It was one week ago yesterday, Friday, April 20th I had a lithotripsy to breakdown a kidney stone.  The pain, that led me to the diagnosis and treatment, is something I have been experiencing on and off for a very long time (years.)  However, either I have successfully eliminated stones in the past, or this one that was targeted last week has been my annoyance.  However, when I went to the ER on Saturday night, April 7th, I was not just having pain, I felt like I was having a heart attack.

The procedure itself was easy, I was out, other than moving onto the operating table, the only thing I remember is waking up needing to “P”.  When the procedure was described to me I was told that I could get back to normal in 24 hours, sadly that is a general statement and although I tried to do what I normally do I found myself feeling weak and tired.  (I could have accepted that for a day or two but…)

Sunday was a painful day and each day since I have been treating my pain sparingly with just over the counter Motrin©.  I made it through the Annual NFL Draft party and numerous shows and podcasts while moving the studio from its current location into our home office.  And, just as I believed I was feeling better I developed new symptoms yesterday that has led me to cancel two entertainment shows today.  I will be rescheduling but I feel it is important that I am at my best when sharing the microphone with those I am working with.  Our listeners deserve us to be cognizant of tone and demeanor, and I do not think our listeners would enjoy my moaning and groaning.

The reason for today’s post is to reach out publicly to Steev Inglis and Ellis Hall both who were scheduled today.  I am looking forward to rescheduling as their talents should be showcased to our listeners who may be looking for new opportunities in their lives and you know we all do live vicariously through others (specifically those talented individuals that we may have dreamt of being.)

Another reason for today’s message is to remind everyone, that any symptom treated may produce other symptoms.  Doctors practice medicine.  The average doctor or health practitioner has studied and worked in their field and they know what the traditional outcome is, but what they don’t know is how each one of us will get the expected results.  Ten years ago, I may not have encountered what I am going through; or ten years from now the recovery time might be compromised by other issues.

With that said, I am improving, however, for this type A personality, not fast enough.

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