“When Is It My TURN?” Anxiety is real

By | February 12, 2018

Today’s return of “When Is It My Turn?” will be delayed yet another week. However, the reason this show is so important is that it deals with real life.  Upon the return of this show, we will be discussing anxiety and depression and the reality of these syndromes (diseases.)  This winter has been cruel and not only has it brought upon us a Horrendous Flu Season, but it is also adding to the anxiety and depression levels of many of us.

If you want, you can sit there and deny it, but from my seat, I am noticing I am not alone feeling the blues.

To begin with, my partner Terry who does, “When Is It My Turn,” has spent much of the past few months fighting off bronchitis.  Of all people, Terry would not back out of a show or participate in life with those she loves and cares about except for illness.  Terry gives so much of herself to others that I am not surprised she has been ill.  It is not just because Terry is a grandparent caregiver for her grandson it is her devotion to so many that wears her down.  Today is her turn to care for herself; I only wish someone else would care for her as she does for others.

“When Is It My Turn?”  should not be just about we are down and out for the count, we need to be more aware of our needs and take our turn.

Anxiety is real.  It’s a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease.  It is not unusual for an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome to cause this feeling.  These emotions can be stirred up from your past or something that is developing in your life; even if it has no connection to you.  Just turning on the news can make anyone anxious today!

Medically anxiety is defined as a nervous disorder.  You or I may be feeling excessive apprehension, uneasiness, or fear.  There are various levels of stress, however, when it becomes paralyzing that is when it is a problem, disturbing daily living.

When anxiety begins disturbing your daily routine, as it has mine, the condition can develop into depression.  Depression is when feelings of inadequacy and guilt, often accompanied by lack of energy and disturbance of appetite and sleep overwhelm you.  It’s like Alice falling into the rabbit hole.  You feel like you are spinning out of control and often the words you may use to express what you are experiencing are just as confusing to you as they are to the others.

My anxiety and depression reared its ugly head this time due to many issues:

  1. The medication I was taking to control it, I was weaned off.
  2. The medication I was taking to control and alleviate my migraines was changed, and one of the new drugs made me feel suicidal.
  3. All this came about around the holidays when I felt lonely, vulnerable and missing my mother who died one year ago.
  4. I was overworking at the radio station, turning a love for my art into a demand that I did not want to meet.
  5. Worrying about Alex’s happiness, once again trying to build newclevelandradio.net while assisting him with his documentary, looking for a full-time job, and just enjoying life.
  6. Concerns for my husband forced into retirement even though this is not where he wants to be now while trying to keep him smiling.
  7. The long cold, snowy, grey winter has genuinely made me SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

I am an open book, and I know that for me to resolve my anxiety and depression is to face it head on and allow those around me into my world.  I know that I cannot do it alone and through therapy, medication, and a willingness to get better I am on my way.  However, I will always have this condition due to a chemical disorder that must be treated.  Just like any other illness, it is real, and there is a structure for relief.

We will be discussing these issues in various broadcasts, and I am asking you to contact us to join in and share your story.  Karen at:  newclevelandradio@gmail.com