Why Join newclevelandradio.net

By | October 20, 2017

It’s true you do not need newclevelandradio.net or any other internet radio network to be a podcaster or a live broadcaster.  Today, just about anyone can be a newscaster, an interviewer, DJ, Host, etc with internet access, the correct software, and “legal” licenses.  True, you can attempt to broadcast music without the license but WE would not recommend it because you might get fined and that could lead to hefty expenses and even time in the clink!

newclevelandradio.net offers you the host to be an independent broadcaster in a clean and organized space with free parking.  The business is incorporated an insured.  The building that our studio is located in is well maintained, well lite, and the other tenants are friendly and accommodating as is the landlord, Larry.  Alex Hale the owner of newclevelandradio.net lives within 5 miles of the studio and is available to assist in the studio 24/7.

Although Alex is the owner and host-producer of AFTER FURTHER REVIEW, Karen Hale is the office manager, sales manager and host-producer of a variety of non-sports related shows.  All business decisions are made by the sole owner, Alex Hale, and discussed with his current show hosts, all of whom are independent providers*.

Independent providers either pay for their shows or have sponsors that pay for their broadcast time.  A host can independently earn money from his or her show as a 1099 contractor once their show fees are covered by the sponsorship*.  The setup for hiring and payment for shows at newclevelandradio.net is similar as other local internet radio studios and we do not plan to change the system that works.

It is our mission to bring a venue to our listeners of sports, talk, awareness, and music that they deserve and want to hear.  While doing this we are providing a platform for individuals like Alex to live out their dreams and share their passion in an environment that encourages and supports them through networking to build an audience*.

As we post this today, October 20th, 2017 we are just about to complete our 5th month in business.  We have not been in business as newclevelandradio.net six months, as we opened our doors on June 1st.  Alex has worked at several stations and paid his dues with sponsors and we both podcasted independently purchasing equipment and networking solely and working an uphill battle.  We believe we have found the formula and networking at a slow pace is the answer.

To learn more about our business or to join us please call Karen at 440-526-1530 or email us at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

We are building our show list as well as our sponsorship.

independent providers* newclevelandradio.net has no paid employees including Alex Hale, sole owner.
show fees are covered by the sponsorship* if you are interested in how this works please call for an appointment to discuss a show format.
networking to build an audience* the growth of the station and each host is based on continued networking by everyone at newclevelandradio.net working together.  It must be a team effort.