Amy Ferris is the Kindest!

We have no cable or wifi, power is iffy, so I’m gonna make this short & sweet and hope to fuck this posts. And please forgive all typos!

Today is giving Tuesday, please give. Give to the causes that move your soul & your heart, give to organizations that need support and dough to continue doing good work in the world, but mostly… give kindness & love and goodness and be generous because love & kindness & goodness and generosity never go out of style. You can accessorize all of that with whatever you’re wearing.

Give unconditionally because no one needs conditional love or kindness. Give a word of encouragement, give a hug to someone who needs to know that they matter, give a hand up to a human whose life needs to be lifted, give warmth to folks who are shivering from being unwanted, give a good look at folks who feel unseen, give a good listen – pay attention – to anyone who feels unheard. Pay a compliment to someone who feels invisible, unnoticed.

Please, don’t hoard generosity – the world is aching from cruelty. And if you got some extra love & kindness & goodness left over, give that away to someone who only knows what it’s like to be shun, turned away from.

Ken & I are giving to these org’s today:

Women’s eNews (The Ovary Office) because Lori Sokol makes this world better & more beautiful and she lifts me every single day.
Peters Valley School of Craft because Art Saves Lives & I am grateful to be on the board and be apart of that glorious community & because Kristin Muller makes the world shinier & more creative.
The SERO Project because Sean Strub a true champion of all that’s good & kind & glorious in this world and because no one lifts & inspires young people like Cindy Stine – she is a magnificent glorious SHEro!

Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and yes, the Humane Society because pets love us even when we don’t love us.

I love you all.

Give today so tomorrow feels kinder.

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