Body, Mind and Soul

take care of your body.pngToday I began week three at Brecksville Physical Medicine.  There are some days I hesitate to go in for my week treatments either because I am feeling just fine or I am feeling too “blah” to get up and go.  However, like anything in life that is worth having I understand I you need to work towards it.   Dr. Mack and his staff do not have a magic wand or a cure it all pill to take away aches, pains and the many years of suffering I have experienced.  What Brecksville Physical Medicine does have is a program that they are creating for me or you to enhance lifestyles while reducing pain levels.  My personal story goes back almost 50 years suffering from migraines (daily.)  I have learned that suffering is part of my personality and sadly it has caused me other problems in my life.  Pain can turn a happy, competent person into a sad, angry and poor self-image individual.

dont let pain define uFor me, pain spurred me to be better than others by becoming the go-to person, or the gopher, just to prove to myself that I was capable.  However, in the end, I paid the price experiencing anxiety and depression.

loving yourselfWhen my mother took ill in the late summer of 2016, I started facing my mortality as I willed her to live pain-free and content or pass into the night where she would no longer suffer.  My mother, DVasha was a lucky lady as she was able to maintain her health the majority of her life, her only battles were the unwanted pounds that she easily gained.  However, in her last two and half months on this earth, while she was still cognitive and communicating, I learned that she withheld her emotional pains from those around her to maintain an aurora that she was OK.

flyThe more I learned about my mom, the easier it became for me to see that I was much like her, although my pains were both physical and emotional.  I have been working on the emotional, and it was last Autumn 2017 that I decided my physical well being needed adjustments.  Using the word adjustments can be a little scary as sometimes it takes someone pushing, pressing or pulling at you to pop, similar to the treatments I am receiving at Brecksville Physical Therapy.

become one.pngThe team of talented, caring professionals not only listen to my words but my body.  Although I may say I cannot do something, their eyes and ears often see something different, and they guide me through the process.  There is no coercion; we become one in learning how to reach the goals to allow me to live a more satisfying life.

trying.jpgMy mother would be proud, I am not complaining, Kvetching, about how much I hurt and what I cannot do.  Instead, I am learning to appreciate my pain-free and days and the days when the intensity is less.  I no longer say I cannot, I keep trying until I can, or find a new way to achieve the positive results.  I thank Dr. Adam Mack and Staff for taking the journey with and providing you my readers and our listeners with opportunities by making you more aware.

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