Charlie Wiener_K. Adrian Zonnerville


The last four weeks have been a joy each Wednesday, afternoon from 1 -2 pm as I hosted a podcast with Charlie Wiener (K. Adrian Zonnerville.)  I was introduced to Charlie in 2018 as someone who was not only a talented musician but a humorous stand-up comic, and a prolific author.  I have had the opportunity to enjoy his musical talents as well as a comedy routine.  As for his books, I have read three out of four, and I am ordering the fourth one today, “Z: One Family’s Journey from Immigration Through Poverty to the Fulfillment of the Promise of America.”

I would like to suggest if you want music, comedy, and great books to be produced by talented individuals like Charlie Wiener, we must support them. Attending a performance, buying their books and CD’s will keep individuals like Charlie providing us with entertainment beyond compare.

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