interested.  I have put out the call for a Female Perspective on Sports from Recreational and children’s sporting to Professional sports.  There is a lot to say, and I promise this could be entertaining and grab listeners worldwide.

For those waking up unhappy every day worrying about the future of the world, it’s time to create some positive energy, and we can begin the trend.  Through our program lists we that we already are serving and the many ideas you may have let’s keep reaching out.  Stop complaining and let’s begin the positive conversation pieces and show the negative bullies that they will not win.  There is no war; it is about creating a calmer peace.

If you want more on newclevelandradio.net, you can bring it….contact us today!