By | June 8, 2017

Life is a journey…..In Memory & In Honor of the Patriarch of our family
Jay Harmon Moss – Husband, Father, Brother, Zayde, & friend

A Hundred

I miss my Dad
He would have been a hundred years old today
His profound presence in my heart
In almost everything I say
Genetically compels me
To shout down evil face to face
While remaining connected to the heady breath of lilacs
And other treasures in this place
He’d have screamed himself mute if he were here
While still penning poetry of joy and love
For he raged and reveled at both the yin and the yang
And when push would come to shove
He chose compassion over anger
A hug to a clenched fist
And his smile and booming laughter
Were near impossible to resist
Although his life was seldom easy
He savored moments like fine wine
And if dictionaries were still a thing
And I was the one tasked to define
Jay Harmon Moss
I’d start with his simple wisdom
From saws that I hold dear
That anchor me to this turbulent world
And still echo in my ear
“Missteps are but increments on the path from here to there”
“Kindness is the key
To any door worth opening”
“Think before you leap!”
“Look before you see!”
“Every man’s your brother”

Happy Birthday, Pop

(Written by Joel Moss- Son, Brother, Father, Poppa, Uncle, & Friend to many…)