A New Day – A New Look

A new day and a new refreshing look for the website.  Life is a journey as we travel down the road and possibly take a swerve to the right or left the landscape changes.  Sometimes the changes are obvious and cause us to step back and ask why other times they are not.  I have chosen to make a change to the website layout to attract additional viewers as well as spice things up for those that return to newclevelandradio.net to find out what is happening!  A LOT IS!


As you may have noticed, “After Further Review” has been on hiatus along with, Senior Moments and Cherished Companions.  Alex and Pat are in the process of revamping “After Further Review,” I am not able to share their new visions, but as soon as we can we will make the announcement.  Senior Moments should be returning in the early to late Spring months.  Bradley and Heather Greene have been extremely busy as they have moved and are in the process of renovating their new home.  Talk about re-inventing one’s self; this couple is amazing not just as Elder Care Professionals, but as visionaries.  In April, Care Notes will be returning and Doug Wilbur, Cherished Companions, will bring together professionals providing home care when the need is required.

We are working on a new show on Cigars and Booze.  Jaison Roberts is organizing his concept, cigars and booze are one of his many passions.


In addition to the current line-up and returning shows, the Empowerment Series, led by women across Northeast Ohio will be sharing their journeys while offering their hands in friendship, awareness, and acceptance.  Our next meet and greet will be held on Wednesday, March 20th at 6 pm and hosted by Vista Springs, Greenbriar, in Parma, Ohio.  Watch for postings on our Facebook page.

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