2017 Turns Into a SUCCESSFUL 2018


When I made the decision to become a Rodan+Fields Consultant it was done for a number of reasons:

I love the product line – thank you Lucy Rossi Zindroski, Lina – Pasqualina Diamante, and Giovanna Caporossi Mitru, for introducing me to the product line.  And Lucy, thank you for becoming a sponsor at newclevelandradio.net.  Just one use of the product I became a believer and I knew I wanted to be part of this amazing journey with you and so many others.  Now the Business Solutions on the second and fourth Saturday of each month on newclevelandradio.net will feature Rodan+Fields and the building of a successful business.

Rodan+Fields came into my life at the right moment, I decided this past year to challenge myself and care about ME!  It began with choosing to maintain a healthier diet, exercise and prepare for a 5K and to turn my fine lines into smoother, brighter glowing skin. Rodan+Fields is providing me with the opportunity to feel prettier and I now can share this with so many of my friends like Marci Golub and others both men and women who want to feel like the new me.

Lucy, Lina, and Giovanna became my friends before I chose to buy the product and or become a consultant and now I am part of TEAM DARE.  Now, not only do I have a new path to creating new friends, reconnecting with friends and acquaintances from the past, but I have added some excitement to my life.  EXCITEMENT is what helps keep us YOUNG!

I want to encourage everyone who reads this to contact me and ask the simple question WHY? When you do I will schedule a short three-way phone call with either Giovanna, myself and you or Lucy, myself and you and give you the answer.  Also, watch for an invitation to meet up and learn more.  Inbox me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kiki1one any time or email me at karenfashionhale@gmail.com

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