4/15/20 From Amy Ferris – She knows what the FUCK she writes!

When you pulled the lever for trump in 2016, did you realize you were voting against humanity? All of humanity? Donald Trump declared – during 9/11 – that HIS buildings were the tallest BUILDINGS in New York City. Holy fuck, right? You can google that. He actually said that and doesn’t deny that he said that. Did you know that the reason your family is getting money for being a first responder has nothing to do with Rudy Giuliani or George Bush, it has everything – everything – to do with Senator Hillary Clinton fighting with everything she had so first responders would be compensated. Yeah, you can google that. Go on… google it. Hillary fought for you. Donald Trump didn’t give a shit about your life, he cared about filling the tallest building in New York – his building and charging an astronomical amount of money for rent. Yeah, google that. When you pulled the lever in 2016 you voted against Women’s rights and human rights and probably human’s who you say you love but don’t support legally. Gay rights, trans rights, health care… yeah, google that. You voted against the people you claim you love.

He’s a sham. A bullshit artist. A conman. A bully. He cheated on all his wives. ALL HIS WIVES. He left Ivana for Marla and Marla for Melania. He paid hush money to porn stars. Shhhhhhh. Shhhhh. Quiet. And he was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. But you don’t care about that, right? You don’t care that he was fucking 14-year-olds? Right. Right. Right.

When you pulled the lever for trump in 2016 did you think for one second that you were destroying, annihilating humanity, or did you just give a shit about your bank account, because that’s disappearing also.

You shoulda voted for the woman, especially if you’re a woman because I got news for you – HOT-FLASH BABE – you are deeply, deeply fucking flawed also.

Her emails were never gonna kill you.

He doesn’t give a shit if you die.

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