3 Women_Commonality

Yesterday I met with three very inspiring women and although they may not agree let me tell you why I note them as such.






We are living in a world where everyone seems to know your business, making assumptions about who you are, and how successful or not you may be.  Technology has taught us to listen in sound bites and look at the outer beauty when choosing someone to be a friend, significant other, business associate, etc.  However, as I sat with these three lovely women, no presumptions were made.




My initial contact was a bit uncomfortable as I arrived early, almost one hour before we were to meet.  Now I am an early bird when I have a scheduled meeting or event to attend, but sixty minutes was an error on my part when I filled in my calendar.  In the scheme of things all worked out for the best, I returned to meet with these three inspiring women at the given time.




The conversation was easy, and as I sat amongst them, I felt at home with these three women whom I hope I can call my new friends.  As we shared ideas and conversation, I felt an inner space that has felt empty fill up with joy and anticipation.






If I do nothing more with my life, I hope to engage others to seek out their needs and challenge themselves to fill the missing pieces in their lives.  I want to be a hand to guide and learn from others and wake-up on a morning with more RAIN and still feel happy, seeing the sunshine in the eyes of my new friends and acquaintances.





These three women are inspiring to me as I noted they too are challenging themselves as well, a common bond.

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